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Teasing Women

Author: Ben Ezra

When I was a kid, I remember how teasing the girls at school was a very common thing to do. Almost all the boys would tease the girls, and the girls seemed to enjoy it. Overtime though, as I grew older I began to stop teasing girls cause I though it was a childish thing to do. Instead I tried to act more serious so I would look “cool”. BIG MISTAKE!

Some years later I realized that all the guys that were always successful with women, and continued to be successful with women had one interesting thing in common… They never stopped teasing the girls. It was the same kind of playful teasing that I remembered from when I was young, and the same girls still seemed to enjoy it 20 years later. It is a certain kind of teasing that builds comfort and attraction. So how should you tease women? I though you’d never ask…

How to Tease Women

Well guy’s, it ain’t rocket science that’s for sure! Simply watch kids in action and you will be able to pick up more than a few great teasing techniques you can use with women. A few simple teasing techniques I like to use with women are:

1) I like to call women punks or brats after they say or do certain things.

2) If a woman tries to kiss me or touch me I might quickly move away and say something like “ewww cooties!”

3) If I am eating out with a woman and she tastes something from my plate, or if any other opportunity of such sort comes up, I immediately call her a FATT ASSS (note: make sure the woman you are saying this to has a pretty nice body and is not actually fat).

Ben Ezra

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