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Hook Points

Author: IN10SE

I’m going to talk about an understanding that is very important to GET and is crucial to your success with women.

I’ve heard this called the “Hook point” before (credit Neil Strauss ), but I’m going to expand on this further with some of my realizations about this. Let me illustrate with a recent interaction I had with a chick:

I had walked into a coffee shop to read a book, I got my coffee, sat down and saw this hot, tight bodied blond college cutie walk in and stand in line. As she got her coffee, she headed over to the place where they keep the sugar and cream – conveniently close to where I was sitting.

I continued to read my book, and as she got close, I looked up – she looked over and I took that moment to say, (credit g-string opener to Badboy )

“Hey there, I only have a minute but I want to get a female opinion on something – I have this friend who’s been going out with his girlfriend for like 2 years… and he’s totally in love with her. But the thing is – about 2 months ago, he cheated on her – and it was just a one time thing, but the girl that he cheated with left her g-string in his room, right under his bed – and the thing is, his girlfriend found it. Now there was just all kinds of drama,
and she was crying and saying she was going to break up with him… but then he tells her, “The g-string is mine! I didn’t want to tell you before but I have a thing for wearing women’s underwear!” – And she bought it! So now a couple of weeks later, the girlfriend is thinking about this and starting to get turned on – and now she is making him wear her g-strings every night! He’s walking around the house wearing her g-strings, and he’s starting to feel like a woman! He doesn’t know if he should just tell her what really happened so he doesn’t have to wear the g-string anymore, or if he should just keep wearing the g-strings because he wants to stay with her… what do you think?”

As I was talking, the chick sat down and started to ENGAGE herself in conversation with me. (Sub-communication) After about 10 minutes of conversation, we switched to talking about relationships in general and I started to go into some of my relationship themes. I very quickly built up both attraction and comfort -

She had past the “hook point” - the point at which we were past just casual comments, into an actual conversation.

In fact, in my understanding there is a “hook point” in every stage of the seduction. And you’ll know that you’ve past each of these hook points by what a chick either sub-communicates to you, or outright tells you.

In the attraction stage, the hook point is where a chick realizes that she is attracted to you. This is the best time to pull her away from everything else and get alone with her to move on to the next phase – comfort building.

In the comfort building stage, the hook point is where she knows that she’s comfortable with you – to where she knows that you’re a “cool guy” who she can trust. This comfort is SUB-COMMUNICATED so you have to watch for it in the things that she says, where you read in between the lines, and in what she DOES. When a chick reaches the hook point here, then you need to get her alone to another place – where you move into the End Game.

In the End Game (Seduction) phase, the hook point is where the woman decides that she’s going to sleep with you. Now the thing is, you want to be able to READ the sub-communication that a chick puts out. For example, if she’s willing to drive over to your house at 1 o’clock in the morning to “hang out” – then just realize that she is sub-communicating that she’s going to have sex with you.

Another point – always get a sense of whether you’ve past:
1) The attraction hook point
2) The comfort hook point
3) The seduction hook point

Because it will save you from spending any more time on any one hook point when you don’t need to. For example if a chick was already comfortable enough to extract to your house, and then your bedroom the first night, then why keep focusing on comfort and rapport when you could be focusing on seduction and end game. I know I’ve blown myself out before by focusing too much on rapport, when I already have had enough for the context, and should’ve been focusing on getting past and building up the attraction and then the seduction/End Game hook points.

Also remember that hook points are the best times to isolate.

If you try to isolate to go into comfort and rapport stuff before you've reached the attraction hook point, you'll blow yourself out. She wont be interested.

If you try to isolate before you reached the comfort/rapport hook point, you'll blow yourself out. She'll be wary of being alone with you.

If you try to isolate for end game seduction, before you've reached the attraction and comfort/rapport hook points - you'll definitely blow yourself out. She'll have last minute resistance and it may blow the entire seduction all together.

Now keep in mind that you don't have to spend ALL your focus on just one hook point at a time. In fact, I'm contantly cycling through both attraction and comfort until I reach both hook points and have enough momentum in the seduction to move it into End Game.

One of the keys to being REALLY good at this stuff is to know exactly where you are in terms of each of your hook points. They are natural “bridges” that will take you from stage to stage in the Game.

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