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Sexual Accelerators

Author: IN10SE

There are many many sexual "stories" out there. And there are many ways to introduce sexual "themes" and from there it's a hop, skip and a jump to the full close provided the locale is appropriate.

When I tell a sexual "story" or introduce a sexual theme, I may approach it as follows:

1) A story about a friend's experience ("Quotes" method)

2) A story that I just make up that seems to pace the current situation between her and I

3) A story that I want her opinion on and that can give me "insight" into the "way that women think"

4) You can pick up ANY womans magazine like Cosmopolitan etc. and find MANY
articles on SEX (from attitudes, beliefs, techniques, should's/shouldn'ts, to taboo's, how to's, etc.) This provides an ENDLESS supply of material and themes to "ask her about".

5) As part of a Cold Reading... if she seems overtly like a "Physical type" I'll include a reading about her Sexuality.

6) As part of an analysis like "The Cube": Which includes a Sexual analysis (The Horse)

7) Indirectly/Covertly: by using sexual metaphor (phalic/feminine intercourse symbology) - and language words like: Penetrating you, wet, hard, sliding in deep, feel it deep inside, filling you up, coming etc. If they ever call me on it, I just play innocent and say, "You don't want to think about sex all the time, DO you? You're kinda perverted! I better be careful around you." - Reverses the frame)

The goal during all this talk is to get her FEELING the sensations IN HER BODY. When telling a story, go into the SENSUAL details... explicitly, telling it as if she were "in the first person mode" experiencing it herself.

When asking her "opinions", and about what she likes, you could "Normalize" it by at first making it not about HER, but what MOST WOMEN like, then get her to go into detail about HOW SHE FEELS IT in her body, WHERE, what comes first... then next, etc.

There have been SO many gals that I have closed just by having them describe what a female orgasm feels like... step by step, what they do, how they know it's coming, how they feel it... what it's like when they get to that moment...

And they GET THEMSELVES ALL HOT AND BOTHERED as they go into it and describe it to me...

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