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Author: Badboy

"Big shout out to Badboy, Magum, Cortez, Magnet, Egor, Savoy, Evil Empire, Jolly, Dynamite, Dunc(handle?), Seymore(handle?) and Don(handle?). I had such a f**king good time and you guys made it all worthwhile!!


The relationships I’ve had were all out of sheer luck. Friends had to hook me up with their female friends; this was the only way I could “date”.
I considered myself below average in looks but was always the good dresser. I often get compliments from girls about my clothes. Alas, great clothes alone did not get me laid.

The Journey…

Even after day 1 you could feel a shift in the way you thought and behaved. I hate to use the word “teach” because it was soooo damn much fun. The instructors had a strange hypnotic jedi power that convinced you to do the unapproachable. For example I opened an 8-set and a couple having a romantic dinner.

We were allowed to use the classic openers of the pick up community but eventually these were phased out completely. As Badboy stated, it’s not the words, it’s how you say it! This was never more evident when you would do the same exercise with random phrases like approaching a set with the phrase “I like ice-cream”!

Sticking points and Sets

A major sticking point for me was the ability to be spontaneous. Before the Badboy experience I would stack scripted routines. After over 30 “Who lies more” routine I lost conviction in the delivery. I received the same replies and questions like the targets had their own scripted response.

Thus we developed our storytelling and rapport skills, Badboy had an exercise for everything. If you had problem with your walk it was fixed, a soft voice it was fixed, talked too fast it was fixed – you get the picture. The improv exercises made such an impact although not obvious at first but sub-consciously it jolted my mind to flow and communicate with ease. Surprising enough, what I tried to express through speech, gestures and body language made people laugh. I never considered myself a witty person but it felt so natural.

I recall opening a stunning lonewolf that couldn’t believe the confidence and cockiness of my approach. She said “I have a boyfriend” and “it’s the bouncer behind you” more than 3 times but I continued through the conversion. It was mind-blowing that the bouncer came over with the cheesiest AMOG line “nice shirt”. Later, the real boyfriend appeared and just stood there and watched me gaming his girl. The guy was twice the size of me! Eventually the boyfriend ejected but I later found out that the girl, boyfriend and bouncer all knew each other!

I opened a set with 2 chinese girls, I walked over, grabbed the nearest chair and slammed it on the floor with the back of the chair facing the girls and sat down “I’M HERE”. Strangely the ugly one encouraged me to chat up the nice one. In fact, she winged for me! Number closed easy.

There’ve been occasions I’ve been told to “f**k off” or “I’ll call the bouncer” but oddly (and in many respects sadistically Wink ) it motivated me more to stay in the set to see how long I could “ride the waves”. Got to love the drama! This is the mindset Badboy embeds into everyone!


It’s interesting when people that you’ve only known for 3 days could identify me with deadly precision. Magum described me as “a Frat boy, that doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything.”I could not believe the accuracy, funny but very true.

Badboy could not have given me better compliments, “cool look and clothes, just need more practice.” Afterwards waiting on the tube I was on such a high, the comments earlier made such an impact. It was like the realisation of what I wanted to become, how I wanted my life and with some hard work and persistence I would eventually get there. I felt I could do anything!

Good or bad sets we’ll be laughing the next day saying “do you remember that…. I can’t believe I just did that” like when I saw this stunning chinese girl, perfect ass with visible thong. Only one thing on my mind…. I decided to give her a wedgie!

Sometimes and it’s very rare, I still get a little voice in my head overwhelming me society-matrix-conditioning like “that girl will never go for a guy like you!” but then I just reminisce on Badboy’s thick Croatian accent, his piecing stare, his immense energy and loud voice, booming instructions “GO, GO, GO!”, “Be a MAN… be an ANIMAL”, “Don’t be an EXCUSIER!” I break into a big, sly grin and think “HERE I AM…. I’M CHOOSING YOU!!”"

- Thomas Sanders- (30yo IT manager from London )



I thought I would drop you all a line (now that I have managed to finally catch up on life for a few moments!) to give you the run down of my time with Badboy in Zagreb a few weeks ago now.

This is LONG. But read it anyway!

First off let me say I had a fantastic time. The 1to1 format works brilliantly to build rapid girl destroyer skills. I recommend this to EVERYONE who is serious about becoming successful with women.
So here is the format:

3 evenings seminars, 3 nights of constant pick up/party.

Day 1: Thursday

I arrive at Zagreb and meet Badboy. We go for a coffee and have a chat. We are due to meet another student shortly. We meet up and go to a laid back coffee shop where badboy runs us through the pick up process, explaining how buying temperature works and the need to circulate between attraction and rapport materials. Why girls enter "logical" states or "shit test" to throw themselves out of state or test if they are willing to ramp up the engagement to the next level.

We talk for over 3hours about the game. Nothing else. I won't go into the full details here (because I can't and because its badboys story to tell). But you can get an idea from this.

Then we go out. We meet Badboys wing, Cortez and go to a club. The girls there are meant to be plain (6s and 7s). Whilst there are some plain girls there, there are plenty of damned fine girls too. I guess its true what they say about Croatian women - they are foxy as hell! The venue is perfect for a first night. Its large, not too loud, the girls aren't too stand offish (actually they are quite friendly!) and you can move about and be seen.

Badboy takes the other student and I go with Cortez. We approach women over and over again. After each approach, either Cortez or Badboy debriefs us - bodylanguage, attitude, delivery, volume, assertiveness etc etc. Then armed with a new "to do" list, we're pushed into the next set. Soon we forget ourselves and have an absolute party.

We walk out 4 hours later shattered but on a real high. Tho the evening is at a close, we are so in state that we end up approaching random people on the street and have fun with them.

A perfect night.

Day 2: Friday

Badboy takes me out to a computer fair. I am sceptical at first - why would I want to hang out with schoolkids and geeks. Badboy smiles a wicked little smile and pushes me through the door.

The geek fair f**king ROCKS. The f**king place turned out to be full of hot women! These are some of the lines we used. "Don't touch me, unless you can pay"... "God, you're SOOO sexually aggressive" ... "sexual predator!"... "you can be my new Croatian girlfriend. You'll be my favourite of them all"... " Oh, so you're paid to just sit there and look pretty? Cool: when do you start? Shall we come back later when you have your "face" on?"

After several hours we retire tired and hungry. We eat and prepare for the evening. We go to a funky chill out bar and have tea whilst badboy gives us the second installment of the workshop. Now that he's seen us live in the field he makes suggestions to both of us about style, openers, technique. In short the whole pick up is customised to suit our personality and leverage off our strong points. Theme: do what works for YOU!!

Then we hit the clubs again. This time we go to a slightly higher quality place. The girls are much more club girls here and they look VERY nice indeed. I open a group of 3 women and like a precision drilled team the others join in with their game - one at a time. We end up with these girls for 3 hours. This is a HUGELY valuable learning experience:

1. We see how you play a full set (as opposed to a brief party game and kiss close!)

2. We notice the rhythms (attract (high voltage) - rapport (lower voltage) - shit test (blackout!)) cycling through and see how to handle them in set.

3. We finally get this buying temperature thing: the girls were kind of quiet shy nice girls. We thought we'd only be there a short time. But as we warmed them up they became WILD. And I mean WILD. They blossomed into club divas right in front of our eyes (girl on girl dirty dancing, challenging us to play a pornographic quizz game etc), when before they had been shrinking violets!

4. We saw social proof in action in a BIG way: i. every single girl in the whole place could not keep her eyes off us. We were by far the most vibrant table. ii. the singer of the band that was playing came up to us at the end of the set to intro HIMself, saying we were the wildest guys there. And iii. a random guy there opened us as beta then proceeded to invite us to THE top club in Zagreb , where all the beautiful people go (see day 3 for details!). Just like that he put us on the guest list.

Day 3: Saturday

I thought that we had really topped the bill on Fri. I was wrong.

I get on a bus to meet Cortez in town. I open a lovely two set and they keep me entertained for the whole journey. Then shark and I go on street approaches all day. He has NO fear. The dude honestly does not care if the girls like him or curse himout. It works for him fantastically. We open all kinds of sets: teenagers, club girls, ballet dancers (they were lush - though I totally missed the hint they dropped about visiting me in London . Doh!) Each time, Shark debriefs and makes suggestion for the next set. He gives a great deal of good detail!

Then we have some tea to warm up. We meet badboy and the other student and the final seminar begins. We interrupt the seminar from time to time to do approaches and continue. Finally we go to dinner ( Zagreb has LUSH food). At dinner he calls his ex-girlfriend - one of the (3!) Miss Croatia 's that he's dated. She's in town with her cousin and he tells them both to come and meet us at the restaurant.

My anxiety levels go WAY up. Think about it, she's one of THE most beautiful woman in the whole bloody country. And she's bisexual. And she's about to be here!

