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Approaching Women

Approaching deals with the initial stage of the pick up.  Learn when and how you should approach women. Click here to watch videos of pick up artists approaching women.

Ways To Meet Women

Carlos Xuma - When you get right down to it, there are only two dating skills that really matter to guys: 1) Meet Women, 2) Keep women.

Secret To Meeting People

Thundercat - Back in the day when I was a lonely, clueless loser who’d spend his weeknights sitting hunched over the computer viewing internet porn instead of interacting with society, I used to wonder: “How do people meet each other?"

Before The Approach

Thundercat - Back when I was a kid, I was in the Boy Scouts. Now, anyone who knows anything about the Boy Scouts will know that tried and true motto: Always Be Prepared. It’s simple, it’s elegant, and most importantly – it’s damn effective!

Make The Right Impression

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - The process of seducing a woman will begin before you’ve even exchanged words. Women will size up members of the opposite sex in the vicinity by subtler means than men and so can make a judgement about you without you even knowing if they know you exist!...

Establishing Eye Contact For Lukewarm Approaches

Soul - . Lately, I have been working on a way to warm up cold approaches to improve my success rate. I’ve dubbed this the “lukewarm approach”.

Dress To Impress

Mark Belmont - A great place to start is with your wardrobe.  What you wear will inevitably convey certain things about you, and can have a significant impact on your first impressions with women.

What Not To Say When Approaching Women


How To Approach Women Anywhere

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - n this article I’m going to give you some practical and tested advice so you’ll know how to approach women anywhere...

Why Most Pick Up Lines Don't Work

Swinggcat - Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman and thought to himself, "Wow! She really works those breasts, bouncy bouncy."

When A Girl Wants You To Approach

Giuseppe Notte - Walking down the street, you usually feast your eyes on the hot ladies going by and say to yourself, “I'd do her!” Has it ever occurred to you that men are not alone in this? Yes, my friend, women do the same!

How To Start A Conversation With Women

NightVision- Much of what John Alexander teaches stems from solid inner game of an alpha male. The best way is to combine his atitude and mindset to your other opening techniques...

State Control

Richard La Ruina - Your state is vital. I’m going to explain what it is, why it’s important, how you control it and how you communicate your internal state externally.

Tease Her To Please Her

Carlos Xuma - This article is going to start you on a path to meeting more women, the beginning to all your action. It's called Tease to Please.

Two Common Approach Mistakes

Wayne Elise Juggler - Don't make these two common mistakes when approaching women.

The Tao of Judgement

Wayne Elise Juggler - An amateur rushes his words because he doesn't want to be judged. He wants to zip through to the end. He is so afraid of putting himself on the line that he will avoid at all costs giving her a chance to judge him. He seeks control and surety...

Mistakes When Approaching

Neil Strauss aka Style - When I went out the first night on Mystery's workshop, I tried an experiment. I approached a set, opened, and then DHV'd. [Demonstration of higher value.] And not a single set stuck. I didn't reach the hook point. Everything seemed sort of flat, until I finally just excused myself.

The "I" Perspective

Wayne Elise Juggler - Let's look at another element of a good approach: Letting her get to know you a little. When I approach a woman I want her to joke around, share her opinions, reveal a weakness. I want her to be her real self. I can't find her sexy if I don't get to know her a bit...

10 Tips For Approaching Women

David Wygant - Most guys get caught up in guessing what to say; here’s what they really should do.

Sasha's Hook Theory

Sasha - I’ve noticed a weakness in a lot of guys which I’ve taught which I’ve sought to strengthen. It’s a common problem. Let me break it down for you.

Props Makes Meeting People Easier

David Wygant - Props are anything around you that help you to start a conversation. By using whatever is around you, it becomes much easier to establish contact with someone.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

David Wygant - Props are anything around you that help you to start a conversation. By using whatever is around you, it becomes much easier to establish contact with someone.

Active Disinterest

Neil Strauss aka Style - Someone asked about using a neg as an opener in a recent thread. The reply is: Yes, in fact you MUST neg to open sometimes or you won't get in. In the scene I've been sarging in lately, with highly socially proofed girls who are 9s and 10s, negs are the ONLY way to open. I'll explain in a mini FR below. It's unbelievable: every girl assumes anything you say (opinion openers, C&F, whatever) is hitting on her, because she's so used to it.

How To Approach

Sinn - I want to talk about the mistakes that most people make while approaching. Most guys will approach a woman and then try running a routine of some sort or a story used to show off some positive qualities...

Opening Sticking Points

Sinn - Another big issue is Opening. This is kind of puzzling, since even some guys who are good at building attraction or creating comfort have flaws in their opening...

Neg Theory

Mystery - An HB is there, surrounded by her friends. She has put on this BITCH act. Is she REALLY a bitch? Unlikely. All my girlfriends were wonderful human beings. Beautiful people have it easier because they are beautiful and often times have better upbringings because of it...


Slow It Down

Michael W - One of the most powerful principles for success with women I discovered completely by accident. When I first started out trying to approach women in public places, I tried to be everything- funny, energetic, smart, entertaining, up-beat, smiling, helpful- you name it.

Trick To Sarging Solo

Toecutter - The trick to sarging solo as far as I am concerned is not to look like you are there alone. Here is how...

Disarm And Charm Her

Michael W - Recently, I was interviewed by a journalist in the city, and I was explaining how ironic it is that in cities with millions of people crammed together, every day in places like public transit, there is still so much loneliness. There are people EVERYWHERE, and still so many people cannot find someone to love and to be loved by.

How To Begin And Complete Pickup

Michael W - There are some TRULY APPLICABLE insights that I have found are CRUCIAL for ACTUALLY GETTING THE GIRL. Nothing here that is hocus-pocus, obfuscating, or mumbo-jumbo. Just what WORKS.

State Killers

Moxie - The best way I find to get in state is by going out with a wingman and just have an awesome fun time!

How To Approach Women

Michael W - If you want the best chance of having a successful approach with an attractive woman, it's CRUCIAL to convey several things...