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Author: Carlos Xuma

Would you ever believe that a stolen car radio could change someone's life for the better?

I'm about to tell you how this happened.

First, let me ask you a question: Do you like getting things for "f-r-ee"?

I like getting gifts on occasion, that's for sure, but those are different. They have meaning attached to them because someone gave it from their good will and friendship with me.

What I'm talking about is when you get something for doing nothing at all. It just falls into your lap.

If you're an honest person, and I know all of you are, you sometimes feel like when you get something for nothing, you DESERVE it. After all, there's so many times in life that you get ripped off, this feels like the right compensation, doesn't it?

But do you ever notice than when you get something for fr-e-e, it just doesn't have that same feeling as something you've EARNED?

Let me tell you a really quick story. I call this my "radio moment."

Back when I was about 22 years old, I remember being in my apartment one night with a stack of stolen car stereos my girlfriend's brother had just passed along to me. I was trying to choose which one I wanted, trying them all out, seeing which one would work in my car, which had the coolest features, etc.

Basically any one of these that I wanted were mine. For nothing. What a bargain... after all, *I* didn't steal any of them, right?

And then it hit me, just like the crack of a whip. I realized something then that changed my life forever and put me on a path to prosperity - not just with women but with everything in my life.

My Realization was this: If I keep on this path, I'll be a loser the rest of my life. Here I am with a stack of stolen goods, and I almost thought it was okay to take one of them.

I'll be the one that's trying to get something for nothing, avoiding the cost of life instead of investing MYSELF in it. I was giving up my honor and self-respect to satisfy my own personal greed.

I was crippling my ability to grow as a MAN.

The next day I gave all the radios back and went down to one of those electronics places. I plunked down $300 for a nice Alpine deck. I've never looked back since that day. Sure it hurt my bank account a bit, but I felt a pride of ownership in that stereo that I could not have had if I didn't pay for it myself, from my own hard-earned money.

This is what those people who try to get things for f-r-ee, and the people that never invest themselves in their goals never get to understand. (Of course it's fine to accept an occasional gift or win something, but don't DEPEND on getting things for nothing.)

It takes EFFORT to achieve anything of worth in life. Just like the teenager that's given a car for his birthday and trashes it in a month, you can never appreciate what you have enough to actually USE it the right way.

There is an unbeatable Law of the Universe. I didn't write it, but it's the most immutable law of all: You cannot appreciate or truly benefit from something that you haven't paid for in some way.

Whether that's monetarily or with EFFORT. The information I give in my work was created to benefit only those willing to put in genuine energy and a little bit of time.

Think about everything in life that you ever got for nothing and what happened to it in the end. Contrast that with anything that you paid for with your blood, sweat, or tears.

That's what gives life MEANING.

Look, I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up your a$$ and tell you things you'd LIKE to believe are true if they're not true.

I'm not going to tell you that going in with your heart wide open instead of your head on straight is really going to get you more women in your life.

As you've heard me say a thousand times before... it doesn't work that way! Most guys get hurt by this because they don't understand how we have to interact with women to enjoy a healthy relationship.

I wish we did live in a world where you could just walk up to a beautiful woman, tell her you find her attractive, and she'd smile and appreciate it.

Some will, but a lot won't. Most will dismiss you (subconsciously) as a guy who's trying to con her in some way so you can get in bed with her. She can't help it.

Now, the sad fact is that there are a LOT of QUALITY women that respond with shields like this to keep away the dweebs of the world.

I call this Unintentional Blocking. (If there was a sign for this in the NFL, it would be one middle finger jammed into the palm of the other hand.)

And the fact is that you don't want to miss out on the potential company of these women by dismissing them right away as bitches. It's worth your while to persist beyond the first few token obstacles she throws your way.

But do you know HOW to get past them?
Do you know WHAT to say to overcome them?
Do you know where those words need to come from to be convincing and congruent?

I'm going to tell you something that should shed some light on this.

First of all, recognize this: Games are NECESSARY.

Human beings are incapable of interacting on a level of pure "truth and honesty" as some people would have you believe.

I'm actually not being cynical or negative here. I think it's pretty cool that we get to have the fun of interacting with something other than surface meanings, because it gives our personalities more shades than just "black & white."

People are shades of gray. They won't just tell you the truth, and you WON'T be rewarded by being all up-front and "straightforward" with people.


They deal purely in the realm of "shades of gray" and unless you know how to function here, you'll be eaten for lunch and spit right back out.

The most important thing you can do with women when you interact with them is to present yourself with the highest possible social value. Be straighforward when presenting yourself as a confident and assertive MAN. Be honest with your heart, but don't turn vulnerability into a liability.

THAT is how you impress a woman. Not by trying to flatter her into going on a date with you, or otherwise buying her affections.

Your presentation of yourself is the ONLY thing you can control. Yourself.

That's the only constant in the universe, and it's up to you to start here. Because ultimately that's going to be the one thing in common no matter who you meet or what you say. Like the saying goes, "No matter where you go, there you are!"

You see, all this talk about what's important with a woman (i.e., wealth, fame, power, etc.) is all made obsolete when a man can present himself with the power and authority of his own high self-confidence. That's IT!

None of this looking into the "third eye" stuff, or mystic formulas.

You need to know the CONCRETE and SPECIFIC areas to improve and complete your own inner game before you go into the whole spiritual track with a woman.

And it's been my experience that when men try and get too metaphysical, they start losing their masculinity in the process. They begin to second-guess mother nature and the built-in programming a woman has in her head for what attracts her.

In simpler terms, you need a strong foundation for your house if you want it to withstand the quakes of a woman's tests. And she'll test you because a part of her needs to know if you're "for real" or not. Or maybe just some guy who studied a lame book on how to get l@id.

If you've ever tried any kind of hokey hypnotic crap or "patterns," or "trance words," and she's seen right through you, you understand deep inside that there's really something else that's missing, and this is why those dumb shortcuts never work.

And the only way to develop this foundation is by investing your energy into YOURSELF.

I think you probably already suspected this was how it worked, didn't you?

Now I want to give you your own "radio moment."

This is YOUR chance to make a decision to step off the endless treadmill of seeking the quick "f-r-e-e" formula to get you what you want in your love life.

You can make a decision right now to DO something to get where you want to go in life. (And it's not just about women, because when you get the rest of your life straight, they'll be in line for you, too.)

I created a home study course that every guy out there can use to get MASSIVE change in his inner game and self-confidence with women. It starts from the INSIDE out.

This could be the single most important offer you see this year, so I wanted to let you know about it right away.

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