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Page 3 Body Language

Author: Badboy

One more really important thing my friend would tell you, "Pick-Up doesn't start when you approach her, it starts when you WAKE UP in morning!" and that's so true!

Let's move on to the subject of attraction:

In order to attract a woman, you must first understand why and how they think. Why the state of attraction exists, and how it happens.

The easiest way to understand and explain this is through something known as 'Switches theory’. You know those on/off switches you have in your house for electricity? Now imagine you have 15 of them in one box. That's an analogy for how our minds work. Women have switches such as "Is he attractive?, is he good at sex?" on or off.

Every girl out there has a different set of switches, because it really depends on their culture, their childhood, their beliefs and their age, plus a few other minor things. However, there are some common switches you must turn ON to all girls out there.

You must be:

* Challenging
* Alpha
* Interesting
* Unpredictable
* Stylish
* Not needy
* A good lover
* Humorous
* Capable of building strong rapport
* Secure
* Trustworthy
* Conversational

Now, those switches can be either ON or OFF. There is no value in-between... for geeks, it’s all off.

What happens when you switch on most of those switches?? Wow... she starts to be interested in you... actually... she starts to show IOIs (indication of interest). This reaction is totally normal. When she meets a guy who is funny, good looking, interesting, romantic, and not needy, she becomes interested in getting to know him better (read: sleeping with him).

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