She turns up with her cousin and we play her badboy style. Its funny because she responds SO well. We're at it for 3/4 of an hour until she agrees to come clubbing with us (she's meant to be going to a birthday party somewhere else). Result.

We go to the club (I think it was called Saloon - styled on the Ministry of Sound places in London and Ibiza . Very cool). The girls in there are real club crowd and SO lovely its unbelievable. We split up: Shark and the other student go approaching. Badboy, Miss Croatia , her cousin and I go partying. For some reason everyone keeps looking over at us. No idea why ;-) We go wild for 3 hours, having just the best time. I feel like a complete 10 - girls are trying to attract MY attention and I have to screen them. Its just too crazy. The place is jam packed with people. Belive it or not most of them are girls that belong on a catwalk or in a pornflick - maybe a pornflick set on a catwalk... Its simply heaven.

I LOVE Zagreb !

Guys, I hope that the above has given you a flavour of doing a one on one with a real player. It is wild, fun, and you learn just SO much its unbelieveable. You get personal attention from Badboy. You go in set with him, see him in action, pick up SO much in the periphery that you wouldn't even be aware off until you catch yourself doing it. The format really works. In fact it ROCKS!"

- Sandman - (29yo NLP trainer from from London)


"When I first became aware of the community, I immediately booked a place on
the Badboy Lifestyle workshop in Manchester. In the meantime, because I would not
allow myself to be patient and do nothing else, I set about eagerly
devouring every product from other methods that I could lay my hands
on: DVDs, CDs, e-Books - you name it. It was expensive and confusing. I also
found my approaches were worse than ever.

Then finally, last week, I attended the Workshop. It was led by Cortez and
was nothing less than mind-blowing. Using simple theory, role-playing,
improvisation exercises followed by practice in the field, Cortez showed us
that to generate attraction, we would need to project our own personalities
in an attractive way. I learnt that, despite the methods taught by others,
it is counter-productive to use pre-rehearsed lines or patterns or rely on
gimmicks (like "The Cube"). I have finally learnt what women REALLY find
attractive and that using Badboy philosophy - I can be attractive to very hot women".

- Alexander Spencer-Plythe, surgeon (42), London


"For those who were on my workshop but don’t remember me, I am the tall guy from Newcastle (UK ) with the shaved head Wink

Me Before Badboy:
I will be 40 this year, and never used to be any good with women. I was too shy to approach, and had no idea what to say if a conversation did start. I used to get laid infrequently and by pure luck.

I had REALLY bad oneitis a few years ago. A girl I used to work with completely broke my heart. In fact I’m still fck*ed up over her. That’s probably the only time that I’ve ever been in love. I had the opportunity to fu*k her but was so in love with her that I didn’t ‘take advantage of her’. Needless to say I never got another chance. I thought that I was doing the right things to seduce her. But now of course I know that I was doing everything wrong!

Also, I had a really bad back injury three years ago and couldn’t socialise for two years. I’d lost a lot of time and had lots of catching up to do….

I found the seduction community on the net. Thankfully I didn’t go too far down that route. As soon as I read the opinion openers and canned routines I just thought ‘Not in a million years…that’s just not me’.

I met up with Stevie PUA, and he advised Badboy Workshop. I was brand new and didn’t know either of them…but thank he just drew me to Badboy! Must have been fate lol.

I did the workshop in January of this year…and boy do I wish that Badboy had been around when I was in my late teens / early twenties…

I have deliberately waited before posting my workshop review because I wanted to see what impact it had on me a few months down the line. When you’re around Badboy you feel like you can do anything. But I wondered how it would be when I was immersed back into my old matrix anchors. Hence the five-month wait for my review…

The Workshop:
Badboy and Cortez greeted me warmly as I entered the room. Badboy then went around the room asking us what problems we had. They mostly centred around poor ability to approach, shyness and lack of confidence, not knowing what to say etc. Badboy confidently assured us that all of these problems would be handled. And he is so positive and confident that you trust him entirely.

Badboy is immediately recognisable as a fun, upbeat, charismatic guy with a really positive energy. He’s magnetic. The kind of guy you want in your life. Likewise Cortez, who is a big guy with a friendly face. He moves with great bodylanguage….powerfully, and in his own time. And he looks like he could kick your ass anytime he wishes…

I won’t detail the structure of the workshops as this has been covered many times before and is always evolving as Badboy continually improves them. However, the classroom time is spent doing exercises to help with Badboy’s ARC (Attract – Rapport –Close) model. It is all experiential, with practical and fun exercises for spontaneity, energy, imagination, emotional projection and rapport building. It also includes exercises to practice the physical logistics of approaching (revelatory stuff for me), bodylanguage, leading, kiss closing (awesome technique), overcoming obstacles from chicks (physical and verbal), etc. Daytime is classroom practice and then you head straight out to a club to practice what you’ve learned that day.

Badboy even gives lifestyle advice on dressing style and how to make your life more interesting and exciting with your pastimes etc. My dressing style was already good so I didn’t need any help there. However, Badboy gave good advice to those who needed it. I certainly took plenty of his advice regarding lifestyle changes (see ‘After Workshop’ below).

What struck me most about the workshop is how much Badboy and Cortez care about the success of their students. When you get it right with a good approach or kiss close etc., Badboy and Cortez are high-fiving you and grinning from ear to ear. They are genuinely pleased to see you make progress.

You will also have a great time on the workshop. Everything they do becomes fun. Practicing approaches in the classroom with Cortez playing the queen bitch is one of the funniest memories I have. He has the most brutally funny bitch lines I’ve ever heard :-)

And Badboy is the most motivational person that you will meet. He has a unique way of motivating you before he sends you into a set. I will always remember him sending me into a set with ‘I like you …I want to fu*k you…’ opener. Slapping my back like a boxing coach he says ‘Go!…Be a man…Be a fcking animal!’

They also give each student as much time as they need to get things right. We had a little black guy on our workshop who had a problem with his bodylanguage and his walk. Badboy and Cortez worked with him for as long as he needed to improve, repeatedly observing and correcting his posture and his gait until they saw it improving.

Badboy and his instructors also give you their undivided attention on the day and evening parts of the workshop. They do not slope off and hit on women like I have heard some other instructors do on other workshops. They are dedicated to you. In fact Badboy said that if he ever found his instructors hitting on a woman instead of looking after his student then he would personally kick the instructors ass. This level of commitment to their students is laudable And when you come out of a set the instructors give you constructive and practical feedback that you can use straight away in the next set that they’ll be immediately pushing you into.

After five months I can’t remember every set. However, you will be pushed into LOTS of sets. So many that you begin to lose count. Some of the one’s I remember are detailed at the end of the page for those with lots of time on their hands or those who enjoy reading :-)

Over the course of the three day workshop you are taught everything that you need to know to go out and seduce women. But the instructors can’t do it for you. You have to be willing to embrace what they have taught you, cut the old matrix anchors, and free yourself.

Badboy’s workshop is the single most positive step that I’ve ever taken in trying to improve my success with women. In those three days he taught me more about seducing women than I was able to piece together myself over the last 25 years (i.e. since I was 15).

Take the workshop. If you have to scrimp and save, or borrow the money then do so. But whatever you do, if you love women, and you love life, then take the workshop.

Me After Badboy:
I have definitely improved my confidence and capabilities with women as a result of my time spent with Badboy. For those of you who ask questions like ‘Does this work for older guys, in XYZ city…’or whatever, be advised that yes it does. Badboy is teaching universal truths here. I’m 40 in a few months time and I’m doing okay with girls who are in their twenties. So you older guys….take the workshop!

After Badboy I now feel comfortable with approaching women directly. Indirect game is just not for me. I like a girl to know that I’m not hiding what I want from her. That’s why I could never do canned material, routines, opinion openers etc. They can keep that shit. Direct fits me much better and is congruent with who I am. That’s why I love Badboy’s methods so much.

I can approach even the most beautiful woman in the place now with pure direct ‘I like you…’game. I have even approached guy-girl couples with direct game on the girl.

But it’s not all sunshine and roses….I’m yet to actually f**kor date the most beautiful woman in the place. So I have come far, but not far enough…

I know that I have more things to solve. I don’t always approach consistently. But I’m getting some fu*k closes. Although last week I did f*** two different girls so it’s starting to come together Wink.

The consistency and quality of my approaching depends very much upon who I’m with. Some guys bring me down and I don’t like working with them. Conversely, Volker is the best wing for me by far. He is an upbeat cool guy with a good sense of humour. We like to work in the same way – we both go off and open our own sets, only checking back with one another intermittently, or helping the other if one of the targets friends needs occupying. If I’m with someone like Volker then I can approach consistently and well. I think it’s his positive upbeat attitude improving my state…and let’s face it, it’s your internal state that’s the most important thing here. So thanks Volker for the good winging Wink I look forward to more of the same.

