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How To Get More By Asking More

Author: Carlos Xuma

I want to introduce you to a unique concept that may finally change how you view your game with women. First, let's talk about your inner monologue, dude.

One of the most powerful personal development methods you can use to alter the course of your life (your DESTINY, really) is through the use of QUESTIONS.

Questions cut through and clarify the current state of affairs, and they help you see what may not have been visible before. However, they can only do this if you have the guts to answer them TRUTHFULLY. The man who lies to himself can never see the world clearly, and will then subject every bit of his reality to illusion - like looking at the world through distorted glass. In the short-term, he'll make himself feel 'better' about things by lying to himself, but in the long-term he'll just ensure his own failure.

Success is fleeting when it's based on faulty understanding.

Ask yourself a few questions to clarify where YOU are right now:

  • Are you looking for just one woman to "settle down" with? If so, why?
  • Do you want to sleep with as many women as you can? And why?
  • Are you feeling that your skills in meeting and getting women interested in you are where you want them to be? If not, what are you doing to remedy this situation?
  • If you know you want something (a woman, a new job, a more comfortable social life), what is stopping you from having it?
  • Do you ever feel incapable of doing the things you know you need to do? Do you wish you had a "magic button" you could push that would get you in gear when you need to?

These questions focus on the one critical element of any drive to change your life: your MOTIVATION. Asking yourself questions allows you to find out what it is that kicks you in the ass and gets you moving toward your goals.

Without understanding what it is that drives you, you could spend your whole life saying something like this:
"I wish I knew somewhere to go to meet women."
"I have the worst luck with women."
"Yeah, I'll be at work late. You know me - I've got no life." (Even jokingly.)
"I'm happy being single." (When it's a cop-out for failures with women.)
"Yeah, I know, BUT..." ("But" what?)
"I'll just rent a movie at home tonight..."
"I can't find any women that are right for me..." (While only "meeting" one woman every couple of weeks or months at best.)

If there's one person you have to tell the truth to in the end, it's yourself, guys. The reality is that the ONLY way to improve your situation with women is to get out there and interact with MORE women. Of every kind imaginable. Friends, lovers, acquaintances, you name it. QUANTITY is the name of the game. MORE women means MORE opportunities. It's a simple numbers game.

MORE women means more successes... and more failures. Remember that the sports superstars don't just succeed more, they also fail more. But the failures aren't failures to them, and they don't mean anything to them. When you're in a scarcity (and SCARED-ity) mindset, the failures hurt so much because they comprise a high proportion of your game.

If you meet 2 women and strike out with 1, that's 50%. If you meet 10 women and strike out with 5, that's still 50%, but you bet your ass you don't care as much when you've got the other 5 saying "Yes, please." Your RATIO of failures is the same, but you've just multiplied your successes by FIVE.

Pretty slick, huh? Let's call this seduction math.

If the woman you're looking for is one-in-a-thousand, guess how many women you're likely to have to go through to find her?

"Uhhh.... heheh... Dude... I'm not good at math..."

Well, it would be nice if she showed up in the first ten or fifteen, but that's not how Murphy's Law works. If you have a 1 in 1000 shot, chances are your number will come up right around the end... say, Ms. 999 or Ms. 1000. So get busy.

If you find yourself saying "I'm just not lucky with women," it's nothing about LUCK. It's that you aren't exposing yourself to enough women to warrant MORE success.

EVERY question and problem works itself out if you approach enough women. EVERY bit of understanding and skill comes from the number of women you get into your life by taking action. Knowledge isn't power - it's only POTENTIAL. ACTION is what separates the men from the boys.

EVERY problem you're having with your dating life right now can be traced back to some root causes, but most wind up being that guys simply don't TRY enough. They don't try, and they don't succeed, and then they don't ask themselves the all-important question:
What can *I* do to change this situation, instead of blaming something outside my control or sphere of influence?

And, that all-important follow up:
What do I need to start thinking in order to motivate myself to actually DO IT?

Ask yourself those hard questions. The difference in the quality of your life can be traced back to the decisions you make every day.

And every decision started out as a question.

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