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Phone Game And Investment

Author: Braddock

Let’s see if you can identify yourself with this situation: You get a phone number from a girl but she will not respond to your text messages or phone calls. Sounds familiar?

What you have is a flaky phone number. Most of the time flaky numbers are a symptom of something you did wrong when you first met the girl.

What most guys do wrong is as soon they see the girl is a little bit interested they will ask for the phone number. In other words, as soon the girl is a little bit attracted the guy will see that as a green light to get her phone number.
What is the mistake? You are asking too early for the phone number.

Remember that women live in the emotional moment. This means she may have genuinely wanted to give you her number at that moment and gone out with you, but one or two days later she is not feeling the exact same way she did when you first met.

So when is the right time to ask for her phone number?
The short answer is: once she has invested herself in you.
Invested? What does that mean? Let me first explain what investment is in the dating context. Investment is essential to reducing flaky phone numbers and thus getting girls to respond to your calls. As humans we value things we work for. That is the basic idea behind investment. The more she will invest in us, the more “valuable” we are to her. Let me give you an example. Do you remember when you received money for your birthday? That was easy money because you didn’t do anything to get it. That money was also easily spent. Few years later, you got your first job where you had to work hard for your money. Did you spend that money just as easy? No because you understood the value of money once you had to work for it.

The same idea applies to dating. If women do not work for your attention and interest, they will not value you as much. We want women to work for you and invest themselves into you. That in return will make women more attracted to you and someone who she wants to see again.

Getting woman attracted is not good enough. Attraction is just a fleeting feeling. She might have been attracted to you at the moment you got her phone number, but that attraction might be gone the next day.

When you get investment from the girl you solidify that attraction a little bit more. Within Love Systems we call that Qualification and that is worth explaining in another article. Let me give you five actionable items you can use today that will help you reduce flaky phone numbers:
-Build an emotional connection first before asking for the phone number
-Move her around the venue multiple times
-Bounce to a different venue if you can
-Getting her to save your (nick) name and phone number in her phone
-Hint at meeting up in the future and if she is agrees, then ask for the phone number.

Here is a simple exercise you can do. Go out for a few weeks and don’t ask for numbers unless SHE hints at meeting up with you. Push the levels of attraction and emotional connection to a point where she is almost coming on to you. This is hard to do and not something you can do every time but it’s a good exercise. It will help you see the window of when you should ask for the number.

This is really the tip of the iceberg of what you can do to turn more phone numbers into dates. In my book The Ultimate Guide on Text and Phone Game I have many more tips and techniques on even turning flaky phone numbers into dates, you can find more information on it by clicking here.

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