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Zombie Game How To Bring Them Back From Dead

Author: Adam Lyons

Men are simple creatures, give us women, sports, alcohol and zombie films and I think most of us are more than happy. In the past it is clear that anytime we can merge a few of these things together it’s fair to assume that the following creation is almost always a success.

Game night in the local bad with a group of hot chicks, movie theatre’s that show zombie flicks and allow you to drink alcohol at the same time, the movie Zombie Strippers featuring the porn star Jenna Jameson. Ok maybe not the last one so much, but still in general these are good combinations. So it won’t be surprising for you to learn that I had a massive celebration after I discovered one of my favourite tactics to help in the battle to understand the opposite sex, namely the art of Zombie Game or for want of a better description how to bring them back from the dead!

First of all lets take a look at the average woman and the way she handles a guy who gets her phone number. We can break it down into a simple format or system as shown below;

A) You exchange numbers and she likes you
B) You exchange numbers and she doesn’t like you
C) You exchange numbers and at first she likes you but then she doesn’t
D) You exchange numbers and at first she doesn’t like you but then she does

Four simple options, some have great outcomes some not so great. Lets narrow it down a bit, because some of them we really don’t have to worry about. A and D pretty much handle themselves. At the end of the day he result of these two is that you end up with the girl, in the case of D it may have taken a bit of “game” on your end but the simple fact remains you managed to pull it off. With regards to this particular article we can ignore those two.

What we’re interested in are the two that don’t go anywhere. B and C these two options share one incredibly simple characteristic. The girl doesn’t like you. It’s simple and plain. You send a few more messages to her and attempt to “game” her, but for whatever reason you’ve just managed to fail and she’s lost interest. Soon enough she gets bored with replying and stops. Then you stop messaging her and for all intents and purposes she is considered “dead” to you.

Normally you would leave her number in your phone as a “ghost” of the memory of the relationship that could’ve been. If only you’ll said “this” instead or perhaps you should have done “that” whatever it doesn’t matter, she is lost, dead to you…Or is she?

What if there was some kind of magic voodoo that we could perform that would bring her back from the dead?

Some kind of magic ritual that would enable us to once again take a chance at “gaming” her and perhaps getting her to realise that we aren’t the tool bag she initially first thought. After all sometimes in the cold light of day the “funny” text message you sent at 3am when half drunk may actually seem pretty lame now.

The good news for you is that women are not like men. They don’t enjoy keeping ghosts in their closets as reminders of all the weirdos that have hit on them. They do something very rational in their minds. To ensure they never have to deal with that person again, and so they don’t have to have the temptation of calling they decide to put them out of their life for good.

They delete the number.

So what we have here is a girl who you’ve been attracted to, met only once in a bar, made a pretty lame first impression with and who has then after a few simple text exchanges grown bored/lost interest and deleted your number.

This gives you the ability to work some incredible social voodoo.

You see after 3 months or so she is unlikely to remember who you are. However you can be sure that any girl’s number that is sitting in your phone is someone who you were attracted to enough to at least get her number. Over a period of 3 months of going out “gaming” its fair to assume you’re going to have a good solid collection of girls phone numbers for people who for whatever reason just didn’t go anywhere. All you have to do is BRING THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD!!!!

The idea is simple, you send a text message designed to trigger a great deal of curiosity due to it being interesting/funny enough to attract her attention. When she realises she doesn’t know who has sent it she should be curious enough to reply and voila you’ve successfully gotten into a position where you can speak to her all over again from scratch making a brand new first impression and in video game terms gain a second life so you can attempt to succeed where you failed last time.

So lets lok at possible messages that could trigger a response. (Remember you’re going to have the best results with your own personalised messages. If everyone reading this simply copies it word for word people are going to work it out REALLY quickly)

So lets look at some examples;

“OMG I’ve just come home to my house to discover an infestation of smurf’s what should I do?”

“So I’ve got this problem I need help with what’s orange and sounds like a parrot?” (a carrot – almost any joke would work here)

“So if you came home to find someone’s sex toys on your sofa how are you supposed to react?”

These are just a few quick examples, of course from these it’s pretty easy to see what you’re looking to do. Don’t make the mistake of trying to personalise them for each person.

Just mass send them out to every number in your phone book who hasn’t been texting you recently. Not all will respond, but you’re going to find that a good bunch of them do, more than you’ll be able to realistically be able to meet up with at least, which is going to keep you busy for a while.

The response are going to range from funny response which will be easy to reply to down to;

“Do I know you?/Who are you?”

The easiest catch all response I’ve found for this is to reply, either;

a) Actually I’ve no idea how we know each other, I sent that message out to a few friends and accidentally added you too it LOL. Still you must be cool if I’ve got you in my phone, I’m curious what’s your answer?


b) I think we met a while back and you wanted to take me to coffee but I never got back to you because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work/travelling. I seem to remember you seemed pretty cool I’m curious, what’s your answer?

Though of course you may need to improvise the answers if they vary too much from this, though that’s probably not a bad thing as it’s going to help you relate to the person a lot easier.

Zombie game is a very powerful tool and one which shouldn’t be abused. You really want to stick to doing these mass texts sporadically no more than every 3 months or so, (otherwise you’re going to end up spamming them) Still if you are going out and actively practicing then you should find that you have a good lump of numbers to send this out to. This is one of the best methods I’ve found of bringing dead interactions back to life, and helping you get a second chance with a girl you may have blown it with in the past.

Finally remember, this isn’t a replacement for doing things correctly in the first place, it is simply an effective way of giving yourself a second chance with a girl you may have met previously and want another chance with once your skills at game have improved. After all your skill’s with women should have significantly improved over a 3 month period.

Feel free to reproduce this article and share it with your friends. Especially with those who have a habit of talking about the “girls that got away”, who knows it may be just what they need to give them a solid second chance with her.

The best thing about this particular method is that it doesn’t involve you having to go out to a club or coffee shops to hit on girls, you can do this from the comfort of your sofa with the sports results over the radio a nice brew in your hand whilst watching Jenna Jameson strutting her zombie stuff on stage in a bad B Movie Zombie Horror Flick.

by Adam Lyons

Game, the way it’s meant to be played

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