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Page 2 Creating Rapport

Author: Cortez

* Don't try hard to find common things between you two. Do it more like you're just informing yourself about her and her about your thoughts, or even better, you're just thinking loudly, with no specific objective.

* Don't give her eye contact too much. Save it's power for later. Give it more and more in moments before kiss, and make a last one longer.

* Cube and similar techniques can work if used on right place in right time and by skilled person. I prefer something else: use experience to explain how she feels or what she thinks or why she behaved in such way in such occasion. That adds HUGE amounts of rapport, it's quicker and less borring.

Newbies, the above is gold , I'm writing it for you instead of sleeping so *pay* *fuckin* *attention*. Re-read, apply and get that girl!


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