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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Building Attraction

Building Attraction discusses the concepts and techniques in getting women to become attracted to you.  This is especially important in the initial stages of picking up and seducing women.

Baiting Technique

IN10SE - Ok guys, I'm going to GIVE AWAY one of my GOLD techniques so pay attention...and to the guys that don't read this... well their loss and your gain! :)

How To Play Hard To Get With Women

Swinggat - Inside you'll learn attraction secrets I've kept under wraps until now. In my honest opinion, these skills are what separate a Jedi master at attracting women from average guys. So read this article very carefully.

Tease Her To Please Her II

Carlos Xuma - All women have a standard routine of being a little stand-offish to you until you bust past this barrier...

Tease To Please In Action

Carlos Xuma - I was at the bus stop a couple weeks ago, and I saw a gal there who I had seen once before. She was young, attractive, blonde. I immediately saw some potential for conversation, so I just started talking to her as if I already knew her from somewhere else.

Social Proof

Adam Lyons - Social proof is essentially a means to generate Pre-selection, and Propinquity


Dahunter - It's a fact that when you want something from a woman it will automatically sub-communicate lower value and that you need her. Here is a very handy and easy technique I use whenever I'm getting something from a woman.

Forcing IOIs

Wayne Elise Juggler - An intriguing idea for manipulating girls into giving you IOIs.

About SOIs

NightVision - This is part of Wayne Elise Juggler response of one of his student's question on building attraction and explains why we should be using SOIs (Statements Of Interest) in our interactions with women.

Statements of Interest

The Don - A lot of students are confused about the reasoning behind the Qualification process.

How To Create Sexual Tension

Carlos Xuma - One thing that is critical for developing attraction with a woman that will lead to your eventual seduction success is learning how to build and nurture the sexual tension between you.

Demonstrate Value

Soul - So I asked myself the question, “How can I achieve greater value demonstrations with less talking about myself?”

Comprehensive Guide To Attraction

Mr M - The question that I hear most frequently from students on bootcamp who want to better themselves with women is: ‘how do I get a woman attracted to me?'

Attraction From Square One

Gunwitch - I am gonna go in to some super deep psychology stuff no one has ever heard about, who hasn't studied it, so read carefully. .

Pretend To Strike Her

Twentysix - In set, when you’re at that playful point in the interaction pretend like you’re going to hit your target. I’ve field-tested this plenty now - and it makes total sense why it works...

Guide To Qualification

Mr. M - Many students at bootcamps get completely caught up on approaching and attracting girls. While these are crucial steps, understanding qualification and the value of setting a qualifying context to the interaction is absolutely crucial not only for successfully getting a woman, but also for getting better with women generally.

Active Disinterest

Tyler Durden - I had a few thoughts this week, from watching some guys I was working with. Some guys (I can't remember who) re-labelled the term Active Disinterest as "Tentative Interest". I think this came from Swinggcat, I'm not sure. To me this is all the same thing, but for some guys this distinction could be useful because they are learning only from text so it's important for the terminology to be as accurate as possible. Since they aren't seeing direct examples, nothing can be taken for granted I suppose.

Mini Cold Reads

Tyler Durden - WhiteDragonPUA (Eddy) and I always joke that shit like the CUBE, handwriting analysis, strawberry-fields, and palmreading, is CRACK for chicks.

We call it "CHICK-CRACK".

Conveying Personality

Asian Playboy - Let’s get something straight, girls judge by looks. If you are NOT good looking, your only recourse is to have a hella tight VERBAL GAME.

Bait Hook Reel Release

Mystery - You cannot indicate your interest (IOI) to a woman until she has first indicated her interest to you.

Using Eye Liner

Cajun - What is subtext? In the acting world, subtext is the underlying meaning behind spoken words as interpreted by an actor. What does that mean?

Hoop Theory

Mystery - You do NOT have to answer questions asked of you. In HOOP THEORY, a girl gives you a HOOP and AFCs think they HAVE to jump through it...


Tantalize Her With Scents

Carlos Xuma - One area that guys don't take advantage of enough is the power of smell with a woman. Scents and smells are very important to them, and it's been scientifically proven that women are much more sensitive than men to odors.

Guide To Creating Attraction

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - Here is my guide to creating attraction. There is a bunch of other stuff that I do that I am trying to quantify and break down, this is a good start though. You’ll have to wait…

Being Non-Reactive

Fader - Life is a lot like chess. We always think that we are making the best move (who would make the worse of two moves?), so generally it is not the move that is really wrong (that's just a symptom), it's the thought process that led to the move (the action).

Not Appearing Reactive While Showing Disinterest

Sheriff - Here are some brief thoughts on how you can show disinterest without looking like you're being overly reactive.

Chemical Conversation

Michael W - One of the biggest challenges we have when we see a woman we would like to approach, is figuring out what to say to trigger her feelings of "CHEMISTRY" for you.

Attraction Momentum

David Wygant - I have a concept, and it goes like this . . . There's a kind of build-up of attraction that happens when a man and a woman meet.

3 Laws of Attraction

Carlos Xuma - When I was a teenager growing up, I was always fascinated by this friend of mine, John, who was only 16, but he lived in an apartment with a friend - not with parents.

Push Pull

NightVision- Push Pull forms an integral part of my game. I suggest everyone start to learn, understand and put it into practice. I remember when I first started using it, my game shot up astranomically. Swinggcat explains push pull in this article.

Messing Up Your Chances

Swinggcat - Just maybe you think the best way to succeed with a woman is to NOT mess up by, for example, avoiding topics of conversation that might offend her, hiding aspects about yourself she may find dorky or crass or pathetic...and so on, yes? If this describes you, don't worry. You're not alone.

Frames Games and Prizability

NightVision - Using frame control as well as the push pull technique is for me the best way to quickly build attraction and is an integral part of my game. They can give you shit tests. They can give you bitchy comebacks. Whatever obstacles they present to you, as long as you have strong frame control, it backfires on THEM and they can't help but LOVE you for it! The good news is that it complements cocky and funny very well. Heres are good article introducing the meaning of frames by Swinggcat.

Step By Step Example Of Attracting A Woman

Swinggcat - When most men interact with a beautiful woman, they put a huge amount of value on her. When she blows them off, they act like she ripped out their heart and stepped on it.

Step By Step Guide To Make Women Qualify

Swinggcat - Important: What you're about to learn is extremely powerful. So once you finish reading this post, put some time aside to digest it and implement it in your life. You'll be glad you did - trust me.

Using Challenges To Make Women Qualify

Swinggcat - I want to share with you a powerful method for generating ATTRACTION; a method women naturally use on men.

How To Compel Women To Touch You Seconds After Meeting Them

Swinggcat - I've got a question for ya… Do you consciously know what psychological mechanisms emotionally drive women to touch a man?

Conveying Attraction Assets

Swinggcat - Does bragging to women work? Yes. But there's a right way and a wrong way to brag to women. My rationale might surprise you.