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Raise The Bar

Author: Carlos Xuma

Why are you settling for average returns?

Most guys are treating their dating life like a piss-poor investment. They go out and ogle the high-price stocks (the beautiful women) but they refuse to get in the game and summon the investment capital (dating skills.)

(Maybe you're sick of the investment analogy, but I'm a great believer that analogies help you look at things in a different light. It's easy to get complacent when you think of women in the same old terms, but not so easy when you realize that you'd NEVER settle to get this kind of lame return on any other kind of investment of your money, time, or energy.)

Stop settling for sub-standard performance. And I mean this for you and for her. You shouldn't let yourself accept that what you're getting right now is the best you can get in terms of return, and you certainly should look at where you can raise the bar for your own performance.

How can you improve?

I played guitar for 14 years, and even though I got pretty good, I picked it up every single day knowing that I didn't know it all. There was always something I needed to work on and improve. The funny thing is that it was usually working on my ability to relax and let the music come out as opposed to forcing it that made all the difference in the world.

Where can you improve?

Can you see where you're not getting the results you want and make a move on a real investment? Are you with a woman right now that you're not getting the kind of return you want, and you want to figure out how to improve her yield?

Don't accept what you're given freely. Chances are that the world will give you all that you want if you'll only have the guts to sit down and demand it.

Remember, people don't give you their best until you ask for it, and expect it. What you're getting right now is their minimum effort to get any return from you. The more you give them back, the less they figure they need to do for you.

This is especially true in dating. This may sound negative and pessimistic, but it's a very real fact of human nature. We slide by with a minimum of effort wherever possible.

Be careful not to let this attitude creep into your abilities with women.

Ask for more, from her -- AND from you.

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