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The Metagame

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Adam Lyons - Whether you are following one of the more mainstream methods, or have developed your own sense of game the fact is typically we have a sense of sameness to our approach.

Setting Standards

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Adam Lyons - A brilliant man named Stephen Covey once said, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Knowing what you want out of any endeavor before you take it on is the best way to walk away with results you can be proud of.

Learning To Love Approach Anxiety

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Adam Lyons - Approach anxiety is something everyone new to game has to deal with.  And it’s necessary.  After all, if you don’t deal with that discomfort, you are never going to get better with women. 

An Approach To Approach Anxiety

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Adam Lyons - If you understand why you have this fear or anxiety, you can take steps to counter it.

Living A Dynamic Life

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Adam Lyons - Some people are just more interesting.  For others, all they need is their desk job, a small group of normal friends, and enough freedom to hit the bars on the weekends.  Okay, that’s great, but there are others of us that just don’t find satisfaction in a simple lifestyle. 

What Is Attraction?

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Adam Lyons - What is attraction? What makes it work?

What Is Frame Control?

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Adam Lyons - So what is frame? Frame is your perception of an event. What is frame control? It is the ability to influence someone else understanding of an event.

Social Proof

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Adam Lyons - Social proof is essentially a means to generate Pre-selection, and Propinquity.

Zombie Game - How To Bring Them Back From The Dead

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Adam Lyons - Over a period of 3 months of going out “gaming” its fair to assume you’re going to have a good solid collection of girls phone numbers for people who for whatever reason just didn’t go anywhere. All you have to do is BRING THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!

How To Fuck Close

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Adam Lyons - In the community we don’t want to demonstrate bravado, we want to get laid, so let’s talk about closing!

Getting Lucky

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Adam Lyons - Ok We are all aware of the phrase. “Getting lucky”… well; Luck = Preparation Meeting Opportunity.

Conformity Method Alternative View To Game

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Adam Lyons - When I first started the game I had the pleasure of being able to devote all of my time to developing new ideas and theories based on my own experience in field and research which helped alter the way thousands of people around the world approached the game.

Premature Eject-ulation

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Adam Lyons - The question to ask yourself is… Are you a victim of Premature Ejectulation?