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Comfort Routines

Comfort Routines are what you should say or do in order to build comfort in your interactions with women.  After gaining attraction, you need to build a connection through comfort. Click here to watch videos of pick up artists approaching women and running their routines.

Boyfriending Technique

John Alexander - I'm going to reveal an important comfort-building technique I call "Boyfriending." In a nutshell, there's something you can do that's usually done ONLY by a woman's boyfriend...

Deep Rapport Builder

IN10SE - This is a rapport builder as well as an opportunity for anchoring for those of you that do this. In addition, it really shows that you GET IT, when it comes to "relationships", when a chick brings it up...

Sexual Value Elicitation Routine

IN10SE - First of all, before even attempting this, there MUST be rapport. I make sure to only do this when I have her in a place where I can LOGISTICALLY CLOSE... (i.e. you and her alone in a locked room (or private place) with little chance of interruption , whether that be at your place or hers or any other setup)...

Eliciting Values

Neil Struass aka Style - I've successfully used it at the end of attraction phase as I'm shifting into comfort and trust. It allows you to get to know them, captures and leads their imagination, and makes them laugh.

Rapport - Road Map To Connection

Sean Newman - Stop attraction. Move to rapport. How?
Intro. Break her away from group and focus attention on you. Simply turn your body and motion for her to do same while saying "I got a question for you."

Vibing Framework

Jon King - It seems there are a number of factors that will typically enable an individual to carry on a seemingly endless, engaging, and effortless conversation...

Three Smiles Routine

Magnus - Any time the chick smiles, you can run this routine. It's best used once you've established that you are cool, and that you are quite attractive to her...