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Tantalize Her With Scents

Author: Carlos Xuma

One area that guys don't take advantage of enough is the power of smell with a woman. Scents and smells are very important to them, and it's been scientifically proven that women are much more sensitive than men to odors.

One of the most important reasons scents are good for engaging a woman's attraction for you is that your sense of smell is connected to the most basic part of your brain, the part that was formed long before your ability to reason and think. This was because our early ancestors had to be able to react quickly to scents on the wind that could indicate a threat, such as a predator.

Smells have a way of bringing back memories. Have you ever had the experience of smelling something and having a complete flashback to something you remember from your childhood? It happens all the time, and it's even more potent when you've associated a smell with something, like the smell of burning leaves in autumn, or the smell of homemade pizza. These smells evoke a state in us that pulls us back to the experiences we had with that smell.

I've walked into old houses before, ones that were humid and smelled of old bread and tea, and I had these flashes of walking into my grandmother's house and the same odors there. It's a little freaky how real it feels at times.

The way you use this with a woman is to find out what scents she indulges in when she wants to relax, or get passionate. I find that getting her into a candle store, or a bath-and-bodyworks type store is the best way. You get her to smell different things, and notice what she prefers. Vanilla is usually a good scent that you can almost bet she'll like. Find out what she likes to take a bath with.

Scents for women can usually be broken up into two categories: musks and floral. Musky scents are like heavy perfumes, like Obsession. Floral scents are the ones that are, obviously, more like flowers. If she wears any kind of perfume, you can tell which she prefers by smelling what she's wearing.

Take care with your choice of cologne. One tactic is to find out what cologne her dad used to wear and use that, but I find this strategy highly variable in terms of the response you'll get. Better to choose the cologne that she remarks on and likes. Make it a point to put on too little rather than too much. You want her trying to get closer to you, not running and gagging from the smell. Have her give you a critique. "Hey, I just got this new cologne, but I'm not sure if I like it. Tell me what you think." And she'll have to lean in close to you to get a whiff. If she likes it, she'll be back for more.
(And don't go cheap on your cologne. It's worth it.)

When you can get her sense of smell engaged, you are taking a shortcut to a part of her mind that responds in an almost primal way. She can't reason or rationalize with it. You can get her in a state of your own choosing by choosing the right scent.

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