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Confidence And Leadership

Author: Badboy

We all know how important INNER GAME is, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what Inner Game actually is? Is it simply when I memorized material very well or maybe when I perfected the delivery of my voice?

Actually, Inner Game is based on confidence, beliefs, and your overall attitude about life. Whether you realize it or not, your attitude is constantly projected to the women you talk to. If you have a strong, assertive, and positive attitude, women will naturally be attracted to you. That's how most naturals GET LAID.

They develop these three aspects of their identity: confidence, beliefs, and attitude. When this happens, they begin to feel more confident and they start to behave like they're the prize, which is exactly what ATTRACTS WOMAN.

I enjoy analyzing these ideas, and I recently found something crazy below the surface. People in general love leaders, especially women. Leaders are naturally attractive because they radiate confidence and not easily concerned with outside criticism.

They know exactly what they want and focus their energies on achieving their goal. I am willing to teach you how to become a leader, how to make people follow you and even respect you. These steps are essential to leading a successful life.

I am 25 years old, but what I have lived through, you cannot even imagine. I believe I've learned a lot in these 25 years--possibly more wisdom than the average Joe acquires in his entire lifetime.

The first observation is that charisma does not exist. People do not know how to describe something that is intangible, so they say this person has "charisma", or "this guy is a charismatic person". If you take the time to observe charismatic people, you see that they actually have one big quality in common.

They have a frame (or point of view) so strong that people are sucked into their reality. Everything they do reflects an ultra-strong frame that exists inside their individual reality. They tend to have a lot of rules that you must follow when you are around them. They treat themselves with integrity and they absolutely will not tolerate disrespect; in fact they punish it.

You can apply these characteristics to your own life. They are actually core lessons for living successfully on this planet. Let's take respect for example: How do you ensure that the people around you show respect for you and your work? First start to respect yourself and your work too.

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