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Page 2 Confidence And Leadership

Author: Badboy

When you start to respect yourself completely, other people will respect you as well. If you don't respect yourself, why in the world would anyone else respect you? If you treat yourself like shit, trust me, other people will do the same because you are sending a strong signal to the world that shit is just what you are.

Next, what you must accomplish is to develop a set of unwavering rules in your life that define what people can and cannot do around you or to you. You must punish any negative behavior that impedes upon your integrity. Tell them you disapprove and make it crystal clear that they cannot behave like that if they want to be in your company.

Kick their asses for it. Make them know they did something that you do not respect. If people treat you like shit and you let them get away with it, they will do it again and again. Other people see this, and learn to disrespect you also. Make personal boundaries for yourself, and make it clear to the people around you that these boundaries must be respected. Humans are social pack animals, meaning they will accept the strongest frame presented to them.

For example, if my girlfriend flakes on me, of course I will be pissed off, but I will show her that I am angry and will calmly state that it will not happen again. For everything that she does that I do not like, I tell her she can do it only 3 times: the first time, the last time and never again! My rules are strict.

People will enjoy the time they spend with me. In return I will do everything I can for their happiness. I will teach them and have fun with them, but there are some rules you must follow, otherwise you won't see me ever again.

I make options for myself, so that you are not my only choice and I can go out with someone else if I choose. For now, even if you don't have other options, make it look like you do. Behave like you do. I am going to do everything for my girls. I love them and will treat them like a queen, but only as long as I think they deserve it.

It is funny to see how, when women don't get what they want, they call me a jerk. They make not like my rules, but they will respect me if I stick to them.

Take a look at the police. They have strict rules. Break them and you'll get punished, and trust me, you won't make the same mistake again in your life. I want you to do the same in your own life. Let people around you know what is allowed and what is not. Otherwise nobody is going to respect you.

It is funny, but people will test you from time to time to see if you are still congruent with your frame. That is why I say that "shit tests" are not problematic. As long as you are congruent with your frame, shit tests are a non-issue. Women will challenge you all the time when you are seducing them. That's just normal behavior.

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