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High Five Opener

Author: Brad P

This one is good for loud bars and clubs as a way to come in at a high energy level and take over the group while adding value to its members.

Walk up to the first woman and say:
“You’re awesome; high five.”

Then high five her. Look at second woman and say:
“You know what, you’re awesome too; high five.”

Then when she goes to high five you, you make her miss your hand completely and say:
“Ohhh! You fell for the oldest one in the book.”

This routine can be used to meet additional women. If you talk to the first group of women for a while and you’re not interested in them, have them help you approach another group, like this:
“I still can’t believe you fell for my high five joke! How many girls in here do you think would fall for that?”
(She responds.)
“How about that girl?” (Point out someone else.)
(She answers.)

“OK you go stand next to her, I’ll high five you first, and we’ll see if she falls for it.”

Now go run the routine on a second woman or group of women. Talk to the new woman, or women, until the first woman goes away. If she stays too long, it just makes you look cooler.

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Brad P

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