A major change that Badboy gave me is that I no longer think that seduction should be an intellectual challenge or an ordeal. There are those that read Another Seduction Forum like they were studying for a degree. Like seduction is an unusual and alien new topic that will be hard to learn. I was starting to do the same, but Badboy got to me just in time and showed me that we all ALREADY know this stuff. It’s innate. It’s natural. It’s what we were put on this earth to do. That’s why we call guys who can do this ‘naturals’. It’s like Badboy is just reminding us of something that we already know but have forgotten…because we were too focussed on the matrix…

I have taken Badboy’s lifestyle advice and have improved my life by stopping reading other Internet advices, , stopping hanging out with negative people and those who bring me down. There are still a few left but they are gradually being cut out.

After the workshop, in line with Badboy’s advice, I promised that I would make myself a more exciting life by doing something different and new. Now I travel to a different European city every month. So once a month I am abroad for a long weekend….where I hit on their women Wink This is cool, fun, and is definitely making my life more interesting.

So thank you Badboy. Thank you Cortez. Not only have you made me better with women but you have also improved how much I enjoy my life. That’s one hell of a gift and I genuinely appreciate it."

- Jonathan Dyer ( 40yo Mechanic Engineer)



One week ago, I arrived in Zagreb on a day which was probably the rainiest days of all days in my history. My first reaction was "OH FU*K! This will be nice workshop! CRAZY RAIN ON JULY 5?"

So, here's what they will do to you in the workshop:

-They will clear the bullshit in your mind so that real you starts to shine through. They will install in you how alphas look, walk and behave. And last but not least, you will know how chicks work as sure as you know what 2 X 2 is equals.


-It's assumed that you came to the workshop because YOU WANT TO CHANGE.
-You will have to accept your instructors frame knowing he only wants the best for you! (Cortez I know it!)

After talk we did 4 approaches. To give you an idea first set - 1min, second set - 2 min, 3rd set - 15min + slight attraction and 4th set over 30min + attraction was what it looked like.

We did only two approaches today but one was a HB9 in my scale who was really into me and I got her number to meet that night.

I approached a woman sitting alone on a bench. I was just about to kiss her when she finally admitted she had a husband and child. I realized how powerful Badboy’d method was in that moment. A married woman!

Day 3:

-lifestyle, persistence, street approach.
My first street approach was especially nice:
“Your eyes are beautiful I want to get to know you!”

Then we met again Cortez was with Dumas. Great guy he is with a friendly attitude and relaxed outlook. We talked a little and I went to sleep to get ready for club that night.
Dumas gave great advice in club that made things simpler in my mind. Thanks bro! And Cortez baby I love you!

This is the end of the workshop. The next day I met a girl on the street. We ended up hanging out two days later and made out in the process. I had sex with an 8 that night as well.
Next day I woke up walked the streets and realized I’m not afraid of girls anymore. That was what I wanted actually. Women weren’t special anymore. I felt like a LION who could take what he wants and fu*k the brains out of her.
That night!!! We could have fcked those two bitches Cortez BABY! Listen people, Cortez had no time! Really he had no time to fu*k the chicks!!!!

NOW THE GOODS, As soon as I arrived in TURKEY I tested what I learned and IT WORKED AGAIN!!! BUT DONT GET IT WRONG, I spent a really long time to get where I am. I’m a king!"

- Ayhan Birsel - Individualized workshop review, 2005 ( 22yo chemistry student from Istambul,Turkey)


"Some weeks are already past since I took the workshop. I wanted to wait a little bit so I can give you an more objective view of what happened and how it could affect your life.
I personally took the workshop because I had the typical problems: approach anxiety, not knowing what to say, how to lead etc. If I was in my social circles I never had any problems getting attraction from the hotties. I just couldn't approach strangers and I didn't know what to say and what to do. So, was the workshop worth it's money? Read on:

I wont say much about the seminar, because Antonios described it real good already. I will give you more insights on what happened in-field an how I felt.

Day 1: attraction, bodylanguage, matrix
I was so f*cking nervous. Being nervous seemed to be my favorite state before ws (f*cking matrix conditioning), but badboy made relax quick. After the seminar we went all together in-field. We walked through the streets of Munich to go out and meet women some girls. Badboy pushed me into a two-set , which were obviously older than me. I opened them with "Hair-color opener" and they seemed to like it - they liked me of course, I could have asked them if david bowie is hot and they would enjoy it! ;) After some minutes of bullshitting I created enough attraction, so they started to ask me tons of questions about myself. My answers were very long and very emotional because I wanted to get good rapport. I had a really nice conversation but wanted to leave so I could approach another set, so I took the email of the younger girl.
Badboy immediately pushed me into the next set with an I like you opener. Most girls like that opener, but she didn't. After the opener I went to rapport, but she always talked with her stupid friend in her native language. At this point I didn't knew how to handle girls like this so after 15 minutes or so I ejected. On the way to the club I approached an italian school class and bb tried to cockblock but I got their attention back quickly. They were very happy to talk with me but unfortunately all the other guys + the instructors didn't want to wait for me so I ejected and went on. This night we went into a club called Soul City, known for his homosexual customers. Badboy pushed me again into some sets. Every set was really good. The first was an three-set. I managed to get a number after 10 minutes. The second was a sitting 5 set at the bar. I opened the whole group but concentrated on the hottest girl of the group. She was really resistent, but I could isolate her to the dancefloor and took her number. I even kiss closed her. Ok - Badboy helped me a little bit. He took her arms and layed them on my shoulders and pointed to her that she should kiss me.(Badboy is always around students)
Another girl was sitting alone at the bar. I approached her with an opinion opener and after that I went to rapport. After some minutes of talk I took her to dancefloor danced with her and ordered her to give me her number, but she didn't want to give it to me. I couldn't understand why, because I had attraction and some really nice rapport. I asked BB what was the problem and he said to me that some girls don't want to give their numbers because they just want to f*ck that night. This was soo true, because the two friends of my girl left the HOT girl with me alone! Then the next set BB pushed me was a cute 2 set. I managed to get attraction real fast, because they asked if I want to go with them into another room, but I ejected because another chick who I approached earlier bumped into me. After some talk with her I went to BB and we left the club.

All in all I can say that this day was satisfying. I got what I wanted.

Day 2: Rapport
Very interesting day, but I forgot almost anything about this day. Some things that pop up in my mind are:
-We met up again in the café where BB pushed us all into sets. I approached a 3 set. This was one of the most f*cked up sets because the girls were 12 years old and one of the students gave me a condom during this set. I never mentioned to BB that I like younger girls so I didn't knew why he sent me there! ;)
-some Australian girls which approached and Magnum cockblocked me. They were so into me till he came and he told them that I am doing a seduction workshop and just want to f*ck them. This threw me totally off my balance. I had a total black out. I left the set and Mag asked me what happened because I look like I wanted to start crying every moment(Instructors do this, so you learn how to handle cockblocks).
-One girl I approached with "I like you" opener. She told me she already had a boyfriend which I replied with: "But I don't want to be your bf I just want to get to know you! She said OK, and told me some stuff about her. I told this story to BB and he replied: "Can you see now how stupid the Matrix is?" Absolutely. I love BB.
-I befriended another italian school class. This was my f*cking biggest set with almost 20 people. I just took my excellent bullshitting skills and talked funny stupid stuff to them and they were laughing their asses off. After 30 minutes of talking I ejected beacause I had to piss but they didn't let me leave them without taking all of their emails.
-a two-set which I approached with "Who lies more?" said to me: "You should stop taking drugs, it makes you stupid." LOL
-I approached one cutie at the train station with I like you, but she walked away. I persisted and talked to her while walking backwards till I got attraction from her. She then went into rapport and she asked why I approached her. I told her that when I saw her I just knew that she is THE ONLY ONE. She said she has to leave me now, beacause her train to Vienna will now, and If I really love her I should go with her, because she saw a guy doing this in a movie. I told her that I will give her one of my rings as a sign of proof that she is the one for me. I told her that this ring is a special gift from my grandpa, who died 5 years ago and she ate it up, but left me with her friend, because the train left the station.
-later at the club I winged with one of the students, and he opened girls with: I like you and I want to f*ck you. You should have seen the girls reactions, hilarious!

This day I was satisifed with the sets I did but I still felt this f*cking excuser in my head when I was in club without the instructors.

