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Closing Routines

Closing Routines are used for getting what you originally wanted when you first decided to approach.  This could be a phone number, arranging to meet again, a kiss and more. Check out the pua routines manual.

Three Minute Closes

David DeAngelo - Let me start off by telling you something interesting: I've personally stopped focusing on just getting phone numbers. I've found that EMAIL addresses are far better (I still get the phone number too, of course).

One Minute Number Closing

Sebastian Drake - I'm smiling over here from ear to ear. I just finished working with a student earlier today, and I taught him very fast approaches and got him doing them with some success. I hope he builds on it and becomes really good at it, but I do find it a little funny to come home and see this question in my inbox. :)

How To Get A Girls Number

Richard La Ruina aka Gambler - Most men will find that getting a woman’s phone number is an arduous task. They will not know when to ask, for example, or be fearful of risking rejection. Even after having got a girl’s number it can be difficult converting this into a second meeting or date...

Get A Girls Number

Carlos Xuma - A lot of guys wonder how to REALLY answer the question of the best way to get girls number - and I'm going to explain which ones work and which ones do NOT work.

How To Number Close

Harmless - Remember, first of all, that the # is merely a bridge to a future meet and nothing more. It is a logistical necessity, not game. Your GOAL should never be to #close the girl..

Evolution Phase Shift Routine

Neil Strauss aka Style - I tell her that she smells good and ask what she is wearing. Then I lean in, brush her hair aside, and sniff her slowly, moving up from the shoulder to the ear. "Mmmm, that smells good....

Kiss Grade Close

Swinggcat - Are you adventurous? Are you spontaneous? If you were in kissing school, what grade would your kissing teacher give you?

Mystery's Classic Kiss Close

Mystery - You ask, "Would you like to kiss me? If she says yes, kiss her. If she says, "Maybe," ''Why?", "What do you mean" or "I donno" it means she does, but is shy about it.

Kiss Tactic

Neil Strauss - When sitting arm in arm with your target, lean in and smell her hair and say “you smell so fucking good, I’m trying so hard not to kiss you right now….”

Magic Kiss Close

Wayne Elise Juggler - Do you want to see a magic trick? Its not a very good one I’m afraid. Alright close your eyes...

The Diamond Between Your Legs

Cortez - Whenever a woman gives me a problem about sleeping together I simply tell her "The diamond between your legs is not something...

Dual Induction Massage Routine

Neil Strauss aka Style - Some of you may have pieced this together already from Jlaix and Chessclub's FRs, but here, for the archives and for posterity, is the step-by-step Dual Induction Massage Sure-Fire Threesome Routine, with credit given where credit is due. This to me is the biggest breakthrough...

Random Threesome Technique

Savoy - Drunk Savoy turns into Troublemaking Savoy pretty quickly. I was making out with a friend of my friend and periodically going back to the bar for more drinks.