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Best PUA's - Top Ten Pick Up Artists 2009

Author: NightVision

For a long time now, I've been involved in the community, dealing with different PUAs, AFCs, and companies in the industry.  I've met many of the top PUAs in the world, heard a lot of the rumours, and found the real facts.  I've wanted to create a top 10 list for a while, and a top 10 list with a difference.  I wanted to create a list that will help guys find the gurus that they should pay attention to, ones that can be great role models, teachers, and examples, and not just ones that use marketing or hype to create a name for themselves.  This list is based on raw skill with women, with consideration for teaching skill, and whether they make a good example for other guys to follow in their footsteps.   The names are linked so you could also check out their articles.

1. Adam Lyons

I'd love to say it was a tough decision to choose the top PUA but it really wasn't.  Adam Lyons has consistently demonstrated his skills as a PUA, a speaker, an infield-trainer, and innovator.  He is respected hugely - perhaps more than any other guru - by his peers and has the strongest cult-following of anyone who hasn't been featured in 'The Game'.  He continues to work very hard for his students, and I have heard time and time again from students that he goes above and beyond in getting them results. 

When I looked for proof of Adam's game I found numerous live pick up videos which show closes in high-pressure situations, day and night.  Lyons has proven himself in all areas of game - he's mastered day game, he's come up with his own style of highly effective night game (using Entourage and social proof), and he's one of the very few gurus to hold down a solid relationship with a beautiful girl - Amanda.  As a real role model for guys who want to become more attractive and eventually be able to find the girl of their dreams and keep her, Adam puts the other gurus to shame.   Those who listen to all his teachings will be able to develop a female social circle, have tons of relationships and, when the time is right, find and keep the girl of their dreams. 

Evidence:   Adam has numerous live pick up videos, an infamous threesome video, and has performed on demand closes in front of journalists and TV crews.   

Training & Products:  Adam runs the entire US training business for PUATraining, holding regular bootcamps and special events.  He has also created his own ebook and membership site.  

2.  Mystery

Mystery has real presence and something we could call "X factor".  With the help of Neil Strauss, he brought the seduction community to the mainstream and is probably the reason you know what ‘PUA’ stands for.  He has lost some of his cool factor as game has moved away from peacocking and routines, but one thing is for sure - Mystery gets laid.   He has tons of evidence of his success with genuinely hot women, and there are numerous first-hand reports.  Game may have moved on, and his style might not be for everyone, but it works very well for him and he deserves enormous respect for being a pioneer.  To this day Mystery can still be found prowling the most prestigious nightclubs of the world continuing in his art which he contributed to greatly!

Eivdence: Mystery has been seen teaching and performing his art repeatedly on the VH1 show “the pick up artist” as well as a handful of videos on net.

Training & Products: Mystery teaches exclusively through Venusian Arts and is still to this day to be found running workshops around the globe.
3.  Richard "Gambler" La Ruina

Gambler’s business success sometimes overshadows and distracts people from his skills as a seducer.  He's number three on my list and there's good reason.  Gambler has possibly the best zero to hero story of any guru that I’ve seen.  He wasn't just without a kiss until age 21 but he was socially awkward, bullied at school, called ugly, and extremely shy and introverted – he carries an old picture in his pocket both for the doubters and to remind himself of this.  He has transformed past the phase of most PUAs where they are still weird but have figured out a way to get girls, through to the stage I think everyone would like to be at where he is genuinely cool and people can't believe he was ever terrible socially or with women.     He has been quitely building up his training CV, having lead over 120 bootcamps, and produced content that I find well-structured and describes an easy to follow path to natural game.  Gambler has an insane amount of evidence of his skills.  His facebook account is where he chooses to share his stories, pictures and videos.  I didn’t find field reports and lay reports on forums but I did find HUNDREDS of pictures of Gambler with his girls – often in compromising situations.   He has a reputation for being very picky and I can honestly say that I think Gambler gets the hottest women of any guru.  He also seems able to hold down relationships and genuinely have women become attracted to the man he has become.  He would be higher on the list if he concentrated as much on getting what he does out there as he does on running the business and training.  

Evidence:  Independent journalists have written about how their scepticism turned to belief after watching him, celebrity endorsement from his wing man Calum Best, and ridiculous amount of pictures and videos of him with, kissing, or dating beautiful girls.  

Training & Products:  Gambler is CEO of PUATraining, has written a book which you can get for free here, and offers a free DVD you can get here, as well as training live in London.

4. Style

Neil Strauss is easily the man who single-handedly brought the seduction community to the masses. Thanks to his book the game the Pick Up and seduction community is now a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of men worldwide taking their dating lives into their own hands. Known as Style within the community, Neil Strauss was one of the first zero to hero stories most people heard and will probably be the first people hear for a long time. Neil has shown great proficiency at gaming not only beautiful girls in nightclubs but also with celebrities and models in the Hollywood area. Although he has unofficially stepped down from his role as a Pick Up Artist preferring to concentrate on his awesome career as an author no list of the best Pick Up Artists would be complete without his name somewhere in it.

Evidence: A well-publicised relationship with Lisa Leveridge and numerous other hot girlfriends. 

Training & Products: Stylelife is Neil’s pick up artist training academy, where his instructors guide students on their path as they slowly improve on all areas of their life through month on month training.