Day 3: Lifestyle, Day2 comments etc.
This day is one of the best of my life. Read on why.
Badboy asked us if we had some sticking points. I had some problems with bitch shields but this sticking point was removed in seconds.
Of course I have to mention his amazing "Carpe Diem" speech. It was really moving. After this speech something made click in my head, it was unbelievable.
During the seminar BB sent me out to talk with two cuties sitting at a table. I approached them with "Who lies more" and it went real good. I talked with them for 45 minutes and had some really good rapport. The one girl worked for the biggest TV station in Germany and the other for the biggest teenie magazine in Germany. They even wanted to invite me to eat something in some upperclass restaurants and then to some upper class club. I was sorry because I couldn't so I took some pictures of them and I took both numbers. Nice.
After something to eat we went out to a club called 4004. F*cking great club. If you go to munich. Go there. Hundreds of hotties, a lot of different music styles, simply fantastic.
BB and Magnum pushed me tonight in some great sets, because I said that I want to approach hotter girls. The first set of the night was the at the same time my last set. Read on why.
I approached this cutie who was promoting for L+M with my super line: "Hi, sell me something!" She was so happy, and asked me if I smoke. I denied. She said she has to leave me then but I persisted and didn't let her go till the bouncers came and asked if I wanted to leave to club now. I denied.
After that I searched for the other guys and BB let me do the 'Boss'-Opener. F*cking awesome, I tell you. I love it. (That is best opener on the workshop).
I approached another girl from the back, opened direct, took her hand, lead her to sit somewhere, did 5 minutes of rapport, NC. Too f*cking easy. (now I know how to lead them).
Then Mag pushed me into a 2 set. I opened indirect and isolated after their answers the hotter girl to dancefloor, took her number, ejected. Too f*cking easy.
Then I approached another 2 set, got attraction, went into rapport. Then their 4 other male friends came. Of course, they cockblocked me. They even shouted at me that I should leave them alone. I just laughed at them, because I knew that they are only Zombies, hehe.
Another girl I approached direct told me that she left her boyfriend yesterday and that she didn't want to start a new relationship now. I said to ther that this is ok, because I also broke up with my gf yesterday, my dog died and today I have my period. She laughed her asses off so I took the opportunity and lead her through the club, from one dancefloor through another. On the dancefloor she rubbed my dick with her hands. This girls was a 32 year old teacher lol! She even tought me some bavarian slang like: Wou gibs do a bia?( Where can I get a beer?) which I immediately asked some bartenders. They thought I was fooling them and were really pissed of, lol. I ejected then because I wanted to approach more.
Magnum pushed me again to my l+m girl who I reopened with: I started smoking now, now sell me something! I sensed that she has good humour so I pushed my humor to the limit and she loved it. I told her that I will find customers for her, but in reward I want that she leaves me alone, because I feel this strange stalker vibe from her. Of course she didn't left me alone. Then I told her that if she wants to follow me she has to walk 3 meters behind me. She really did it, but one time she came closer to me and I said: 'Listen to me, cutie. I have rules in my life. You can break them only 3 times. The first time, last time and never again. So be careful and please stay 3 meters away! First she was shocked but then cracked up. After some time with her I told her that we meet again if she finished her work and I left her and searched for bb and mag. They pushed me immediately into a 2 set which was sitting at the bar but dancing at the same time. So I joined them, sat down on a chair and started dancing with them. After some minutes bb and mag came and told that they will leave me now. I don't need them any more, they told me. I didn't want that we end up this way so I invited them to smoke some cigars with me in the lounge, because I wanted to enjoy this great moment with them. We talked about the game and what we want in life. BB then said to me as he pointed at 2 cute girls: Look at them. They pay hundreds of dollars every week for clothes and invest so many hours reading magazines with beauty tips to look exactly like that.Who is the prize then? Then they go clubbing with their friends and are totally bored because they have nothing interesting to talk about because they talk every f*cking day with each other. They have no fun, without us. THEY NEED US. We have to provide them with fun. Go! Show them some fun!
After I opened the girls and talked some words BB and Mag said goodbye to me, but my night wasn't over. I bullshitted with them and engaged a couple which was sitting next us also in the conversation. After some good laughs they asked me some rapport questions like what I am doing in Munich etc. I told them that I did an workshop for seduction and explained them the whole Matrix analogy. It was really funny to watch their different reactions and to hear their total brainwashed opinions. HAHA.
I left them and saw immediately a f*cking beatiful 10, looking like the younger sister of Heidi Klum which I opened with: You are so f*cking beautiful I will get to know you. She introduced herself and rapported me. She did all the work. :) After some minutes her boyfriend came to us, but he didn't had the balls to interrupt me, he just stood some meters away and watched us. I told her then that she should give me her cellphone, so I can call myself to save her number. She smiled and gave it to me. I left her and searched for Antonios who I found lying in total alpha body language and chilling. I joined him and we exchanged some experiences. Then I told him I have to look for my l+m girl now, her work was over. She told me that she wants to get drunk now and that my hotel would be perfect for that. How could I say no?

These are just some cut outs. I tell you guys i will remember this day, for lifetime...

The next day was one of the most happiest days in my life. I woke up and felt so f*cking calm and happy like never before in my entire life. I just wanted to hug the hole world. I had still some hours till my train would pick me up so I decided to walk through Munich. Do you know, the way how Franz Beckenbauer walked over the lawn after winning the world cup in 1990? Then you have a picture of myself walking through Munich, walking through my world, where everything is possible. So many pictures, impressions and feelings ran through my head and at the end of the day I said to myself...what a f*cking wonderful world...

How do I feel about the ws NOW?
Yes it is absoluetly worth the money. You will learn everything you need and you will have a great experience. But don't expect to be the ultimate player after ws. It is still a lot of work to do for some guys.
Did I get what I wanted from workshop?
Yes, because after the workshop you will know everything you need to know about seduction without conciously thinking about it anymore.

I want to thank all of the students for taking this workshops with me, especially Antonios, because I have found a very good friend in him. We will rock Athens together, bro!

Special thanks go to Badboy and Magnum. I want to thank you because you believed in me and especially because you showed me that I CAN BE already the person I ever wanted to be. I just need to kill this f*cking excuzer and everything will be fine."

- Ralph Schenck ( 31yo salesman from Tirol, Österreich)


"My name is Antonios and I took Badboy’s workshop last week. Finland is cold as hell so I decided to fly to Munich to be with Badboy and the rest of his crew.
Here’s a few facts about me before I go into my workshop experience. I have been with my girlfriend now for one year and we’re really really happy.

Before the workshop:
I joined the community exactly 1 year ago. My confidence level with chiks was pretty low at the begginning but it got better with my gf. I started with David DeAngelo’s cocky and funny but had no success at all. Then I joined Badboy forum in november, ordered the Cortez’s cd in December and started listening to it A LOT. This january I told myself that I would improve my game in the streets. I did this by making my very first street approaches using Badboy’s direct style.
Day 1:
I met Badboy and Magnum in an awesome coffee shop. Badboy was a very cool and trustworty guy. Did I forget to mention that he’s funny as hell? He was a down-to-earth guy who looked like a rockstar with his attitude. Badboy assured to me that my sticking points(areas in need of work) would be fixed. Magnum was also very cool. His dressing style made him look like what a player should look like.

It was nerveracking walking out of the seminar room into the street. I knew we’d be pushed into set and was trying to prepare myself mentally. Badboy taught us how to look relaxed through the use of body language. We found some outdoor restaurant tables were immediately ordered to approach women

Badboy gave us some crazy missions like talking to chics on who were already talking on their cell phones. Our opener was stealing the phone and hanging it up. I didnt manage to grab the chik's phone but still managed to chat with her for five minutes while she was still on the phone. Eventually the girl’s boyfriend came back. At this point Magnum came over and took a picture of all three of us. The funny part was that the pic only had her and I in it! At a club I used the opener, "Hi! I'd like to f**k you if you pay me." The line worked to get the girls smiling but I figured they left because of my bad bodylanguage.
Day 2
I saw BB in a coffee shop and he immediately ordered me to approach. After this we all returned to the seminar room where Badboy taught us about rapport. This day was all about street sarging in malls and coffee shops. Some sets went fine and some sets weren’t but the point is that I was having a great time. I gained the confidence that gave off the, “I don’t give a f**k what you think of me” image. I did some crazy sets like going to a 5set where there was 2 mothers and 3 girls. I have a thing for hot moms so Badboy had me approach a few 40 year old moms. These sets didn’t go so well but I still had a ton of fun. Badboy was teaching us how to have fun with approaching.

Day 3
"I like you and I want to F**K you.” This was my opener and surprisingly it got chicks laughing and being naughty. I can’t believe this shit works so well!
I was told to open this chick with the line, “You are mine!” She told me to f**k off so I left. Badboy ordered me to open her again and this time she started yelling and everyone around her was looking at us. I left again and Badboy made me reopen. This was good training to help me take rejection. I’m glad Badboy made me open her so many times.
That day I did very smooth approaches in the coffee shop. I got 2 phone numbers in a row from 2 different sets. I opened them by slamming a chair down on the floor to get the attention of every chick around. Then I’d point to a chick and say, “You are the chosen one!” I felt my anxiety from the previous day melting away.

We went to this huge club and on the stage was a beautiful naked model. The only thing she had covering her was a few strings. I approached her by turning her around and saying, “I like you and I want to get to know you.” She smiled and was shocked. I ended up with a good photo of her and I(her being naked).
The workshop was crazy fun and I reccomend it to everyone.

Thanks, Badboy!"

