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Page 2 Body Language

Author: Badboy

Exactly. She would not.

Now let me ask you who the really confident men in our society are, the ones with an attitude larger then life. Who are they?? Rockstars, company directors, successful managers, doctors, politicians.... etc.

Take a look at how they walk, how they sit, how they speak, and you'll notice something really interesting. They are totally calm, like they control TIME. They are not in hurry. The way they move and how they speak completely radiates with super-confidence.

Let's take a look at what the most common mistakes are when somebody tries to pick up a girl:

* Talking too fast (being nervous)
* Talking too much (trying to impress her)
* Not knowing what to say next (not enough practice)
* Drinking (to become comfortable)
* Asking too many questions (you create rapport too soon, but she doesn’t want your rapport unless you have attracted her first)
* Body language wrong (hands connected, feet too close, shoulders down, leaning in)
* Buying her drinks (trying to buy her over, or even worse, trying to get her drunk)
* Not being comfortable talking with strangers (social anxiety)

Does any of this radiate with any confidence??? Hell no!! Take a look and see that every action here projects INSECURITY!!

Ok, let’s correct this poor body language together. Here is list of things that you must FIX…

* Keep your hands out of your pockets.
* Stand with you feet wider apart.
* Never look down when you walk, look above th horizon
* Stand with your chest pushed outwards
* Keep your shoulders relaxed and back
* Walk confidently and slowly with bigger steps
* Take up lots of space, no matter where you are
* Pay attention to how you dress
* Always lean back.
* Touch people when you talk with them (non-sexual), because you must create conversation on all levels, not just verbal. (Later she is going to be used to your touch, and that is perfect for the pre-sex stage!)
* All your body language should be comparable in speed. For instance, moving with confidence is good, but it looks incongruent if you talk fast at the same time.

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