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Theme Based Stories

Author: IN10SE

From the PUA's I know/met and have personally been told stories to or watched them tell stories to chicks [ Mystery , Neil Strauss , Swinggcat , RJ, Sinn , Mad Dash , Riker, Orien, Lovedrop who I met with just yesterday] and even Badboy and stRiPPed who I converse with all the time via MSN messenger – they all have one thing in common (besides their interest in women) - they're all great storytellers.

This is definitely a skill to develop...

Get to the point where you can improvise your stories based on themes… NEVER memorize stories "word for word"... and be sure to throw in little details that the person that you're talking to can identify with – details in your story that have some similar characteristics with the situation or the gal you’re talking to.

One thing that I do (and I may have gotten the idea from either Swinggcat or Neil Strauss ) is to link the girl I'm with to a character in my story. And that character is in a similar situation and of course the character does exactly what you what the girl to do. – also keep in mind that you can use this same tactic as a neg if the story is about a “dorky” girl that she “reminds" you of.

For example, here's one that I use... If there is a girl that you are with that is kind of sexually inhibited you may say, (and I've field tested this extensively and had one success after another).

"You know, you kind of remind me of this girl that I know... Actually you look a lot like her... My friend Jen, and I remember she was telling me about how she was with this guy once, and she was totally turned on... they're like over at her place on her couch, alone, late at night... the mood was perfect... candles were on, they had the wine out... and they're here totally making out, and getting all into it... but you know what she told me was that she had been kind of shy when it came to sex... (I'm Pacing her here) but she totally wanted it. But you know, it kind of took her awhile, and it was just like a reflex to keep pushing her boyfriend away... (more pacing) I guess it was just like a pattern that she got into, and she really just kept doing it out if reflex, not even really thinking about it. So anyway, at the end of the night, her boyfriend had been pushed away so much that he just stops everything... no kissing, no touching, nothing... and he gets up and says kind of in a matter of fact tone, "I'm going home... goodnight" And he starts walking toward the door.

And then Jen tells me she didn't know what got into her... (leading now) she just jumps up and starts ripping his clothes off, her clothes off, pulls him to her bedroom and she said that it was just an incredible night... they totally went at it... she said it was like everything that she had always really wanted to do, she did... totally uninhibited. She said it was just awesome... so now, what do you think?"

And ending this with a question, I get to calibrate her even more, and of course she's "identified" with the character in my story (Jen). So she gets to "be" Jen for the duration of my story... and so that when that moment comes for US where WE'RE the ones making out on the couch, she'll have already gone through both the resistance AND then GIVING UP the resistance in her mind through "Jen".

I've also used stories about a "friend" to bring out bisexual qualities in chicks.

To inoculate against LMR this is great!

I've also use stories about a "friend" that a gal reminds me of, to do things like bring out bisexual qualities, bring out the "naughty side", open up a gal to the "friends plus" frame, getting gals to role play (being a ho/stripper), getting gals to experiment and more...

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