- Antonios Nikulainen ( 19yo economy student from Finland)


" My background is the usual AFC horror story. I was Mr Nice Guy at university and girls could see me coming a mile away. Result: 15 years of marriage and a slow road to spiritual suicide (despite her being a great woman). I knew something wasn't right from the start. I felt like a man and wanted to be a man but I was totally a victim of social programming and had been turned into a eunuch. It took me 15 years to grow my balls back and leave. That was
6 years ago - however, I had much to learn and no one around to teach me. I was completely clueless. Girls around me were into me when I was just being natural but as soon as I wanted to make a move it was back into Mr Nice Guy and instant turn-off for them. After another LTR that lasted 2 years I discovered speed dating. I thought there must be a way to systematically improve my seduction skills so I went out to get as much experience as possible. I went on about 300 speed dates over a year and tried to learn everything I could about dating. I even maintained a database on who was who, who I was seeing when, what I did right, what I did wrong and so on.
This was good and my skills improved significantly to the point where there was no shortage of women but very few if any of them turned me on. This makes sense right? If you are a HB 8+, chances are you don't need to go speed dating to find a date! I wanted to be able to get the hot girls that I could see all around me in this country. I even started experimenting with direct approach before I even knew such a thing existed (with good results but I didn't persist - social programming is a tough thing to crack - I felt too awkward doing it) . Then I came across an article on The Game and had to get hold of a copy. Next thing I know, I discover the community and my eyes lit up. There are guys out there doing this?
As soon as I found out about the Badboy workshops, I knew they were for me.
It wasn't a question of indirect versus direct - they just had a natural appeal. It sounded like so much fun that even if you didn't get the girl, you would still end up having a blast. So I signed up for the earliest one I could make, and before I knew it, the time had flown by and I was on my way to Amsterdam for the sole purpose of taking this workshop. Yes I was scared - reading about something doesn't prepare you for the reality - but I since learned from Badboy that it wasn't fear - it was adrenalin. He was right.

Day 1

We meet Badboy in a cafe. Within seconds we are high-fiving each other and laughing because he checks that we are here for the 'Stand Up Comedy'
workshop - this is our code to refer to the workshop to ensure no infiltration by agents from the Matrix. The point is that Badboy instantly puts you at ease. Indeed, the tone throughout the workshop is not one of instructor and students but of a close friend who is doing his best to help you out. You can't help but come away with this feeling that he is on your side and he wants you to succeed.

>From the cafe we move to a spacious workshop room which is part of the
university. This is good because we are going to do a lot of crazy things here. First off, each of the participants introduces himself, tells us briefly about his experience and what his sticking points are. We are a varied bunch, ranging in age from 19 to 42 and coming from 5 different continents. Badboy listens to each of us and gives us assurance that these problems are going to be fixed. Then we get stuck in.
We start off with some theory - why men and women are the way they are and why things are f**ked up to prevent them from getting together. But this was not dry lecturing. It was humorous, interesting (often a complete
revelation) and as we were to discover over the coming days, everything he says about men and women has practical and specific application.
Next comes some practical exercises. We start doing some word association games and then move on to role playing sarge situations. In many ways, this class begins to resemble more and more a class on improvisational acting.
It's all about energy and being creative on the fly and it's something that all of us can do. All of the exercises are filled with insights you never would have had just from reading about them. I'm not going to go into details but to give a tiny example; BB had one participant sit with alpha posture and then made the tiniest adjustment. Instantly, the guy went from cool, laid back and powerful to tense and unapproachable. This just demonstrated graphically the power of body language.
The sarge was broken down into a series of simple steps - and then BB would drill each one of us until we got it right. Making a mistake often meant doing 5 press ups. But the whole atmosphere was light-hearted and one of fun. No one had undue pressure brought to bear upon him or was made to feel inadequate. In fact, some guys, as soon as they realized they'd made a mistake, would automatically start doing press ups themselves!

Cafe & Clubs:
Finally, after 4 hours of class study, it's time to hit the streets. BB asks for 2 volunteers and he gets them. He tells them to go into the cafe and open a couple of sets before we meet up again for the night sarging. I laugh at the poor saps who volunteered which results in BB automatically 'volunteering' me as well. Me and my big mouth. The rest of the group breakup and go their own way for the evening. The 4 of us (we got another
volunteer) are nervous and are talking about the right opener to use, which is just bullshit. Eventually, I pull the trigger with a lame opener which ends up causing the girls to laugh, but 'boom', my first set (3 girls) is open. Didn't go anywhere as at this stage I was just dealing with approach anxiety. Grateful that I wasn't immediately blown out and flushed with this 'mini-success', I hold it for a few minutes before ejecting.
We meet up a few hours later ready to begin the night session. BB immediately starts sending each of us into sets, but giving us specific openers to use. No time to think, no time to get nervous - just go in and do. I approach 2 HBs (7 and 8) and have to pull up a chair, inserting myself in between them (yes, we've even rehearsed pulling up the chair in the classroom and you know what - it pays off!). The cool thing is that BB takes into account where we are and doesn't push us too hard too early, which is just going to cause us to dig in our heels. The openers are natural e.g.
'I'm new to Amsterdam. Can you tell me some good clubs to go to around here.' and approach anxiety is less of an issue. Anyway, at this stage the mission is to hold the set for a few minutes before ejecting. No pressure, mission completed and I walk away with a smile on my face, thinking 'I can do this!'
Next, the group moves to De Kroon. Large bar with tables and chairs - and immediately BB is sending us in. I get pushed into this one set on the phone sitting at a table alone. I tell her to hang up because I think she's interesting and I want to get to know her. She tells me to hold on a second while she finishes her conversation. In the meantime, her HUUUGE boyfriend comes and sits down opposite her. I mumble something pathetic about a case of mistaken identity and eject gracefully, then BB and I are high-fiving, laughing our heads off. Next: - jealous girlfriend opener on a 2 set (7 and an Asian HB8) who are sitting down in armchairs. I plonk myself down on the arm of the Asian babe's chair and am away. Hold the set for 30 minutes before ejecting. Confidence is building. Next: BB spots a pair of Indonesian girls in the corner at a table and gives me my opener. 'You girls are beautiful.' OK - this is tougher but in I go. I open HB7 and she immediately wants to shake my hand. I take it - I notice she has a camera and offer to take pictures (this is something BB teaches you to do - make use of the
environment) and as soon as I've done that I ask HB7 to take a picture of myself and HB8 and then the next thing I know is I am sitting down sandwiched between these two hot babes who can't be older than 18 and I have my arms around each of them. (I have never done anything like this before in my life! And I like it!) All is not smooth however - HB8 is starting to get pissed off and cockblocking me. I am losing HB7 and it is time to eject.
This is where you realize the value of a wingman.
We move to Paradiso, a club. The clientele are younger and the vibe grungier but you have to go where the honey is. Once again, BB is pushing us into sets. This is harder as the music is very loud and you have to shout to make yourself heard. Body language becomes even more vital in these circumstances. Memorable sets: BB opens by grabbing the hand of a passing
HB7 and putting it in mine. I am away. After holding the set for a while I find out that she has a BF. Automatically I start BF destroyers - 'You can't really be in love.' Blah blah blah but I'm still meeting resistance. Finally I ask for her number but she says she can't. What's funny is that I then took her by the arm and told her to go and look for her BF who is some where in the club but she won't leave my side! She's hanging round and doesn't want to leave me. It's like BB says: they are all sluts. Another set: 'Hey didn't I tread on your foot earlier? Let me make it up to you. Let's get a drink.' Then I'm taking HB7 by the hand up the stairs and she's following.
Moving the set around/target isolation is in progress but it gets f**ked because she tells me there's no bar upstairs and I take her to the real bar instead where I lose it in the crowd. (Duh! We can only learn from our
mistakes.) Another set: I stop this 17 year old HB9 with 'I think you're beautiful.' She's open and you can see in her eyes that she's waiting to be swept off her feet. I'm just shocked that I'm talking to a girl so beautiful and so young and she's not blowing me off. After a minute I can't take it and I eject. Then I realize - the limitations are not outside - they are within. I have to give myself permission. I have to override my Matrix programming but it's hard to defeat an enemy inside your own head.
The evening ends but I can't sleep. I spend the night thinking up openers, excited about the possibilities ahead. Everything has changed.

