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Using Eye Liner

Author: Cajun

Ah make-up, the best friend and worst enemy of a potential pickup artist. Those with the courage and state of mind strong enough to wear it get female attention like no other. Those who don't yet wear it anyway get chewed up by other men.

But do not fret fellow pickup artists! There is a happy medium!

I'm going to assume all of you are completely new to using make-up, and that way nobody will get left behind. Ready? Okay, here we go!

For those of you who do not know, eye-liner is the black pencil that women use to line their eyes for more definition. When men wear it, it's quite noticeable and the effects are quite dramatic. I've noticed a number of men wearing eye-liner and almost all of them lack the confidence to deal with it properly.

If you do not want, or can not deal with other men constantly harassing you about your "pretty eyes" but would still like the female attention then please read on.

The trick to eye-liner is to get the benefits of it without anyone knowing that you're wearing it. Seems simple, right? But how do we do that? Luckily, my mom is a cosmetician and she showed me a trick.

Take the pencil and lightly brush under your bottom eyelashes so that there is a line going along the whole underside of the eye. Do not go all the way to the inside corner (where eye crusties form). Go only about 3/4 of the way, but make sure to go all the way to the outside corner.

Now that you have a thick line under each eye I want you to take your index finger and place it under your bottom eyelashes and gently wipe the eye-liner away much in the same way that you would wipe your nose. Make sure to wipe it across, away from your nose. Keep wiping until you can't see a line any more under your eye. There should be some streaking in your corners (crow's feet?); just rub down to blend it in.

After a few wiping sessions the eye-liner should no longer be obvious, but the effects are still there. I've had women come up to me and say "You have the prettiest eyes, are you wearing eye-liner?" to which I respond "What? Ha ha, I don't think so, take a look." Even when they look up close they still can't tell I'm wearing it, and other guys have no idea.

So there you go guys, pretty eyes without all the fuss! Easy, breezy, beautiful....pick-up artist?

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