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IN10SE is the author of Speed Rapport (Octoberman Sequence)

Being Chosen By Women

IN10SE - I'm going to discuss a little on the topic of being chosen by a woman. Now why is this important? Because it is EVERYTHING...

Baiting Technique

IN10SE - Ok guys, I'm going to GIVE AWAY one of my GOLD techniques so pay attention...and to the guys that don't read this... well their loss and your gain! :)

Eliciting Values

IN10SE - First of all, eliciting values is mostly Mid-Game material. It builds rapport and comfort. Now there are many other things that Eliciting Values does if done properly. One thing is the "File system" theory...

Impulse Close

IN10SE - The IMPULSE CLOSE occurs IMPULSIVELY. You WANT to overwhelm any defense all at once, not ever having given them a chance to build up their defenses, and do it at a moment when it is the most advantageous to do so.

Hook Points

IN10SE - I’m going to talk about an understanding that is very important to GET and is crucial to your success with women.

Theme Based Story Telling

IN10SE - From the PUA's I know/met and have personally been told stories to or watched them tell stories to chicks [Mystery,Neil Strauss, Swinggcat, RJ, Sinn, Maddash, Riker, Orien, Lovedrop who I met with just yesterday] and even Badboy and stRiPPed who I converse with all the time via MSN messenger – they all have one thing in common (besides their interest in women) - they're all great storytellers.

Sexual Accelerators

IN10SE - There are many many sexual "stories" out there. And there are many ways to introduce sexual "themes" and from there it's a hop, skip and a jump to the full close provided the locale is appropriate.

Sexual Value Elicitation Routine

IN10SE - First of all, before even attempting this, there MUST be rapport. I make sure to only do this when I have her in a place where I can LOGISTICALLY CLOSE... (i.e. you and her alone in a locked room (or private place) with little chance of interruption , whether that be at your place or hers or any other setup)...

Deep Rapport Builder

IN10SE - This is a rapport builder as well as an opportunity for anchoring for those of you that do this. In addition, it really shows that you GET IT, when it comes to "relationships", when a chick brings it up...

Becoming Her Drug

IN10SE - Here's my disclaimer - I don't advocate any of these to be used by anyone who wants a healthy and happy relationship - but these are the tactics that "jerks" use so it's always good to be familiar with these.