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Being Chosen By Women

Author: IN10SE

I'm going to discuss a little on the topic of being chosen by a woman. Now why is this important? Because it is EVERYTHING.

Just think about it... when she chooses you, you have the power, she is in your territory... she enters into YOUR frame. YOU are the prize. The King of Spain is all powerful in Spain. He has no power in Japan. That's why it's so important to be chosen. If you appear to be the one choosing her, then you give away your power... Bad. Don't waste your time on a woman who doesn't choose you... it will only drain you.

So how do you get a woman to chose you?

1) First of all, it starts with your frame. You are the prize. This is Identity level stuff. Your GAME has to be tight. In all areas of your life... from career, home, lifestyle... You have to represent what women want. "Alpha" characteristics apply here.

In the book, "The Evolution of Desire - Strategies of human mating" David Buss talks about women's preferences. He states that when seeking a permanent mate, women not only seek men with resources, but with qualities that lead to the accumulation of resources - like ambition, status, intelligence, age, health...

2) Realize that ALL women want something. Whether it be excitement, adventure, security, love, respect... whatever it is, you need to find out what it is that makes her happy and what makes her smile. Find out her "criteria" for being happy. A Value Elicitation could do this easily and give you her "criteria" ("How do you KNOW when you have X?" and "What is it LIKE when you have X?").

A woman will choose a man that seems to be able to deliver. She has to know that you can deliver, and what is it that you are delivering REALLY? - FEELINGS.

Many women have an underlying feeling that they are held captive by their work, life, bills, REALITY... Why do you think that women go to "chick flick" movies, read romance novels, watch soap opera's? It's because they have NEEDS that aren't being met and they are trying their best (unconsciously) to meet them. Work, home, bills, etc. - all things that TAKE... and you are the one thing that seems to be able to GIVE. How can she resist?

3) Most women are never satisfied - In all areas... from sexuality to self-esteem to career, to LIFE. There are many women that want to live in a "TV world" where nothing is mundane... where there is danger and spontaneity... adventure... the need to be rescued. Many women will CREATE this DRAMA because they want it so much.

Also, the state of being in "Love" can be likened to a hypnotic state. The question is "How good a hypnotist are you?" and to be always be aware of who is hypnotizing who. Many women want the FANTASY, to be "hypnotized" by love and swept away. Recognize a woman that wants this because they will often hypnotize THEMSELVES as they talk about it. You'll see their eyes get all glassy and dream like. All you have to do is go with it. Just BE THERE!

Women in this state are just looking for someone to BOND with - a "Daddy" who can (seem to) DELIVER THE FEELINGS that they actually already have within themselves. Whenever they dream of the "Perfect man and relationship" or imagine themselves in the future with the man of their dreams, or think about their perfect wedding, they are hypnotizing themselves. They've probably been doing this all their LIVES! They just need someone to "BOND" with and someone to IMPRINT their feelings on. In many animal species, just as in this scenario - the female ACTIVELY chooses the MALE and all the male has to do is push all her "attraction buttons" because so much of this is based on "Auto-responses" and knowing which buttons to push. Some of these "attraction buttons" are Universal for all women - some are individual and based on a woman's past personal history. Push the "attraction buttons" and JUST BE THERE!

The KEY is to know as much as you can about her - and how do you do this? ASK and OBSERVE her actions both in the present and from what you know of her PAST... What she SAYS = What she THINKS (Which may be BS and culturally programmed), What she DOES = What she FEELS. THIS is what is important. This is why if you don't know this little fact, women can SEEM so confusing... saying one thing and doing another. Appearing to change their mind at a moments notice. I'd say that 99.99% of men don't know this little fact and if they did... well then it would be a different world out there. This is what is being spoken underneath what is actually spoken.

And once they have "Bonded" with you and thus CHOSEN you, they must know that you can both GIVE and TAKE AWAY the feelings whenever you desire. This is the frame that you must control otherwise it will control you.

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