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Page 2 Tease Her To Please Her

Author: Carlos Xuma

Flattery is the scream for approval of the desperate guy. It's like cotton candy - sweet for a split second, but disappears almost immediately. You want to dangle the PROMISE in front of her first.

You *almost* convey a look of inconvenience, that you went out of your way to comment on her alligator-skin shoes, or her denim skirt. The less she thinks you approached her out of sexual interest, the lower her guard is.

Don't be insulting! Just be mysterious and ambiguous.

(Her next mental question is: "Gee, I wonder if he likes my dress? He didn't say." )

From here, you will bridge into the Tease portion of the conversation, and we'll cover that in the next installment. All there really is left to do is to keep her engaged in the conversation for just a minute or two, show some confidence, and walk away with her phone number.

Now, the typical question I get is "What if there's nothing out of the ordinary about her?"

Simple: You make something up. There is ALWAYS something you can find when you look, and if it's not readily apparent, you make it up. If she's got clothes on (and even here in San Francisco, they still wear clothes) you can find something to pick out. I recommend looking for jewelry, because every woman takes a lot of thought in selecting her jewelry.

For especially attractive women, you need to come on a bit differently, and it pays to use a combination of the negative-hit with this. I even recommend that when you get used to this technique, you use it exclusively on the hotties. When you're comfortable with it, it makes more impact.

You say just one thing, and it's so easy you'll have a tough time forgetting it:

"Your dress/shoes/blouse/jacket/purse (whatever) caught my eye. I like the style, but I think you should try it in black, instead. You'd look better with it in black instead of gray." (Choose the color accordingly.) You nod your head, again meeting her eyes full-on.

Her head will suddenly spin ... "But... but... all the other guys said I looked like a fashion model with this on... What do you mean?"

By using these approaches, you've just flipped her trust switch in her head. You see, she starts out needing to find a reason to be interested and trust YOU - or she quickly categorizes you as a friend (FRIEND = non-lover, a woman you won't be able to sleep with). If you just start talking to her neutrally, she's wondering, "Is he safe?" For all she knows, you're a nut-case looking to pull her into a multi-level marketing scheme. NOW, all of a sudden, she is suddenly told (by your words and actions) that you might not be so interested. You're different - i.e., INTERESTING to her.

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