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Badboy Dating Advice

Author: Badboy

You must learn how to date.

Every date you go on is a chance to seduce the girl you are dating, and to start a beautiful relationship with her. Dating is a skill to be learned. Follow my dating advice, and you'll become a dating monster!

Dating ADVICE #1

If you do everything correctly, you should be kissing and getting more physical with the girl all the way along to your fifth date. Those first 5 dates are crucial. Usually during the second and third dates, the girl will decide whether she wants to be with you or not.

Badboy: "Dating is like playing a game. Everytime you do it, you will get better and better at it. There is some dating advice and some rules that you should stick to."

Dating ADVICE #2

If a girl agrees to date 4-5, she is interested in you. You just need to make it happen. So Do it!

Badboy: "Everybody on this planet is doing exactly the same thing on dates. Be different.
Avoid the usual dating scenarios: movies, dinner, bars, and clubs. Girls are bored with it. Give them some

Dating ADVICE #3

Date with style. Let the date be adventurous, interesting and unpredictable. Take her bungee jumping, to an art gallery, to the zoo, to watch the stars.

Badboy: "The best advice I can give you is: Be different!

Dating ADVICE #4

Start seeing multiple girls - always have a backup. You’re much better off seeing two girls per week than one every day. Your life will be more interesting, and girls will usually fight for your attention when they realize they are not the only one in your life. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your life. Life is too short!

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