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Top Ten Pick Up Artists 2010

Author: NightVision

Another year has passed and its time for us to find out who made it into the Top 10 Pick Up Artists of 2010.

1. Adam Lyons

In 2007 no-one had heard of him now in 2011 every Pick Up Artist knows his name. Over the years he's developed Metagame, Entourage Game, A Unique formula for attraction and is one of only a handful of pick up artists who has proven his abilities live on television. Regarded as the worlds best pick up artist for a second year running by many of the other top PUA's. The reason he deserves his position on this list this year is due to the incredible successes seen on his bootcamps in the last year. Boasting an incredible almost 100% close rate on day 1 for his students on his courses has caused many up and coming pus's to come running to train with him. A well known saying within the game is that the only way to win the game is to leave it, AFC Adam is the only top Pick Up Artist to not only successfully get into a relationship with a genuine beautiful woman but to manage to maintain it into a successful marriage. These successes truly secure him his position once again as the worlds number one pick up artist.

2. Richard La Ruina aka Gambler

Another PUA who is no stranger to the top 10 list. Richard Gambler is widely known for being a great Pick Up Artist but arguably in the last year no-one has been more influential in training PUA's all over the world than Richard with his Stealth Attraction product. This incredible training programme teaches a number of powerful techniques never before heard of fulfilling the criteria of being both effective and accessible. Richard Gambler is not just an incredible teacher however, he also practices what he preaches and you only need to look at his Facebook page to see page upon page of successful pick ups with a quality of girl most aspiring pua instructors would be lucky to get for themselves. Richard truly is one of the worlds greatest PUA's and has definitely secured his place amongst the halls of the truly great Pick Up Artists for the rest of time. A great PUA truly deserving of his position as one of the worlds top 3 Pick Up Artists.

3. Sinn

It almost seems that no top 10 list would be complete without the top 3 we've included here. Sinn is without a doubt one of the biggest names the PUA world has ever known. His name has grown to outlast many of the previous top PUA's such as Mystery and Style. Developing numerous techniques for daytime, same night lays, and more. Perhaps some of his most powerful techniques are his works on breakthrough comfort. His teachings are respected all over the world and he has spawned numerous new PUA's who follow in his footsteps. Sinn once again proves his skill to become recognised as one of the top 3 PUA's in the world once more!

4. Vin DiCarlo

Pandoras box was once only known as a device which held all of the worlds evil. Thanks to the wise words of Vin DiCarlo it is now also a superb system for analysing and breaking down the best way to pick up girls. Identifying 8 different types of girls and the best way to game each of them, he has taken a novel approach to an old Game. It is rare that we see real difference in the content taught in the community. So many are prone to just copy pre-existing ideas or rehash them as their own, to see such different ideas being used and taught is incredibly refreshing. This ingenuity definitely secures Vin's place as one of the best PUA's in the world!

5. Cajun

One of the few original PUA's left in the top 10. Cajun has consistently proven his skills as a PUA most notably in his performance on Keys to the VIP in Canada. His game is impressive and the results of his students speak for themselves. The only problem is that in the last year he doesn't appear to have developed any new content or performed anything of particular note, allowing his brethren to rise above him within his company. However his achievements still outshine many of the PUA's that currently work within the industry and few have yet to develop skills or feats that rival his past accomplishments which definitely secures his position within the top 5 of this top list of worldwide pick up artists.

6. Alex Prime

Alex has been in the community since 2007 and despite numerous successes in the field and being AFC Adam's right hand man it is only in the last 6 months that people are starting to mention his name. The best PUA's are often never recognised due to the fact that they spend too much time in the field picking up chicks as opposed to posting about it online. You have to look hard to find it, but with videos of Alex picking up girls within 2 minutes on a cold street approach and footage of him appearing in bed with two women at once, something that has seldom been seen with evidence in the PUA community he definitely deserves a position in the top 10 list. Lets hope this inspires him to share more of his training and advice in 2011.

7. Nick Sparks

The first thing you notice about this guy is the permanent grin fixed to his face. With good reason too, Nick Sparks has been taking the PUA world by storm. From same night lays to social game, Nick is a PUA with multiple skills in the game, something even more valuable in an age of micro-niche PUA's popping up all over the place. His talks are inspiring, his advice valuable and with an active training schedule he's far from being a Keyboard Jockey as many of the PUA's who sit behind their keyboards offering advice are in this present day. Hopefully we'll see more of his training in 2011 but he's already worked hard enough to deserve a place on this top 10 list.

8. Glenn P

Brad P's right hand man and until recently Glenn has had to watch while Brad gets the spotlight. During 2010 things have changed, it appears that Brad P has outsourced a lot of his training to Glenn. If you take the time to head out to Union Square in NYC or Saddle Ranch in Hollywood you may see this PUA training diligently in field trying to help his students in set with demonstrations, dedication and direct advice helping them get the best results they can, which gains him his position on the top 10 list.

9. 60 years of challenge

60 is a bit of an underground legend, unknown by the community at large but supported by an almost cult like following amongst those who've found his teachings. Preferring to concentrate more on sexual escalation over social skills in his methods of teaching, 60 has definitely become more well known of late and is being recognised on a number of different top 10 lists in 2011 as one of the new breeds of PUA to ascend to the ranks of the top PUA's in the world.

10. DJ Fuji

Since stepping out from the dark shadow of Mehow, DJ Fuji has done an incredible job at building up his own following. Too many PUA's forget the importance of spending time actually working with their Students. Not DJ Fuji however. He works diligently travelling from lair to lair, offering free advice, free content and helping as many upcoming pus's as he can. You may not have meet any of the other PUA's off of this list despite hearing of them, but if you've gone out and about to lair meets and other events you've undoubtedly seen this top PUA give his help in person, and that unfaltering desire to help is what gets him this place on the top 10 list.

So that wraps it up for our Top Ten PUAs of 2010.


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