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Personalising Openers

Author: Carlos Xuma

How The Best Pick Up Lines REALLY Work

...If you use this in your pick up lines, you'll get the results you're looking for.

So why do guys use pickup lines?

I've been studying this curious mating ritual for over 10 years now, and I finally understood the reasons why guys want to use them.

Pick up lines are the equivalent of a knock-knock joke.

1) She feels obligated to answer, even though she knows what's coming...
2) She knows something dumb is probably coming after she answers...
3) She's forced to give you a small amount of polite regard after you're done...
4) She's going to get away from you as soon as humanly possible after you're done telling it...

Truthfully, that small amount of polite regard isn't even necessary anymore.

Pick up lines come in two flavors:

Pick up Line 1 = The funny pickup line that you look up, seriously wanting something to say when you approach a woman, but knowing you'll NEVER use it...

Pick up Line 2 = The REAL pickup line that you want to just start a conversation.

Again, most guys use a pick up line because they really want to connect with a woman, but they're also so guarded and afraid of being rejected by her that they put up an artificial front to protect themselves.

Ask any woman and she'll tell you that this is the worst thing you can do to get her interested.

"Who's there?"
A guy who's scared of rejection.

Hmmm....That guy would be you, me, and most every guy out there.

That's why so many guys use a pick up line. It's a crutch so that we can blame the pick up line if it doesn't work right. After all, it's better to say SOMETHING and have it not work out than to say nothing and be SURE it won't work, right?


There IS a way to use a pick up line and get it to work. There's a secret ingredient that most guys are leaving out of their pick up lines that make all the difference. It's a very simple principle, and if you use it, it will work for you every time you use it.



You see, in order for a woman to feel attracted to you, she must believe that she is unique and special in some way to you. Different from the other 358 women you approached today. A woman has to feel UNIQUE.

So your approach must feel like it was meant for her, and she's the ONLY women you'll be talking to that day. Somewhere deep inside, she probably knows this isn't true, but she desperately WANTS to believe it's true. Why? Because in order for her to risk intimacy with a man, she's to believe that she is the only one for him. She has to believe that he SELECTED her as being unique and special enough to be the possible mother of his children.

I know, this sounds crazy, right? After all, it's just a fling to you - and maybe even for her. But deep underneath all that casual and temporary interest is the very REAL fact that a woman can hook up with a guy and end up with an 18 year obligation. Yes, it's called a BABY. Even though that's not the possibility YOU are thinking about, and even if you use all the birth control in the world, it's a possibility that she's ALWAYS aware of. After all, you could just have your fun and then skip town, right? She's the one that can't escape that freaky night of naked bliss.

So how do you add in this secret ingredient to your pick up line so that it feels customized and personalized just for her?

You've probably already figured this out...Your opener simply has to be ABOUT HER.

I've heard guys use some pretty ridiculous things to open a conversation, but nothing tops the cake more than hearing some guy ask an opinion opener that a woman could care less about.

An "opinion opener" is simply a question you ask that starts a conversation with a woman by asking her opinion.

Stuff like:

- "Hey, who do you think lies more, men or women?"
- "My roommate is cheating on his girlfriend, but I'm friends with his girlfriend. Do you think I should say something to her?"
- "We're arguing over who was the better pop singer, Michael Jackson or Britney Spears... Who do you think was better?"

And usually these openers start out with "Hey, let me ask you your opinion on something..."

Well, these are great if you're just being as indirect as possible, but they can also really backfire on you. You see, if you're being TOO indirect, you run the risk of the "Who cares?" syndrome. This is where a woman figures out that your conversation is so detached and uninteresting to her that she just shrugs and says to herself, "Who cares..."



The best strategy, and this is one I've used for years - and I never once got "caught" by a woman who thought I was copying something I heard on TV or read in the book "The Game" - the best strategy I've found is to make your opinion opener related to something about HER.

Here are a few examples:

- "So I saw that you have a bellybutton ring. My sister got her nose pierced. Which one do you think is more painful?"
- "Hey, you've got one of those 'Coach' purses. My mom got one of them and said she thinks it's so great. Aren't all purses pretty much the same?"
- "Hey, I noticed that you were reading Photography Weekly... Is that a better magazine than Photo Digest?"

There are some great examples that you can use.

CAUTION: You'll notice that when you make comments or observations about women, you can easily make the mistake of communicating a strange kind of "feminine" interest in her.

In other words, my opener about purses would sound a bit strange if I didn't throw in a facial expression that said that I have NO CLUE about this topic. I'm just giving this woman the opportunity to enlighten me. So be sure that you deliver the opening pick up line with a bit of "man confusion" mixed in. This lets her know that you're not just pretending to be one of the girls.

Now, here's something else to remember:

Because you're being specific to her, you're going to have to think a teeny tiny bit more about what to say. But honestly, you can easily think up a few things to "observe" in advance and comment on about women. It's not that hard.

If you sit down right now, I bet you can come up with 5 quick things to comment on about a woman.

Here, I'll help you:

Her shoes...
Her hair...
Her dog...
Her car...
Her jacket...
The coffee she's drinking...
The food she's munching on...
The list goes on and on.

You can come up with a hundred of those "opinion openers" that have nothing to do with the woman you're talking with, and that's the kind of emotional investment you'll get. OR you can just come up with 3 or 4 good PERSONALIZED pick up lines that will work for you pretty much EVERYWHERE you go. Think about the things you see on women all the time, or things you observe about them. You'll realize that there's a lot you've been missing.

Here's the Coolest Bonus Part About Using The Personalization Technique...

The bonus to this technique is that you will also be communicating that you have a much deeper perception of women than most guys have. Women know that most guys don't really notice anything about women. They think we're all hopelessly lost in sports statistics and quoting lines from Adam Sandler movies. (Unfortunately, a lot of guys are.)

When you ask a simple question that shows you're SEEING her and experiencing her, you'll instantly separate yourself from the rest of the guys. (One thing every single person on this planet wants desperately is to be seen and understood by someone else. We want someone to "get" us.)

So remember that the way to improve your pick up lines and make them powerful to women is simply to add in that secret ingredient of PERSONALIZATION. The second she feels that you're talking TO HER and not just to another set of boobs that was passing by, she'll instantly be more connected and interested. When it comes to attracting women, one of the best things you can possibly do is to simply BE DIFFERENT. Stand apart.

Use a pick up line that makes her feel special, and you'll be earning dividends for as long as you desire.

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