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Author: Badboy

Power is the biggest aphrodisiac of all time. This was true in the earliest days of the caveman period, true in Egypt, Greece and Rome, and it’s still true today.

Women in particular are hugely attracted to power. In different historical times, the display of power took different forms; if you go back to caveman days the most muscular hunter had the power, in Rome the senator with the most connections, and nowadays social status, the car you drive, and the amount of money you have signify your power. But the strange thing is that there are guys in today’s society who have money, and drive wonderful sports cars but don’t get laid. They are afraid of even approaching hot girls.

If you could see me approach a hot girl in a club you would see power. The girl I approach is going to know she is not dealing with an excuser. Especially in a night-time venue, the way you communicate when you start your seduction must be full of power; eye-contact, tonality, your posture, the way you move, your attitude. As soon as a girl detects she has more power then you have, that she is stronger than you, all your chances are destroyed. By nature man is supposed to be stronger, to be the one who has the power. When you approach a girl with the mindset that you are weak, and she is strong, you are immediately pushing the girl into an unnatural position for her, a position where she is supposed to have the power. And as she knows she is not supposed to have power, it feels unnatural for them so they blow you off.

Girls are fascinated and obsessed by power. It makes them feel safe, protected and therefore able to open up sexually. Recent studies have shown that orgasms take place in the brain for women, and in order to have an orgasm they must let go of fear and anxiety and trust their partner totally.

When a girl is around a powerful man, she surrenders her body and spirit to him. She is feeling safe, protected, and turned on by his power all at the same time. Just take a look how girls behave around celebrities and other guys who possess power. They don’t think, they just surrender their bodies and mind to them. Surrender is the key to female sexuality; power is the cornerstone of male sexuality. Yin and yang.

So how do you go from being weak, afraid of approaching hot girls, to being confident within yourself and radiating power? Think about approaches you may have done in the past; you will see that success or failure was often all about your power, your conviction when you did them. When you got blown out it’s often because the girl thought 'another weak man - get lost'. How sure you were of yourself, and how sure you were that the girl would be open to you, all come into play here. Pull yourself out of the matrix - realise that you are the prize, the man is the prize. Approach and deal with girls from that mindset of being the prize, the rock-star, the king of the jungle.

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