Day 2

Yesterday we learned about attraction. Today we learned about rapport and what BB means by wide and deep rapport. This is something that's been commented on before so I won't repeat it. Suffice to say attraction alone will get you a phone number but without rapport, that number will likely become a flake. Ultimately, rapport comes down to telling stories. So many times in a sarge, I've come undone because I don't know what to say anymore.
Then it degenerates into asking the girl questions to fill the silence.
Apart from turning seduction into interrogation, it's effectively putting the responsibility of the seduction on the girl's shoulders. You started this, so finish it! That means talking, that means telling stories, that means making girls feel. Making them feel means they get emotional and when they get emotional, you've got them.
So much of sarging is common sense and thinking out of the box. The students would come up with lots of 'what ifs' to f**k up the situation and BB would come up with a solution - not because he has memorized them all but because he has learned to make use of the environment and find the way out - something that is learnable. In fact, we even had exercises where we had to make use of props that happened to be lying around and weave them into the seduction. Wallets, chairs, dustbins - even a piano. Everybody had a go and the result was hilarious.What I noticed is that approaching and opening is becoming more and more natural to me. Even when on my own on the tram to and from my hotel I would do it. Girl on iPod. 'What are you listening to?
Prodigy? I looove the Prodigy. Their best album is blah blah blah.' The chick ends up kinoing me! I am starting to think strategically. Girl with wedding band on the other side of the tram. She's giving me what I think is a condemning look. (It's all in your head!) F**k it - I decide to open her.
Give my seat up to the nice old lady, puts me closer to target. 'Do you guys wear your wedding rings on your right hand in this country?' Set is open and I am away. This chick is married and she's flirting with me!

Cafe & Clubs:
Showtime - I'm sent into a 3 set by BB with the opener 'You girls are beautiful and I am going to get to know you'. So I did. Blonde HB8 was shocked at my straightforwardness (and also started fluttering her eyelashes). Set is open and bullshit is flowing effortlessly from my mouth.
All the classroom exercises are paying off. Hold the set for 15 minutes then time to eject. BB asks did I get a number. I said no so I get sent back into the set. Blonde HB8 has a BF and won't give me her number (but I can tell she is just loving the interaction). I go back to BB. 'Did you get the number?' No and then I give my excuses. BB insists that I go back again and get the number. This sounds insane to me but I go back and ask brunette
HB7.5 (who was the one I was really interested in the first place) for her number. The girls are killing themselves laughing and so am I. I am also having a great time. And ... I walk away with the girl's number! I'm now starting to get a glimpse of what is possible. The sets continued throughout the evening. This time I am holding the sets for much longer. BB and Stripped, the guest instructor, are always watching and giving feedback.
E.g. one blonde HB8/21 I was gaming who also happened to have a brain I managed to talk to for 45 minutes. Although I had excellent rapport I couldn't get a number close. Stripped told me afterwards that my body language was so terrible it's amazing I wasn't blown out. (I was leaning in to make myself heard because of the noise.) Use the environment. Make them lean into you. Move the set around. This now made perfect sense. As a result I hadn't created attraction and why kino wasn't easy - I had put myself into the friend zone. Last set was HB8/24 identical twins! Stripped winged the other twin for me. Had attraction, rapport, lots of kino and held the set for close to an hour, talking about love, sex, relationships blah blah blah.
She said she found me interesting but no number close. Clearly I didn't have sufficient trust - should have moved the set around to build this as well as get the energy up.

Day 3

We continued our role-playing drills, revising what we have already learned and now focusing on polishing the edges. These exercises are just incredibly helpful - it allows you to get the basics right in a low pressure environment, but it also means that they become hard-wired into your brain and you can go into the routine without thinking about them in a real sarging situation.

BB and Stripped would pay attention to any of your weaknesses that stood out and work at it till you got it right. Example - one guy was having a problem in projecting an alpha voice - one that was coming from deeper within as opposed to his throat. This guy was then worked on repeatedly with adjustments being made until he got it right.
Today we got the lowdown on the BB lifestyle. How to handle phone game, how to go on a date, what kind of dates, what women are looking for on and so on. The highlight was BB's famous carpe diem speech. A moving experience.

Cafe & Clubs:
Not such a good evening for me. Maybe my energy wasn't right (or maybe I needed to have the excuser kicked out of me). Got blown out of innumerable sets and wasn't having the success I'd had on the previous nights. I was getting more and more dejected and feeling shitty about myself. What's interesting is that BB was supportive (no bollocking or accusations of being an excuser). Instead I got told that the chicks had bad attitude around the places we sarged or that everyone has an off day. Then he sent me into another set. I just couldn't do it anymore - and then I thought f**k it - I'm here to work on this so I'm going to work on this. I went back in and sarged the 2-set. HB7 was not having it but I persisted and soon she was starting to thaw out. Ejected after a few minutes as this was still too much hard work. But something had changed this time. I didn't feel so bad. In fact, I now realized that getting negative reactions are part and parcel of the game. Also, I had come to realize that you can never really be blown out. Only you can decide when to eject. The power is with you, not with them. Most importantly, I had managed to get beyond the point of caring anymore. So I carried on sarging. There was a 4-set of American girls, with one of them giving me shit tests from hell. 'Is this a pick up?' 'How old are you? You must be 30!' (Big smile on this one.) One of them is even virtually pushing me off the couch but I'm hanging in there. The last one was memorable. I was sitting on the arm of HB7's chair while she's on the phone, continuing to game her regardless. She tells me she has a BF (that's who she's talking to on the phone) but is just LOVING the attention.
Eventually BF pitches up with a look of shock on his face while his girlfriend is just beaming. I just laugh my head off and then it's time to eject.

Day 4 (Additional workshop day)

Street sarging!:
We meet up in a cafe ready to start the day's activities. Sarging is starting to become addictive now and I open up a 3 set spontaneously on the table next to us - 1 HB8.5/20 and 2 guys, all on laptops working on some project or other. Approach, open, build rapport. All of it natural, no lines, no canned material. All spontaneous and I am dominating the set.
Didn't know how quite to get the number from the hottie (turned out she was a Russian - I looove East European girls). BB tells me afterward that I should have swung her laptop round, opened up Word or something and typed 'You're beautiful. I want to meet you later. What's your number?', all while I continue talking to the guys. It creates an 'our secret' type of scenario.
Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? Aarghh! Use the environment! We've trained for this! Next time.
Anyway, now we really hit the streets. I think it's Kalver Straat, a narrow (and busy) pedestrian walkway near Dam Square. BB outlines how to do a street sarge. Most important is the body language you use when stopping the girl. As I was to find out, this is critical and makes ALL the difference.
Before BB corrected me, maybe about 30% of girls stopped on my approach.
After the correction, all my sets stopped without fail.
In many ways, street sarging was the hairiest of my experiences to date and the one I felt most trepidation about. In a club at least girls are expecting to be picked up. Day time is a different ball game altogether - but I think in the end I actually prefer it as there is absolutely no competition and the sheer directness of your approach always makes a huge impact if you do it right. BB gives us the 'I'm looking for a present for my
13 year old niece' opener and starts sending us in with interesting, surprising and hilarious results. One girl stopped by Shadow is with her parents though he doesn't notice this at first - and the parents then actually start pushing the girl on him, saying she hasn't got a boyfriend!
The passage way is narrow and we are spaced along its length so that we even manage to sarge the same girl twice - these chicks are all wondering who the hell are all these guys looking for presents for their nieces! I get some blow outs but I also stop a girl, read her palm in the middle of the street and end up getting her details. Success! The whole experience was a lot of fun. At some stage I asked a girl 'Can I ask you...' to which she immediately said 'No.' Too late, I immediately remembered BB's dictum:
'NEVER ask a girl for anything. The answer is always NO!' Unfortunately BB heard me do this and it was time to do 5 press ups in the middle of the street. Making a mistake has never been so much fun!
We move to Dam Square and now we really have space. In fact, BB would send me literally running to stop girls which also had the effect of pumping up my energy. Now, combined with the body language corrections I could stop all sets without fail. BB sends me in to stop a 2-set of 14 year old girls. Open and immediately get kino with palm reading but didn't know what to do after that as these girls are YOUNG. Advice from Stripped and I am sent back in there, stopping another set of hot 14 year old girls. Open, attraction, kino. HB9/14's eyes are mesmerized by all of this as I'm palm reading and telling her about her future husband blah blah blah - I tried (Try? Do or do not. There is no try.) going for the instant date as they were going shopping. 'Do you mind if I join you' - they hesitated but said no. I didn't push it. More advice from Stripped - I should have invited them along to help me out with buying a present instead - it's less threatening. Makes perfect sense. There is so much to learn and one workshop is not enough.
It's time to end proceedings. We walk off to a cafe across the square but BB sends me in for one more set. Lone wolf HB7.5/17 sitting on steps in the Square. I approach but this time I am feeling so confident that I play it for maximum effect. 'You look interesting. I want to get to know you. Tell me about yourself.' Held the set for about 15 minutes, good rapport (making her share my experiences), good kino, palm reading (could have won an Oscar for it), number close was a walk in the park. But what felt really good about this set was that I KNEW that I had just made this girl's day.

The Aftermath

Seeing BB in action was worth it. I think the most important thing I learned on the workshop was when BB said that it's all about controlling the frame of the situation. By that I mean having complete faith and confidence in yourself and not being fazed by anything the girl says or does. Even that's not it. Maybe the best example I can think of is Don Juan de Marco. In that film, Johnny Depp's character, who is originally judged as suffering from a delusion (he thinks he's Don Juan), has such a strong frame that eventually even his psychiatrist is sucked into it. And here's the bizarre part. By having such a strong frame, you actually make your belief a reality. Sounds crazy and unbelievable - but it's true. Actually, I still haven't described it correctly. Watching BB, you can see how having the right frame can also put the girl into a trance. Reading about it is one thing. Seeing it for yourself is another.

