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Eliciting Values

Author: IN10SE

First of all, eliciting values is mostly Mid-Game material. It builds rapport and comfort.

Now there are many other things that Eliciting Values does if done properly.

One thing is the "File system" theory, and another is getting her to "Feel" the states associated with those values.

Here's a run down of the File System theory.

The mind keeps file systems and organizes thoughts, feelings and states in file systems.
To illustrate, what is the first thing that you think about when I say think about a big 4 legged animal that begins with the letter "E".
You'd probably say "Elephant". That's at the top of most people file systems.
The way I use this idea is as follows:
To induce a state of "Attraction", I want a woman to open her file system for attraction... and more specifically to put me in it.
I also want to be put into the "Ideal Lover" file as well as the "Perfect Guy" file if at all possible.
So how do I go about doing this? - Asking questions that cause her to go inside and OPEN these files. (So tell me about your perfect guy... how would you know that this guy was perfect for you... how do you know that you're attracted to this guy...)
It really doesn't matter at ALL what her answers are. In fact, each woman has not only different "End Values" (The quality that they are after) for what they want in a perfect guy, they also have different "Means Values" (How they know).
Do I care if I don't satisfy her values fully? No... in fact all I care about is that I have opened her "File" and that I am in it.
Now how do I put myself in those files? Many different ways, from actually demonstrating value, to telling stories about how in the past you met those values, to using "linkage" words like "THIS" person (vs. THAT person) and "THESE" things (vs. THOSE things) that associate her into the experience.

And for those who know about neurolinguistics, people will LOOK to certain places and use certain gestures and say certain words when they open their particular "files".

Noticing these is what calibrating is about. I notice these things and mirror them back. These are so called "Anchors" that link external to internal reality. It's better to use someone’s own anchor than trying to create a new one.

So yes... there is MUCH much more to eliciting values. It's a way to get inside a womans world and get her FEELING.

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