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Cajun is a training instructor for Love Systems . Listen to Cajun's audio interview series:

Vol. 24 Jealousy Plotlines
Vol. 32 Role Plays
Vol. 35 Humor
Vol. 43 Preventing Flaking
Vol. 45 Introduction to Comfort
Vol. 49 MILFs

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Cajun hails from a small Acadian city on the East Coast of Canada known for its beautiful women and ridiculously friendly people. Lured to the big city by a promising film career, Cajun quickly realized that not all women were as open to talking to strangers as they were out east. As luck would have it, he met some top Love Systems instructors at a club one night through a mutual friend and was amazed at how easily they could attract women. Cajun realized he stumbled upon a social goldmine and quickly got himself involved.

Applying his own style to Love Systems, Cajun rarely uses routines, instead opting for a more natural approach relying on body language, tonality and what he calls "subtext" to create attraction. Known for his sharp wit, rock solid confidence and ability to attract women of any age, Cajun has had amazing success with Love Systems. Whether it's attracting A-list celebrities, making out with a famous female rock star in a San Francisco bar, receiving love letters from (and consequently dating) Playboy Models, or hosting a boat party on a yacht with half the models in Toronto, Cajun remembers where he came from and has devoted himself to helping men reach the same success with women that he has.

Cajun recently appeared on the hit show "Keys to the VIP" which involves two contestants who are self proclaimed "players" battling it out in the club for bragging rights. Cajun not only mopped the floor with the competition, but was declared by the judges as "The pinnacle..." and "The best guy we've seen..." in regards to his ability to attract women.

Cajun holds two university degrees in Film and MIT, and outside of Love Systems is a successful writer and actor.

Below are Cajun's best articles:

Experience and Mindset

Cajun - To me, inner game problems boils down to two things: your experience and your mindset.

Advanced Body Language

Cajun - Whenever students ask me how I learned to attract women with such ease I always say the same thing: Body language.

Using Eye Liner

Cajun - What is subtext? In the acting world, subtext is the underlying meaning behind spoken words as interpreted by an actor. What does that mean?


Cajun - What is subtext? In the acting world, subtext is the underlying meaning behind spoken words as interpreted by an actor. What does that mean?


Cajun - The confident man will match their aggression with his own, and hope that his hand is stronger. The ideal man, that is, the man who has complete control, will do neither.

Aura & Mystique

Cajun - Aura and mystique is achieved by communicating to women, through non-verbal communication, that you are a man of exceptionally rare quality...

Moustache Opener

Cajun - I offered to demo the opener so he could see that it worked, thing is, I hate using routines so I always try to improvise stupid things into them to see if I can make fun of the girls and also handicap myself.