Just an example of how powerful this stuff is. I'm sitting on a bench the day after the workshop enjoying some time in Amsterdam to myself. While I'm there I think to myself - might as well practise some alpha body language.
So I'm virtually sprawled over this bench, in the meantime talking to the guy on the bench next to me. (I talk to anyone and everyone now. In lines, on the tram, in cafes, wherever. It keeps approach anxiety at bay, I use a gazillion different natural openers for each situation and I get to practise my story-telling skills.) The next thing I know is, this HB7.5/24 sits down next to me. 5 minutes later she's sharing her joint with me. 25 minutes later she has to go but not before giving me her card. I didn't even ask for it!

Criticisms? I don't really have any. BB clearly has a product that has been honed and refined through experience. I could have wished to be pushed into more sets (I did about 45 over the entire workshop) but then I realized that the rate limiting step in this was not Badboy but me. The other criticism, which is not really a criticism is that 4 days is not enough. Yes, you pretty much get taught about 90% of the material that BB says is going to be covered but without the relevant experience, you can't make use of it. You therefore need to go, practise it, make some mistakes of your own and then get more light bulbs going off in your head. Aha! Now I know what BB is talking about. BB has been practising this for more years then there are days in the workshop. I would have liked to have gotten a kiss close but I realized that this is down to me and not BB and clearly I wasn't ready for it at my current level of development. The upshot? I think I will need to get at least a few more months of solid practice in before signing up for the Advanced Individualized Workshop.

Look. This is not a panacea. You can't expect to go in there an AFC and come out as Don Juan and Casanova rolled into one. What the whole BB experience has shown me is what is possible, how it's done and most importantly, how I can do it myself, all in a way that feels 100% natural. As with all workshops of any kind, however, once you've left the environment where someone else is imposing the external discipline, you risk falling back to where you were before. This was a big concern of mine. Now that BB has gone and the buzz has worn off, will what I've learned stick? The next day I was walking the streets of Amsterdam and bump into a fellow workshop attendee.
We go for a coffee before he catches a train back to Germany. And you know what? I realize I'm starting to think like a PUA. We walk in and I choose the table next to a 2-set. Halfway into my coffee I open up with a natural opener. I realize now that opening is really easy and the best cure for approach anxiety is action. A few minutes later we are both joining these two hotties at their table. A few minutes after that I'm reading the palm of the Russian HB8.5/17. Since then I've been visiting family in the States - not exactly the most conducive environment for an aspiring PUA (being with family, not being in Ameria that is). At one point though I couldn't resist and had to open the HB7.5/24 on the bench next to me in Minneapolis. Yep, works with American girls too. Have attraction, IOI's, building rapport and ... it's time to eject as my 3 kids and ex-wife are approaching! Having said that I can see that I've become rusty in these last few weeks. It'll be time to dust off the cobwebs again as soon as I'm back in South Africa.
Permanent and lasting change isn't going to come from attending workshops.
It's going to come from more of the same that got you in the workshop in the first place i.e. desire, discipline and not a small measure of balls. If this sounds like a lot of effort, it is. But it's also a lot of fun. That's where the life is.

I met a great bunch of guys (including my fellow students as well as workshop instructors), I had a great time, I had a life-altering experience.
BB is a great guy and you feel like he's been your friend since you were kids. All in all, I have to say (and I've checked this with myself to make sure I'm not exaggerating)...

This is the best money I've ever spent. On anything. Ever.

I don't know about the rest of you guys out there, but if I stopped to note down how much time I've spent thinking, talking and fantasizing about women I'm not having in my life, I'm sure it would consume almost half my waking hours. When I think about the amount of time, money and energy I've put into this, I feel sick. Even disgusted. What a waste! Not only does it sap your productivity but it ends up derailing your life. Ironically, I came on the workshop because I realized that there are other things in life besides women - therefore getting this sorted out meant that I could finally get on with the rest of my life. Which, after this workshop, is exactly what I intend to do. Carpe diem!"

- Steve Sider 42 year Manager old from South Africa


"WR: BadBoy Workshop Review March 10 – 13 th with 1 x 1
Now With Actual Action Packed Quotes From Workshop!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
EPISODE IV . . . . . A New Hope
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
After a long and harrowing journey through life, our young padawan, Vega decides it is time to finally meet the legendary BadBoy and improve his game. Here is how the story goes . . .

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

I discovered Speed Seduction in 2001 and lost interest in it. I later discovered Double Your DAting, and tried it even though I felt like I was essentially being a jerk. However I did get some numbers and day 2’s using the material. Then I learned material from Another Seduction Forum, Mystery, and Tyler Durden / Real Social Dynamics. Mystery’s stuff helped me out significantly. Very soon afterwards I discovered Cortez’s cd and Badboy’s forum and have been a believer ever since.

Meeting BadBoy and taking the workshop had become an important goal of sorts. I wanted to improve and have more options and I heard Badboy could help me out with this by talking with his other students.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Day 1
“Hands on a table!”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

+++++Very Special Workshop Guest Instructor: Dumas Pere +++++

I was pretty nervous the first day since I was in a different country. Badboy put me at ease very quickly. We met at a Starbucks where we proceeded to engage in pickup excercises. Badboy shared some of his views on life, PICKUP and introduced us to some very basic theory. We got to know each other and he asked us what we wanted out of pickup and what sticking points(areas we need help in) we had. He lectured very briefly and emphasized the importance of being a man and being alpha before going into exercises and simulations

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Day 1 Evening
“Pussy Designer!”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

During dinner Badboy made it emphatic that our problems were now his problems and not to worry. When a student made a mistake Badboy and Dumas Pere made sure the student went through the exercises to make sure they got it right. After a few hours, we soon went out to dinner, and immediately Badboy was pushing us into sets in the restaurant!

The first thing Badboy did was to have me approach a 2 seated girls. I stayed in set with them for the longest time so long in fact that one of the waiters asked Badboy to ask me to leave them so girls could eat. He replied “No. Those girls like to get laid. Trust me.” It threw the waiter off for a while and soon I asked me to rejoin the group. I number closed one of the girls.

We went to Leicester’s Square after this. Badboy and Dumas had us approaching girls in the station and on the subway car itself.
We then went to McDonald’s which was really fun. We engaged groups already seated and it was amazing how well some of the guys were doing. I know some of them were amazed at their own progress. Through out the whole evening in the middle of sets we were given the silliest topics to talk about. He would even send us to cause interference(cockblock) in each other’s sets. Cockblocks don’t exist. That was a surprising lesson I learned today. Because if a girl is into you enough anything anyone says to deter them doesn’t click with them.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Day 2
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This day we did more exercises but this time specifically to build rapport. I loved doing the exercises and simulations during the workshop because it allowed me to think outside the box and be as creative. For one simulation I was playing a female some guy was supposed to game and I was so good at being bitchy. Badboy had me bitch out the students during the simulations. We also worked on developing good tonality which is crucial.

Badboy pointed out that that the ONLY difference between him and us was in our heads.

Evening / In-Field
“My boss wants to talk to you.”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

+++++ And Special Guest Instructor Appearance By . . . Jolly PUA ! +++++

We ate at Tiger Tiger (great place to go eat and go clubbing if you’re ever in London).

We did plenty of approaches on the subway before we arrived. One memorable set I ran, was a couple. In fact I didn’t even know it was a couple. She was smiling and biting her lip as I kept talking to her. Eventually she had to leave with her boyfriend.

The first set I did went fucking awesome! The girl even saw Badboy making hand signals to me. He was sticking his tongue out at her and making kid faces but she didn’t care. The only thing was I didn’t know how to kiss close her and make it look congruent. After I ejected, Badboy stated to me what was obvious “The girl was so into you. You were SO close to a kiss close. Don’t worry. We teach kiss closes on next day of workshop.”

Another set I did well was with this beautiful older blonde British woman. I eventually kiss closed her before she left. She was hesistant for a number close but she did give me her e-mail. This confirmed that I was having trouble building rapport. By the end of the evening I figured this out. The other guys were doing well. I was especially proud of them.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Day 3
“Every day is gift.”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Once again Badboy asked us about our sticking points.

By this day I was starting to feel different. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was the first day. And I certainly wasn’t feeling the way I used to. My outlook on life was starting to change. Finally we went over dressing styles and Badboy talked about lifestyle. Lifestyle includes things not pick up related that we could do to improve life in general. Girls want a real man but often times settle for second or third best. I understand now that it was part of Badboy’s intentions to help us to have live more fulfilling lives. This would in turn fulfill the lives of girls who dream having a guy like us.

