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Social Circle Pick Up - Wing Rules

Author: Asian Playboy

NightVision - Asian Playboy talks about our conduct for social circle sarging. The best place to pick up girls is our social circle. Your friends can be your biggest allies, so don't screw it up.


Let’s talk about Social Circle Pick Up for a second.This isn’t particularly addressed in PUAdom because, for real, a lot of PUAs (Pick Up Artists) don’t pursue active social lives, instead concentrating on improving their Game and occasionally hitting the fool’s mate, one night stand and/or fuck buddy.

And, of course, if one has read Neil’s “The Game”, you can see how fucked up you can get without pursuits beyond the Game, having regular friends you can chill with and what not. The rules are very similar to typical wing rules, except it’s your wing- the guy who knows the social circle and has intro’ed you to his friends- who’s calling the shot.


How much can I fucking STRESS this shit? Maybe you want to talk about it to your friends and impress them with your knowledge. Fine, good for you. But when you’ve been introduced to your buddy’s (and hopefully your wing is just more than a wing to you, but actually a good friend who also happens to have similar goals and skill levels when it comes to women) friends, YOU DO NOT FUCKING TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB.


If your buddy has told you which girl is his target (or someone he hooked up with or planning to) YOU DO NOT FUCKING TRY AND GAME HER. Instead, YOUR DUTY- as both a good friend and wing- is to TALK HIM UP to give him SOCIAL PROOF that he’s the fucking COOLEST GUY IN THE FUCKING WORLD AND YOUR BEST FRIEND. Obviously, however, this isn’t a perfect world and maybe your buddy’s girl isn’t into him. Fine, but A) you still notify him and B) you don’t Game until you have permission or C) It’s SOOOOO fucking obvious that she’s into you (not your run of the mill IOI, but she’s full up acting AFC on your ass and trying to Game you while ignoring your buddy) and you’ve exhausted options A and B. Then you can go in.


Tell your buddies which girl is off limits and which one isn’t. You cannot tell them “We’re just friends” and assume that she’s off limits. You actually have to tell them. You know they’re PUAs, respect that they’re going to Game what’s hot. And if you simply indicate there isn’t anything serious going on, THEN DON’T GET FUCKING MAD IF THEY MAKE A PLAY FOR THAT ASS.

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