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A Special Message From The Seduction Tuition Team:

In early november of 2008 we set out to find a pickup bootcamp that we could recommend wholeheartedly to our visitors. We decided that for a program to get our endorsement it had to meet these 3 strict criteria:

Well, after months of searching we've decided on a program. And that program is the Adam Lyons Bootcamp. Adam Lyons is one of the top ranked PUA's in the world:

His style is damn effective (and easy to learn), he leads all the bootcamps himself, and the program is priced in such a way that everyone can take advantage of it.

So there you have it. The Adam Lyons Bootcamp is the program that we're getting behind and we give it our full endoresement. You can check out all the details on it below....

If you have attended Adam Lyons Bootcamp, please leave a review below. All reviews are added to the bottom of this page (Click here to read them).

Only a handful of guys will be permitted to attend…

"Top Ranked Pickup Artist Spills His Guts And Reveals His Most Jealously Guarded 'Pussy-Pulling' Secrets… Guaranteed To Have Hoards of Sex-Hungry Women Begging You For A Chance To Spend The Night!"

Attend one of these intense 3-day US bootcamps led by world-renowned PUA, Adam Lyons, and never spend another night alone – unless you want to. But you’ve got to act soon because spaces are limited and they’re filling up fast…

From: Richard La Ruina (Gambler)

Fellow PUA,

After 6 months of trying to bribe, bully, and trick him into doing it…Adam Lyons has finally agreed to hold his second United States Bootcamp Training Tour.

This is huge news…and the emails haven’t stopped pouring since word leaked about it. Thousands of guys worldwide have been begging for the chance to learn game with Adam like this. However, I am restricting attendance ONLY to a handful of guys.

Here’s the deal (it’s a good one):

Important: While this will be the most advanced seduction training you have ever experienced…you do NOT need to have a high skill level to attend.

In fact…Adam insists this training will benefit you ever more if you consider yourself a “rookie”, and haven’t done much pickup at all (or even done an approach in your life). He likes working with beginners, because they don’t resist learning new methods and techniques.

Even so…don’t hesitate to come even if you already have hundreds of approaches under your belt and are the baddest PUA in your city. This bootcamp is about getting game so powerful, you will never have to sleep alone – unless you want to. And in your infield training session with Adam, he will teach you what you need to learn for your current skill level, instantly taking your game to the next level.

This is going to be one for the ages. As you probably already know, Adam is the #1 Pickup Artist in the World and has surpassed guys like Mystery and Neil Strauss.

While the “old school” pua’s were content to use lines, routines, and gimmicks as they chased after a single girl at a time, Adam developed a method for gaming dozens of women at a time using zero ‘canned material’ so when the end of the night comes around he literally takes his pick from sometimes up to 40 jaw-dropping hotties.

His tactics are so revolutionary he’s been called in to teach some of the top pickup artists in the community – including the heads of some of the biggest pickup companies in the world. Put simply, Adam is one of the most famous…and respected…and revered pickup artists in the game.

He’s not a flashy guy, he’s not particularly good looking (sorry mate!), and he isn’t some 6’5 magician who uses fame that the rest of us don’t have to get girls into bed. Adam’s greatest asset as a teacher…is that he’s just like you.

The only difference is that he’s discovered the secrets to pulling serious pussy.

And, along the way, he’s developed the rare ability to actually teach what he knows to others.

This is the most personal, face-to-face training with Adam we have ever offered and we may never offer it again. If you are at all interested, you should JUMP on this opportunity as fast as you can. It will sell out in just a few days.

It’s dirt cheap, too. We’re not doing this USA Bootcamp tour to make a financial killing. In fact, we’ll probably lose money on it, after paying all of the travel, lodging, venue and instructor expenses. But it’s something we’ve wanted to do for months now. Imagine – personal instruction in the field from Adam Lyons himself. It’s a dream come true.

How much? You know that rich guys pay Adam thousands of dollars just for a single day’s training – they fly in from Australia, Europe, Asia and all over the US just to spend half a day with Adam. And they swear it’s worth every penny. Just learning one or two secret techniques from Adam can give you more power than you ever thought possible.

