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Page 2 Getting It On!

Author: Craig

She will probably be flooding her jeans by now!

And just when she least expects it, switch back into soft caressing mode. Sit up and have her straddle you while your on your knees. Look deep in her eyes, keep this up for a few...And then...

It's time for my favorite move of all!

Push her back down on the bed...Resume the ANIMALISTIC kissing, then, PICK HER UP so you are both standing up next to the bed, put one hand behind her head and grab her hair, and put your other hand around her waist. What you are doing is creating a cushion here, because now you are going to...

Slam her up against the wall!

Well, not exactly. Your arms are the only thing that will hit the wall, but it makes a loud sound! (Hint: If any part of her hits the wall, your doing something wrong, AND you're a dumbass! Do this one with care, guys...It's all for the effect).

Keep up the animalistic urges. By this time clothes should be coming off. And she should be more turned on then she has ever been in her ENTIRE LIFE!

Toss her back onto the bed, and if she's not tearing your clothes off, or tearing through your drawers looking for a condom, just keep it up this on/off hard/soft process. She will be soon!

Remember, every girl's fantasy is to be RAVAGED by a sexual BEAST like yourself...But not many guys have the balls to actually do it!

This will separate you from anyone else she's ever been with, and she will have to have you right then and there!

Sometimes this process takes 20 minutes, and sometimes it takes 4 hours. Mix of the lengths of time you spend in each state...Don't be predictable.

Also, if she says or does anything you don't like, say, "ok, fine", and IMMEDIATELY roll over and start snoring loudly.

She will quickly change her mind!

Ok, boys, that's it! Grow some balls and try this out!!


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