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PUA Tips For NightClubs

Author: Badboy

Here are a few quick pointers for doing your best in the competitive nightclub environment:

1. If you don’t know how to dance really well, stay away from the dance floor altogether.

The dance floor is where every desperate, cliché guy goes to pick up girls. The music is the loudest there, so you’re not going to be able to talk. Most good clubs have installed heaters below the dance floor, so it makes your body extremely hot (and you think it’s from dancing).

They make it so hot, that you get sweaty, thirsty, and of course, in the end buy more drinks.

2. Gathered around the brightest most well lit places, you will find the hottest chicks off the dance floor. In the dark corners, you will find ugliest ones. Ask yourself, if you are a girl and you spent 3 hours making yourself look beautiful, where would you position yourself in a club? Of course, where everyone can see you…

In most clubs, the light will be concentrated around the main bar, so bartenders can collect money and serve drinks quickly. Search for your targets here first.

4. If you don’t like walking around the club, searching for targets, the best place is near the women’s bathroom. Like a law of physics, every girl sooner or later will gravitate towards it. That’s where you can catch them easily. Usually, female bathrooms are very busy, so they have to wait in line, which gives you plenty of opportunity to approach with little effort.

5. When you enter a new club for very first time, the first thing you need to do is take 5 minutes to survey the place. Pay attention to logistics. Get to know your environment well. Know where the most girls are gathered. Know where the music is lowest and you can hear. Know which bar serves drinks the quickest. Know a dark corner where you can isolate a girl for a kiss.

Those 5 minutes will save you a lot of time, and you will know exactly where to go with a girl once you are in a set. You always need to know where to move her to achieve specific things.

In a club it’s a war with the other guys who want the same girls. The club is your battlefield. How can you expect to win this war if you don’t come prepared with a strategy and know the battlefield so you can properly execute your tactics?


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