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10 Steps To Becoming Her Drug!

Author: IN10SE

Here's my disclaimer - I don't advocate any of these to be used by anyone who wants a healthy and happy relationship - but these are the tactics that "jerks" use so it's always good to be familiar with these. And it's also good to take these to heart if you recognize dependence on a chick in yourself and you find HER pulling these tactics.

I'll just let you guys know right off that this is a twisted post, although as I have been able to model guys that get women obsessed with them, there are common tactics that they pull. And there may be some learning in it, as evil as some of the tactics may be.

Now, of course some of this can be taken to extreme by those who are less benevolent and irresponsible than most of us, so proceed with caution... because you can create a stalker and an obsessed chick this way. Use with discretion!

Part 1: Drug Dependence - Here Is The Criteria:

1) Tolerance
This is where someone gets used to a certain drug and it takes more and more to get the same high.

2) Withdrawal
This is where someone goes into physical and/or psychological distress from not having the drug.

3) Larger and Longer
 This is where the person cant control how much they take and how long they take it. The drug controls THEM.

4) Unsuccessful cut down
 This is where they want to cut down, but they find that they cant.

5) Time spent
They invest a huge portion of their energy in obtaining the drug as well as getting over the initial highs.

6) Reduced social, occupational or recreational activities
This is where they forego other parts of their lives for the drug.

7) Continued use despite knowledge of psychological or physical problems
 This is where they can see that the drug controls them and gives them problems and causes them to have to sacrifice other parts of their lives, but they DO IT ANYWAY.

Part 2: The 10 Steps To Becoming Her Drug!

1) Initially, Give, Give and Give
Like a drug dealer, to start with, give her the time of her life. Give it generously to start with. I'm not saying to not make her earn it... just make it easy for her.

2) Fulfill a NEED
It could be an emotional need, it could be a physical need, it could be a need for security, it could be a need for FUN - give her the time of her life... Make her feel good. To find the need, just do a value elicitation for it. "What would you NEED to have in your life to be happy?" and "So how would you know that you had this?" and then "And what would it be like for you to be able to have this, where you can have it in this way? (then repeat her description)" Give her DRAMA! With this comes the extreme highs and lows. Don't introduce the "lows" just yet... save that for later when you start to do the withdrawal phase.

3) Make yourself a HABIT for her
Become a regular part of her daily routine. I've noticed that chicks that weren't even into me initially succumed to the HABIT when I became a part of their daily life. Paint a picture of you ALWAYS being there for her. Remember, the strongest human instinct is not survival... its HABIT! INSTILL yourself into her "Personal Narrative". This is the way that she see's her present and her future expectations.

4) Be unpredictable
So that she never knows what to expect.

5) Transition to making her earn what you give her
If she asks anything of you, ALWAYS ask for something in return, no matter how small... just as a TOKEN of value. This starts the process of her having to earn what you give her. What you ask of her (as small as it may be) puts more value on what you give her and lets her know that you ain't for free!

6) Use both positive and negative reinforcement
Take away the good stuff when she does things that you don't like (and if there aren't any, just make some up!) and reward her when she does stuff you DO like. You NEED to do both. You can also use a "propulsion mechanism" where you have her "move toward" reward, and "move away from" punishment. Also get MAD... and show it! When she deserves it especially. The make up can be well worth it! With guys that get chicks obsessed with them, there is often a "cycle" that starts with tension  to explosion to make up to honeymoon to tension to explosion to make up to honeymoon... and on and on it goes. They often don't even recognize this cycle.

7) Start to crowd out other parts of her life
I know this is evil, but this is the way alot of guys do it that get women obsessed with them. They compete with her friends, guy friends, family... they ISOLATE her from the rest of the world. The use of this evil tactic is up to your own discretion and conscience! This is where you become her WORLD! Let her get the impression that you are in demand This increases your perceived value in her eyes.

9) Start to take it away
Start to make yourself more scarce. But give 110% when she does have you. Let her have withdrawal. Don't call for a few days, don't touch her when you are with her for one evening. Resist her advances if she wants to have sex for the evening.

10) Alternate Now between Hot and Cold
Giving and taking it away, Push and Pull. - Make it about her doing things for YOU now. About her trying to keep YOU. Ask her to do things for you. LET her do things for you. The more she gives, the more you ask for. - Of course you have to give some as well, but just not as much.

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