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Cousin Opener

Author: Affection

Affection: "Hey, you're a girl, right?"

HB10: "Uhh yeah."

Affection: "Ok cool! So... I have this cousin... about your age, but model hot. And... I think she's hitting on me. How can I tell her no? Like, it's my *cousin*!

HB10: "She's not hitting on you... I mean, how do you know?"

Affection: "She text messaged me the other day from Ann Summers saying she was picking out something for next time she sees me... I'm pretty sure that's hitting on me."

HB10: "Wow, yeah I guess so. Why don't you just tell her no?"

Affection: "Well I tried that, but the problem is that as usual when I tell a girl no, she just wants me more. You know how you some girls are. I need something better than that..."

Note – you can use loads of GM role reversal lines at this point but don’t over do it – transition to next routine

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