Day 3 Evening
“This guy is on a workshop to seduce women . . . don’t trust him.”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

During the evening hours I elected to open people in the street with Badboy. He showed us how to effectively stop girls. Of course he pointed to us to do seated sets and he even had me chase one girl down
We had soooo much fun. I think this was also the day that one workshop student approached a seated set of strippers who kept telling him to fuck off. I mean every other sentence out of their mouth sounded like this . . . ahem “Fuck off! No really . . . FUCK OFF loser!” Of course the security guards at Mickey D’s didn’t care. He kept plowing through and then after they left they came back and kept telling him to fuck off! Hahahaha!

One very notable set this evening was run by a guy who got a girl to actually hang up her cell phone. His opener? “Hang up.” In seconds he received indication of interest’s and was doing great.

Another competitor’s student was there and asked us “So is the workshop worth it? Is it good?” At that moment our cell phone interrupting friend was walking out the door leading his target and we pointed to him to answer the question posed by another competitor’s student.
(Note: For all you McDonald’s employees reading this! McDonald’s is a great place to do game!)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Day 4
One on One with Badboy and Crew
“Warning: Professional Pick Up Artists Operate in and around the premises . . . .”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Jolly PUA and I were working together for a good deal of the day. I love this guy because he’s got great energy. Now there’s this one great set I ran today at this big department store. I approached this girl and right off the bat it went well. I did kino(light touching) and built rapport. She kino’d me. It was going well and I e-mailed closed her. We have plans to meet in New York soon! Soon we met up again at Starbucks and I did a couple more sets before the workshop officially ended.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“Squeeze the shit out of Carpe Diem”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

This weekend was AMAZING. Guys were doing fantastic. Mind you we all came in with various levels of game. Some great, some simply still waiting to “spread their wings”.

BadBoy, Dumas Pere, and Jolly PUA were very friendly and I developed good rapport with all of them. At times it didn’t even feel like BadBoy was an instructor. It was more like he was an older brother who was giving us pointers at picking up women.

I guarantee you that you will LOVE this workshop. Take BadBoy Workshop as soon as possible! There is nothing else like it on the market! You owe it to yourself, those whose lives you will touch in your life and the women you will meet in your lifetime, to take this workshop.

My friends, the game is too easy.


- Anthonio, de Witt, 25yo Audio Engineer New york


"This workshop weekend was the best time i had in years. i spent 4 days doing something so intense and different with the same group of people that i cannot compare it to any other experience i've had before.


Right from the start when we arrived at the house of badboy's good friend, we all sat in the lounge and discussed our own personal desires and sticking points, and then began various exercises dealing with opening our minds to spontaneous thought and storytelling. this was funny and immediately brought us comfortably together as a group. bb continued to reinforce his beliefs on the society matrix and why beautiful women are often so bored or bitchy, which makes sense when you think how many thousands of times they have been approached by pathetic men or taken to the same places.

The next stage involved table approaches where magnum & cortez gave oscar-worthy performances as the bitches sat down, and we each individually made our move to get them. of course, they made this super difficult in order that we could train at the hardest level, eventually making normal situations in bars so much easier. the great thing about these kind of exercises is that everyone is watching you do what you do, all the students and the three trainers, so you get extremely precise feedback. where else in the world does this happen, where you can finally find out what you have been doing most times you are out is either looking good or sounding terrible? so they fix your approach and you walk up to the table again, and again until you do it right. i picked up various ideas for conversation openers and bb clearly demonstrated how to deliver this confidently by the speed at which you walk, the way you use your hands, your interaction with the chairs and tables around you, when to speak, not forgetting to smile.

Soon enough many hours had passed and we left to go and eat dinner in the shopping mall near the subway station. and as soon as we sat down, bb sent us individually to open sets of girls at the tables around us. this is the method that he used throughout the rest of the workshop, which makes you realize that there is no time to just sit back and wait for opportunity in this life, you must live for this moment and make real what you have learnt - Carpe diem. i realized how my mind told me that this was too much to interrupt 2 girls in the middle of a conversation at a table, but with the structure/practice/personal correction from the worshop earlier that day i found myself chatting to those girls for at least ten minutes. the main points i learnt were that you should approach from a place of happiness and without fear, and they will really connect to that, so what you say after the initial open is not as important as HOW you say it and the real feeling you have at that moment.

After eating we headed into Leicester Square and bb sent us into sets. my first was two blondes average looking but still a challenge, so i immediately took conident control of the area and asked their opinions. they smiled and we continued to chat as i grabbed a chair and moved in. 5 minutes into the conversations i noticed bb taking photos of his student's first approach, and he even came and sat behind us because it doesn't matter what he does, he feels relaxed and just does it his way, which is what you really come away with from this workshop. the rest of the night involved more sets with magnum and cortez giving advice and great suggestions. magnum showed me some honest openers that helped the girls feel very relaxed, and joined me in the set where my target ended up asking me for my number. and throughout the night i joined sets that other guys had already opened.


Having had a good night and some success using what we�d learnt, Friday was probably the best day of the workshop. we got to tell everyone what we did the night before and bb/magnum/cortez had now seen us all in action so they had a better idea of what we needed to work on individually. so we did more memory & word association games to help warm up with spontaneous storytelling, and covered the ideas behind building a wide range of conversation subjects while dealing with each one in some detail to make a connection with the girl. we then did more table approaches, which included a special opener that takes �i like you� to another level, where the girls may be shocked just a little too much!! Shocked

we then left for dinner which bb had already booked at tiger tiger, an excellent club with many bars near leicester square. naturally, we went into sets and opened girls on the surrounding tables, and then i spent the next few hours moving through the bars collecting phone numbers and dancing with girls. it was amazing to see how simple it was to get most women to like you just by sticking to the techniques and being positive no matter what negativity or resistance they show you. i learnt that most of their rejections were habitual reflex reactions that they felt they had to say when something new or shocking was happening to them, so they won�t look cheap or easy. i just carried on strong and fun, letting her know i�m in control so she�ll feel comfortable. at one point, cortez took me aside and explained to me why i should never let a girl go just because she says she has a boyfriend or she has to go home. he gave me excellent advice, to just show how much more excited you are by what she is saying, the opposite of what she's expecting you to feel. cortez is great, a real help in the workshop and the best bitch shields in europe!!! when most of the guys left at the end of the night, a few of us went for a late chinese meal with some girls we met on the way inside, which was a hilarious close to an excellent night.


Saturday was mostly about going over what we�d learnt over the last two days, as well as kiss close techniques, AMOG handshakes, boyfriend destroyers with the help of your wing man, multiple relationship advice, and cool places to take out your girl.

Probably most moving of all was bb�s sincere speech on his life and personal philosophy, not to let fear ruin your life. badboy is a good guy, he is so open, full of happiness and loves to laugh with you, and he doesn't hold himself back from being real and having his own opinion - how can you not like someone like that? he speaks and moves freely, life may try to slow him down but he'll tell you himself "it doesn't matter!!" as he says, the only difference between him and each one of us is in our head.

That night we had dinner and went to a bar where i closed some more numbers and used the AMOG techniques on some guy almost twice my size while i chatted away with his girl. my wing man was quick to jump in and distract him and i carried on with the girl. when we left the bar we said our goodbyes and knew we would be in touch very soon in the forum.


The next morning i met magnum for my individuaized session, and there was also another guy there for 1on1, which was great because we get to watch each other in action and learn from the body language. we began in stores with openers, and magnum told us to start moving our girl around the store, which i had great difficulty feeling comfortable with. we then went out on the street and stopped girls as they were walking, which i think was more of a confidence exercise than anything. magnum was amazing. he really listens to what you have to say and gives great specific suggestions. he continued to push me into being more physical and less tense in my approach, to project a comfortable familiar state and not a removed polite one, and within a few minutes of opening a beautiful girl in a shop, she�s telling me she�s a dancer and giving me her phone number. it was honestly a life-changing day for me and has changed the way i interact with women. thank you magnum. i got back that night to my hotel and saw this beauty in the internet room, and when she sat near my booked computer i accused her of being the famous internet thief, she started laughing and ten minutes later she gave me her details, and she just happens to live in new york near me � glad i made the move and didn�t stand there thinking about it.

In conclusion, i can tell you that the workshop is amazing because it is the only chance you˝ll get to experience such an intense study & application of seduction techniques with the same group of people for 3 days, and you come to realize that what you are being told really works, and that your fears are created in your head because you assume what will happen before youďż˝ve even done anything. when you finally go for it and stop caring what the world around you may be thinking, it starts to go your way and nobody really bothers you. You end up having a day full of unexpected events where you actually did something that made a difference, to you and to some girl. I feel the difference in myself right now. when i stand on the street and at work, i do it with a confidence and certainty, something that i couldn't have done before by just acting confident. these last few days have given me the proof in needed to believe i can get whatever i want whenever i want, because i learnt the ways and took the risks to make things happen. The important thing to remember is to approach with joy & adventure, and to lead the way."

- Evil_Empire - Small Group workshop review, February (25yo from New York)


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