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How To Approach Women In Retail Stores And Gyms

Author: Carlos Xuma

Part 1: How To Approach Women In Grocery Coffee House
Part 2: How To Approach Women In The Street
Part 3: How To Approach Women In Bars And Clubs
Part 4: How To Approach Women In Retail Stores And Gyms
Part 5: Topics To Discuss & Avoid

Men just need more confidence in their ability to meet women. This article gives you some of the root strategies in getting to meet women in different circumstances, continued from Parts One through Three. The approaches will break down each situation into the essential ingredients. This isn't your usual "be confident and just ask her" advice. I'm going to give you specific goals, opportunities, dangers, approaches, and analytical details of each situation.

Consider this an intensive class in meeting women and getting to the first - and most critical - step in the dating game.

Let's continue...

Situation 6: Bookstore (or Other Retail Store)

You're browsing books at a bookstore, and you see a cute redhead picking through the latest non-fiction.

From a phone number to an add-on date (where you get her to leave with you for somewhere else more romantic). Seduction is possible, but unlikely due to the randomness.

Women shopping for books are usually alone, which makes it much easier for you to start up a conversation. And with every book being a possible topic for discussion, you have more than enough opportunity.

A bookstore is often very isolating. Women go there to pick up a good book, but they're definitely internally focused when they're shopping. You have to avoid coming on too strong in your approach.

First of all, hang out in the sections that women will be looking in. If it's a large enough bookstore, you could find yourself waiting around in the "Military Aircraft" manuals for quite some time. Instead, go wander over into the self-help section (a great place to find women) or move around and browse the fiction shelves for a while.

When you spot her, walk over and make it a point to pull out a book that requires her to move for you reach. This gets you into her awareness, and serves as a kind of mini-introduction. Step away and thumb through the book. Then, notice whatever it is she's reading. (Don't worry if you can't see the title; she doesn't know that. You can always claim you misread the title later.)

"Hey, I heard that was pretty good. What do you think?"

She'll probably say something to the effect of "It's good," "It's bad," or "I don't know."

If it's good, you say, "So are you going to buy it or read it here and save the fifteen bucks?" (with a smile)

If it's not good, you say, "So how do you know if you haven't read it yet?" (with a smile)

If she doesn't know, you say, "Well, you've been checking it out for a while. What are you trying to do, save the fifteen bucks by reading it in the store?" (with a smile)

From here you connect to the next question based on what she says, bridging from topic to topic.

You want to build this approach into the opportunity to get her out of the bookstore and into a more intimate environment. A lot of bookstores have coffee shops and delis in them now, so you can move to more conversation over food (always a good idea, since it mixes the pleasures and enhances your overall positive effect on her.)

Situation 7: At the Gym or Exercise Club

You're at the gym, and you look over to see a vision of beauty mounting an exercise bike. After you splash your face with your water bottle, you decide to find out if she's willing to burn more than calories.

A phone number, as well as a follow-up coffee date.

This is a location where you are bound to run into many women you're interested in. The women who go to the gym are usually at least interested in fitness if they go regularly, and you can bet that the hottest women definitely go to the gym. You also have a high repeat ratio, meaning that you will see some women there again and again, allowing you a little less urgency in approaching them.

That high repeat ratio also works the other way, too. So if things don't work out and you don't intend to keep up at least a pretense of friendship later, you should probably think about another target. Any place that you repeatedly visit is going to have a high likelihood of you running into people you know. Also, be aware that women are there only to get a workout in and get out quickly, so you have to avoid slowing her down. Keep in mind that she may also have a vanity complex about being seen when she's sweating, or looking less than ladylike. If she seems stand-offish in the gym, catch her out in the parking lot later.

Find a reason to get on a machine next to her, and you can always start up a conversation along the way. You can also intercept her at a weight machine in a circuit training group. If you can, try to get ahead of her on a machine so that she's waiting for you.

"I'll just be a minute. I'm trying to figure out if I can be really manly and use all the weight on this thing, or if I'll just have a heart attack now and get it over with."

"I know what you're thinking: wow, he sweats a lot. But don't let it fool you. I'm just practicing for a deodorant commercial I'm starring in."

If you happen to be on an elliptical trainer or a treadmill next to her, you can always strike up a short conversation. Just keep it short, because no one likes to talk much when they're out of breath.

"You ever wonder why it is that, on a perfectly sunny day like today, we're all inside running on machines instead of going outside?"

Gyms are a great place to meet eligible single women. You should definitely keep this option open. You should also seek to find Yoga classes in your area as well. Yoga tends to have a much higher woman-to-man ratio than a lot of other activities, and you can always find opportunity in a class where you can take a few weeks to familiarize yourself with the women there.

Check out Parts 1-3 and 5 of this "class" series for more situational techniques for meeting women.

Well, I've covered a great deal of material for you to practice and use. The critical part of this exercise, however, is that you MUST practice and use it. These skills do no one any good if you just read them, and the next time you meet a girl you walk up and blank out. Sit down and memorize the words you'll need, so that when the time comes, you won't have to worry about stage fright or any other fears blocking your real goal: getting her phone number. Everything starts there.

Now get out there and put it to use! Class dismissed!

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