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Beginners Guide To Seduction

Are you new to the seduction community? Not sure where to start? The following articles should help you on your way. They discuss some important issues before you start your journey to become a ladies man.

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Our recommendation is to read David DeAngelo's ebook Double Your Dating. David DeAngelo has helped alot of guys understand what attraction really is. He is a good "attractive" role model in the seduction community to learn from.

Choosing Dating Advice

Carlos Xuma - One question I'm asked quite a bit is how to find dating advice for men that is both practical and useful. There's a lot of stuff out there, and if you're not careful, you could get pulled into a bad philosophy.

Journey To Becoming a PUA

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - Let’s take a journey back a few years to the old me. Before I could get pretty much any woman I wanted, before I went to the top clubs and got VIP treatment without spending any money, before I had too many women and too many friends to make time for any more, before it became so easy that I never really needed to go out “Sarging” and still have the hottest women fancy me.

Being a Wussy

David DeAngelo - If you are a "nice guy" who never seems to be able to attract HOT women, or you have attractive female friends who always seem to say, "He's really wonderful, but I just like him as a FRIEND", then this could possibly be the single most important thing you ever read in your entire life.

Setting Standards

Adam Lyons - A brilliant man named Stephen Covey once said, “Begin with the end in mind.”  Knowing what you want out of any endeavor before you take it on is the best way to walk away with results you can be proud of.

How To Get Started

Mark Belmont - There are dozens of books and thousands of articles dedicated to picking up and seducing women.  Many of them contain excellent information.  To date, however, almost none tell you where to get started with the whole process!

The Long Hard Road

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - Pick Up definitely works, there is a mountain of undeniable evidence of guys that have transformed their lives. The big question is how quickly and easily it works..

The Art of Testing

Swinggcat - How would you like to learn secrets that will cut the amount of time you need to spend learning how to ATTRACT women in half, while simultaneously doubling your success with women?

Having Women In Your Life

Swinggcat - In this article I’m going to share with you something that I talk about in my book. If you aren’t currently doing what I am about to tell you, DOING IT could increase your success with women a hundred and fifty percent…if not more.

Rules For Success

Derek Vitalio - How My Rules For Success Almost Drove Me To Total Failure With Women.

How To Get More By Asking More

Carlos Xuma - I want to introduce you to a unique concept that may finally change how you view your game with women.

Change Your Life

Braddock - Here are some issues that often plague the beginner, and can really hold someone back if they're not addressed. I suffered from these myself, and once I dealt with them I felt like my game went to a whole new level...

Persistance Attitude

Carlos Xuma - I got a letter recently that I thought was provoking and interesting. I think it's such a critical point that it needs to be reviewed and restated.

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