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Author: Badboy

Also, the more you stop thinking and obsessing over your troubles - how unworthy you are, how terrible your life, your concerns over the future... the more you compress your life into the immediate moment and seize all its opportunities... the more power you are going to feel.

Power is just concentrated energy and we lose energy all day worrying. I want you not to listen to your own thoughts, which haven’t got you the success you deserved, but the thoughts and mindsets I am describing to you here. When you turn a girl around with a sly smile on your face. When you tell her, without any excuses, that you find her beautiful and you will get to know her. When you talk to her emotions, and avoid boring talk. All of these things are going to demonstrate your power as a seducer, and a man.

Your power is going to come from feeling happy, and in control of your life.


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