This 3 day boot camp will cost you just $997 to attend. You’ll have to pick up your own travel, hotel and food, and you’ll have to get yourself to and from the secret training locations we’re holding these events at. (We’ll give you the details after you enroll that make it simple for you)

What you get, however, is worth one hundred times what you’ll pay. Adam has agreed to reveal ALL of his breakthrough girl-getting secrets – even the stuff he has never publicly spoken about before! You will learn, you will sarge, and you will easily get the game (and the pussy) you’ve always wanted…without even trying. I’m talking about the breakthrough secrets that ONLY Adam Lyons can reveal, like:

Listen – just spending time with a PUA of Adam’s caliber and experience will infuse you with a cool confidence and astonishing new skills. Getting pro-level instruction from him will send your pulling rate through the roof. And what you pickup just from hanging out with this brilliant pickup artist will help you understand the “PUA Mindset” - the ultra-important way of moving through the world and thinking that separates the guys who get laid every night from those who end up at home with a bottle of hand cream and a crumpled tissues.

And…best of all…Adam will spend hyper-serious “field” time with you personally. He’ll tailor his teachings for you so that you get exactly what you need to learn. You get two major benefits from this type of personalized infield training – first, Adam will uncover the errors you make and quickly correct them for you so that you make more progress in a couple of minutes than you’d ordinarily make in years. And second, you get to watch as Adam games hotties. There is no better way to pick up the astonishing skills Adam teaches.

Here's a breakdown of what you're going to be learning each day, just to give you a better idea of what to expect when you show up for the bootcamp...

Day #1 - Attraction Mastery

The "basics" of everything you need for boosting your opening and attraction game from zero to mastery. Even if you've never sarged before...this first day will give you the immediate skills to step into the field and do what's necessary to get the girls you want. Amazing stuff you won't find anywhere else. Here's what you learn in this session:

And more...


If you have attended Adam Lyons Bootcamp, please leave a review below. All reviews are added to the bottom of this page (Click here to read them).


Day #2 - Qualification, Rapid Escalation And Power Closing Tactics

The field tested tactics for ramping up attraction, getting physical and getting chicks out of the club and into your bed. You've never been exposed to these "power-pulling" techniques and tactics before. Adam never spends more than a few hours with a girl before getting her into bed, because of the secrets you are going to learn on day #2.

These skills erase all of the past troubles you've had escalating and give you instant results when you hit the bars and clubs. You're going to discover...

Day #3 - Day Game Domination, The Truth About Inner-Game , Phone & Text Game Secrets, And More...

Everything comes together on day 3 and Adam fills in all of the "gaps," giving you air-tight, bullet-proof game. You'll be able to pickup girls in malls, coffe shops and on the'll have incredible phone, text, and follow up game, and rock solid confidence when you discover...

And of course, much, much more...

You're getting the motherload fact, It would take me a dozen pages just to begin explaining all of what Adam's going to teach you.

Listen to me when I say, …

You do NOT need prior experience in the field (You can be a raw rookie or an already bad-ass PUA)

You do NOT need to know a bunch of lines and routines (In fact, it’s better if you don’t. But if you’ve already wasted your time with that stuff…don’t worry, we’ll give you the power to game like a natural in no time)

And you do NOT need to be young, or good looking, or witty, or funny. Often, the BEST PUA’s were originally scarred, uncomfortable and awkward when they started out. Adam understands this, and delights in taking people from zero to PUA in the shortest time humanly possible.

You must hurry. Check the schedule below for the dates that Adam will be closest to you and then click the order link right now, today, to reserve your spot. We’re dead serious about limiting attendance to 14 guys per bootcamp. Adam’s time is expensive and hard to come by. And he insists on spending time personally with each and every attendee…which limits the number of guys he can train.

Don’t wait on this. If you want to get killer game fast…and want to learn from the BEST pickup artist in the world….check the schedule below to see when Adam is coming to the city nearest you and then sign up and reserve your space.

Listen to what the students has to say:

Richard La Ruina

PS Any queries, please use the form below. A friendly member of the pua training staff will contact you within 24 hours to answer your question.

PPS I suggest you plan on arriving the night before the bootcamp so that you are “fresh” for the weekend (though it’s not required).

PPPS A ton of other guys want your spot, so don’t delay. Sign up right now, while you’re thinking about it. Three days mastering the art and science of game with one the greatest Pickup Artists in the world. It’s something you’ll look back on when you’re old and gray and have experienced things 99.9% of men never had a chance to.

A life-changing event.

Do it. Sign up right now, you can choose from the following dates:

Adam Lyons Reviews From Previous Students

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