5. Cajun

Cajun shot into our lives when he performed a great feat of Pick Up ingenuity live on the Canadian TV show Keys to the VIP achieving victory against another pretty well trained Pick Up Artist. Cajun works with the Ex-Mystery Method Corporation now known as Love Systems. While he may not be as high up the food chain in the company as other names, it is arguable that he has a much tighter game and knowledge of the Pick Up arts than the others with independent television crews documenting his level of skill. Cajun is known for his consistent ability to engage almost any group of girls he attempts to and rarely leaves the group without achieving his own goal.
Evidence: Check out Cajun’s episode on Keys to the VIP to watch him in action.

Training & Products: Cajun teaches bootcamps through LoveSystems

6. Brad P

Brad is one of the few members of the community who was teaching guys how to pick up girls before even finding out that other people were teaching it. He was running bootcamps and workshops from the top floor of a local Pizza shop long before learning that other people around the world were also teaching the same thing. Brad has developed a routine for almost every situation and specialises in translating the knowledge of how to create your own routines on to others. Brad is well recognised for his 30/30 club which is a distance training programme allowing people all over the world to benefit from this mysterious guru’s methods.

Evidence: Brad refuses to allow himself to be recorded on film so the only evidence is from the students who have seen him performing in person, though these accounts are almost all positive and many in number.

Training & Products: Brad P runs bootcamps across the USA as well as his 30/30 club available through his site.

7. Mehow

Mehow is the TV mogul of the Pick Up World. He creates countless in field products that have proven to students just what is possible in the field. With a collection of state of the art hidden cameras Mehow sneaks into clubs across the world proving just how effective he is at picking up girls. Mehow has often been criticised for coming across as overtly gay and some attribute this to his successes, however he has done much to overcome this in the past year to prove that he really does have the skill to pick up without needing to come across as “camp” Mehow has developed a programme called infield insider where he reveals the skills of other pick up artists by filming them in field and sharing their secrets with the viewers.  When spending time with Mehow you quickly see that he has a real love of pick up, and isn’t just in it for the money.  He works hard on new theories and tries to break everything down and make it teachable.  I respect him for his balls – he decided right away to put himself out there for the world to see – on video, so his status as a real PUA is there for all to see.  In his marketing, Mehow often plays on his looks, he isn’t especially good looking and has geeky tendencies so can be a great role model to all the guys out there who want to go from geek to ladies-man. 

Evidence: Countless videos in field of Mehow performing his art.

Training & Products: Infield insider is a regular product which contains live footage of some of the best pick up artists in field around the world practicing their art.

8. Sinn

For years Sinn operated in Mystery’s shadow as they travelled the world teaching bootcamps. It was only when Sinn branched out on his own did people truly start to realise just how great his skill is. Sinn used to play the game by the book. Using routines upon routines until he went solo. Once he started running his own courses he began to discover the patterns behind the game which caused him to create his new method which largely revolves around a much more free form version of game. Sinn’s specialities focus on Same Night Lays, he has been criticized in the past for sometimes focusing on girls who may be slightly less attractive in favour of taking them that night, however it becomes fairly obvious from meeting him that he does have the ability to get the hotter girls when he chooses too.  Sinn is not too bad looking himself however, and this has to be taken into consideration when looking at the quality of the girls he pulls. 

Evidence: Various footage online, and personal accounts from his bootcamps.

Training & Products: Sinn runs year long training programmes including theory and infield practice to help students develop their skills.

9. Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries is a real character in the seduction industry.  I like that he feels free to speak his mind, he probably doesn’t like that most people think he’s crazy!  Other gurus and companies find it tough to deal with him and he’s even had his fair share of spats with business partners and former employees.  However, this list is about one thing – game, and I’ve seen it in Ross Jeffries.  He’s old, people say he’s fake, BUT let him lose on a woman and you’ll see something very real.  I’ve personally watched Ross charm groups of women half his age, I have met his hot young girlfriend, and I’ve even seen him do it on TV.  The British TV show – Louis Theroux, tried to “expose” him as a fake and a fraud...but it failed.  Louis asked Ross to prove his stuff and he had this woman totally into him really quickly and it was as impressive a demo as any of the other gurus might come up.  For these reasons I give Ross a lot of credit, I can’t speak for his training and results or his morals, but the man himself definitely has some game.

Evidence: First hand evidence and a TV show that wanted him to fail. 

Training & Products: Ross sells a suite of products and runs live events all over the world. 

10. Hypnotica

One of the original members of the seduction community Hypnotica specialises in helping people solve their inner game issues. One of the featured experts in Neil Strauss’s book ‘The Game” (credited as “Rasputin”) Hypnotica still specialises in helping people master their own fears when it comes to approaching women. With his charactaristic and easily recognizable voice hypnotica is still one of the favourites for many PUA’s to learn from.  Although he focuses on ‘inner game’ I’ve always seen him as a great example of a truly alpha and dominant pick up artist.  With women, he is in control, cool and comfortable, and very sexual.  Hypnotica has worked in strip clubs and this could be a big factor in his skill and comfort with beautiful women. 

Evidence: Personal reviews from clients and what is widely regarded as the best live pick up video featured on infield insider.

Training & products: Products are available on his personal website


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