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Don’t buy flowers or other things to make a girl like you. It’s SUSPICIOUS - a big turn-off for her.
The girl must like you because of who you are - not because of your money or your power to buy her things.


Don’t make your sexual move too soon – that’s really bad. Don't be NEEDY. Relax and enjoy your time with her. Everything will happen in good time.


It’s also a mistake NOT to make a move at all – that’s just as bad as the previous mistake. If you don’t make any move, or you don’t show enough interest in her during the first 5-6 dates, she may think that you don’t like her or that you just want to be FRIENDS.
Once you enter the “let’s just be friends zone," you’ve created a big problem for yourself.


Don’t expect the girl to lead the date. You must be the MAN. You must exert control over the date. Girls expect that from us. Be creative and use your imagination.


When you are in a bar, don’t sit on the opposite side of the table from her. That’s a big mistake. Never sit so the table is between you and her. Sit next to her. Then you are closer to her, and you also have the opportunity to touch her and be physical with her.


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Average Rating: 3.61 [Total Votes: 13]
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