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Page 4 Body Language

Author: Badboy

Switching on these switches is what demonstrates personality to a woman. You can tell stories where you were romantic. You can hook her with interesting snippets of your life and make her ask you questions where you get to reveal your romantic side. It doesn’t matter, as long as the you flip the romantic switch to the ON position. Every story or routine you have in your arsenal is saying something to her (flipping switches.) When designing routines and stories, you need to first take a look at what you want to convey to her.

The easiest way to switch On lot of switches is through good body language, behavior, and a sense of style.

Lets take a look at me for example. If you've never seen the way I look, take a look at my webpage photo here...

Okay, let's analyze this together... what do you think about this guy just from this photo? Here is what others have said:

* He has a lot of confidence
* He looks like some badboy or a really adventurous guy
* Good looking (average)
* He is drinking expensive cocktails, so he probably has some money…
* Sex must be amazing with him
* He is alpha, he doesn’t worry what others think.
* He doesn’t look like some predictable guy...
* Not so needy

Ok, guys, you get my point... I switched On like 10 switches just by the way I look and behave. There are also switches I haven’t flipped yet:

I don’t have trust, rapport, I am not romantic, interesting... and that’s it fellas!!!!

That means 5 stories for 5 more switches. That’s like 5 X 5 minutes = 25 minutes to get a girl.

Of course you can convey all those things through conversation, and that's fine. But it will take 10X longer! This is the way it works for me, and I am happy.


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