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Premises of Social Circle Club Game

Author: Brad P

Premise #1: Women are trying not to go home with a "random guy."

Women in clubs are subjected to massive amounts of stimulation. They have people pumping their "buying temperature" in fifteen different ways the whole time. They're looking to have sex with someone. But, there are huge adverse effects that result from having sex with a "random guy." These include: loss of social status, rumors about being a slut, bringing down the value of her friends and group, etc., and that's just the beginning.

So, women normally try to avoid having sex with the "random guy" as it is considered poor form. They complain about it all the time:

"This random guy just hit on me; it was so creepy."

"What's with all these random guys grinding up against me on the dance floor?"

Is there some appeal to having sex with a random guy? Well yeah, women have secret fantasies about doing a random guy behind a dumpster in the parking lot. These are the kinds of fantasies they try to keep inside and never let it happen in real life. Can you get laid as a random guy? Yes, but it is really hard! I should know, I've had sex with plenty of random women behind dumpsters in parking lots. It ain't easy. In fact, it's like swimming uphill. Having sex with a random person you just met is more of a male fantasy than a female fantasy.

After months and months of club game and getting into the innermost circles of the club business, here's what I found. Women in clubs will normally walk around all night getting their "buying temperature" pumped like crazy, and then they still usually have sex with a guy from their social circle. Players rarely can get past the random guy stigma. Sometimes a really good looking, buff guy can get past it, but the average man can't.

There is far less social danger for a woman in having sex with a guy who is a known member of her peer group. She can leave in a cab with him and people won't even think twice about it, because they're already friends. It can be kept secret. Or, it can be a known thing and it's no big deal. I once had sex with six women in the same social circle and no one got mad about it, because I was an accepted member of the group, and in that group everyone was sleeping with each other.

Premise #2: You must enter peer groups from the top.

There's no working your way up in club game. If you come in as a nobody off the street, there's not much room to move up. You have to make the right connections quickly, before anyone even notices what's going on.

Premise #3: Know the right people.

It's not the bartender. It's not the door guy. Maybe in bar game it's good to know the bartender, but it doesn't help much in clubs. It is a myth that if you know the door guy you're golden. All he can do is get you in for free. That's almost worthless in terms of getting laid. I've heard this doorman thing quite a few times, and now whenever I hear it it's just a red flag that tells me this person probably doesn't actually know much about picking up women from clubs and he's just repeating what he heard.

Premise #4: The club is not cooler than you.

The way they set this stuff up, it's supposed to make you feel inferior so you will dump tons of cash trying to get in, fit in, pay for tables, etc. The reality is that the clubs need you more than you need them. You just have to know how to implement this principle. It starts with not assuming that the club is cooler than you are.

Premise #5: You don't need 1,000 cold approaches in club game.

That's unlikely to get you the hottest women. That's old school doctrine from before we had the advanced technology we have today and it often gets misinterpreted.

1,000 cold approaches is for newbies. It should be done in daytime or bar game, or maybe the occasional night of club game. The purpose of the 1,000 approaches is to purge you of social anxiety and teach you basic social skills. Even successful cold approaching in clubs most often results in flaky phone numbers and sloppy drunken make outs.

Plenty of people have failed with this one so don't feel bad. I got an e-mail a few months back from a couple of guys who wanted me to fly in and train them because they had literally cold approached every single woman in their area in clubs and not gone home with one. The problem was that these guys were not making adjustments to their game. They were just doing the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result. That's nuts to me and I would never do it. I would never do anything 1,000 times and not succeed. You have to adjust. I was adjusting my cold approach strategy before I even got to 100 cold approaches in clubs.

I've gone home with women from cold approaches in clubs and I could come on here and teach you that, but it's just a huge uphill battle and you should do it the easier way. The average guy is not going to be able to duplicate that level of game, and may be turned off by such extreme tactics. On the other hand, social circle game provided a constant flow of 9s and 10s, including models, go-go dancers, etc. After a few weeks of set-up time with the social circle, there was very little gaming needed to pull these women.

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Brad P

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