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Conformity Method - Alternative View To Game

Author: Adam Lyons

When I first started the game I had the pleasure of being able to devote all of my time to developing new ideas and theories based on my own experience in field and research which helped alter the way thousands of people around the world approached the game. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy teaching recently that I’m just not getting the time I wanted to write up all my new theories and findings. However there was a little something I’ve been researching recently which gives a slightly new perspective to an old game we’ve been playing.

Those who’ve studied with me will be aware of my method of starting from comfort and exploiting social proof for all it’s worth. Well it turns out that actually a lot of my methods are not only backed up in the psychological studies I’ve mentioned in my own works but also by numerous other studies that where to demonstrate something other than attraction, that of conformity.

This is an area I knew quite a lot about, though with my fixation on attraction I had kind of left those thoughts and ideas on a back burner whilst I concentrated on what I thought where more beneficial pursuits. However with the revamped puatraining blog it has given me an excuse to write up something which I originally put together to amuse myself. Essentially it is a re-working of Dr Robert Cialdini’s work on influence with a slight twist towards attraction. The similarities between his work and my own theories of attraction only went to further my own belief in the formula for why we get attracted to others, but also his work serves as a great lesson in teaching us how to influence the behaviour of girls we’re interested in and how to influence their decision over who they’re attracted to. Essentially it makes a great alternative to building attraction with someone.


We’re brought up in a society where we believe it’s correct to give something in return for any gifts we receive. This concept of a token economy where everything is traded is almost hardwired into our brains. Doing something for someone else almost guarantees that they will feel a need to do something in return. Go out of your way to help someone and see how confused they get. They often don’t understand why you’ve done it and feel they should do something in return.

Some of the best openers involve helping girls take pictures of themselves in a nightclub, or helping someone find their way when they’re lost. Adding value in this way almost always insures an easy transition into conversation with someone. As once you’ve done something nice for them or added value in some way your target is almost assured to feel like they owe you good conversation and friendliness if nothing less.


We almost always feel bad for letting someone down. If asked to perform a large task and refused the chances that someone will accept a smaller favour has a much higher chance of being accepted. Randomly stopping a girl in the street and asking her to marry you will almost certainly get you refused. However if you then take the time to sit with her and talk instead you’re likely to find she accepts this concession as she feels bad for rejecting you in the first place.

As conversation with someone is far less of a commitment than marriage she is more willing to comply, which of course makes it easy to run your game. This principle applies to almost any area of game from suggesting a full on dinner date then reducing it to a coffee right down to a holiday away for 2 months which then reduces down to a fun weekend away.


People like to be seen as reliable. If someone confirms they will do something they tend to follow through with it. Getting a girls phone number is one thing, getting her to reply to your messages is another. Try sending her the message in front of her whilst you’re still in set. This way she knows you’ve seen her receive it. Tell her to make sure when she replies she sends something witty as most people send you boring work texts. Once she confirms that she’ll send the message her chances of actually responding to you will sky rocket, and dramatically reduce your flake rate.

Social Validation

People follow others, countless studies have been done to show just how good humans are at conforming to a group. It’s easier to go along with a crowd than to try and stand in the way of a tide of people. If a crowd of people all began looking up at a building your urge to do the same would be directly proportional to the amount of people looking up. One person may not even get you to bat an eyelid in the direction of the rooftop, however once 100 people began doing it you’ld take the time to have a quick peek yourself.

The concept of Social proof and pre-selection couldn’t be more compounded by this fact. If you’re surrounded by beautiful women who think you’re interesting other women have no hope but to accept you must be doing something right. Therefore you must be interesting and attractive to beautiful women. Adding girls to your life will only continue to increase your attraction to the opposite s%x.


Obviously the more someone likes you the more they are likely to… well to be honest like you. Build rapport with someone, don’t be afraid to be friendly or feel you have to be nasty to someone just because they’re hot. Once they are friends with you your ability to game them and wind them up only increases. Negging a hot girl may seem like a great idea, but if they don’t really like you you’ll only end up with them walking away. Do the same neg after they like being in your company and instead of walking away you’ll find yourself building some pretty deep attraction.


One of the biggest mistakes I hear students repeat in set is asking a girl what she wants. Whether it is asking if they would like to go back to your house, or whether they would like to give you their phone number. These kinds of questions show a lack of authority and often result in a simple no for an answer. Many studies have shown that we respond incredibly well to authority. Don’t ask her what she wants to do, tell her.

Replace would you like to give me your phone number with; just give me your phone number and I’ll send you a text. Replace would you like to come to mine with; lets go back to mine for a quick drink. By leading the situation you’re far more likely to find her conforming to your wishes.

These techniques have been taught for years as a means of influencing others decisions from sales people to politicians, however with a bit of subtle tweaking and thought it’s easy to transfer it to a simple system to breakdown how to guide your actions within the game and dramatically increase your success in areas that may have been lacking.

Adam Lyons

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