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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

The WMD Method

Author: Ben Ezra

After many years of studying what works and what doesn’t work with women, I have been able to put together an 8 phase process that will guide you on exactly how you could go from meeting a woman to sleeping with her in just a few short hours, or even minutes.

I realized that each interaction with a woman had 8 or less crucial parts. And to be successful at meeting, dating, and sleeping with women, you had to become a master of all 8 parts.

So what are the 8 phases?

1) The Approach – Being able to walk up to a woman, or approach a woman in a confident, charming way that will immediately set you apart from 99% of all the other men in the world.

2) The Chitchat – To be able to immediately and smoothly transition from approaching the woman to opening a conversation that will subconsciously and consciously build her comfort level and attraction level towards you in just a few seconds or minutes.

3) Closing the Sale – Mastering the art of building a link with a woman in the shortest amount of time possible. This may include getting her phone number, getting her email, having her call you, setting up a meeting on the spot, or moving straight to the bed phase etc… True masters of pick up can already build enough comfort and attraction to have sex with a woman by this phase (meaning they can immediately advance from phase 3 to phase 7 or 8 within moments).

4) The Phone Call – The ability to use a phone as a tool to set a date or meeting with a woman under 1-2 minutes in a way that will continue to build enough comfort and attraction so that you can be sure that they will actually show up or follow through. Too many women end up breaking dates because of men who do not properly know how to go about this phase.

5) The Date – A period of time that will allow you to showcase your personality and skills while dramatically building her comfort level and attraction level in a 1-on-1 environment. In this phase, you will have to decide where you will take her, what you will do, how long you’re going to do it for, along with many more important factors that should be considered. This phase is usually the “make or break” phase for most men.

6) The Home – The technique of transitioning from the date to the “home” (or any other place you decide to take her in preparation for phase 8 – The Bed, aka the sex phase). This phase may or may not involve some strategic planning to take place.

7) The Kiss – Being able to make a woman melt in your arms and get her so turned on that she will begin to beg. Building anticipation is one of the keys to this phase, along with continuing to build comfort and attraction. There are secrets you must learn to become a master of this phase. Women find it a big turnoff when a guy does not know how to properly kiss.

8) The Bed – The ability to be bold and make your move when the timing is just right. Everything leads up to this phase. Her comfort and attraction levels are about to reach a peak as long as you continue to do the right things from here on. That is it in a nutshell…

If you can master each of those phases, meeting, attracting, dating, and having sex with women will be a walk in the park for you. It will become so easy that you won’t even have to think about what you’re doing anymore.

It will become automatic – like a habit, trust me… All you have to do is just keep on following those phases over and over again every time you meet a new woman!

Ben Ezra

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