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Fallacy of Being In State

Author: Dahunter

I've heard a lot around the community about "being in state" and "being all pumped up." I've even read about guys who play music just to get themselves into a state of mind where they can talk to other people.

To me that's about as ridiculous as it can get.

True, you won't feel amazing all the time (that's a given), but if you can communicate with yourself, you are able to communicate with others as well. The only time I would consider someone being "out of state" is if he is on acid or some other mind-altering drug that really makes him unable to relate to anything on the normal level.

The only reason you are not "in state" is because you are not approaching women and you are not communicating with anyone. So, even if you don't feel all that good just go and talk to people!

I've had guys ask me "what do you do when you're not in state?"

My answer to that question is "don't try to change your state." Just approach the way you feel at the moment. If you feel down then approach feeling down, if you feel great then approach feeling great, and that way you are always in your correct state of mind.

That is the key: approach exactly the way you feel at the moment, not trying to "change" your state.

To take it one step further, the way I view the initial stages of the interaction is kind of like acting. In order to get the best results I want to look like I'm having a lot of fun, so I ask myself, what does having a lot of fun look like?

  • Smiling
  • Being Loud
  • Being Expressive & Playful

Whenever I approach a group, I will smile, I will be loud, and I will over-emphasize what I'm talking about in order to draw all the attention to me.

What happens is that this initial effort of looking like I'm having fun will get a good reaction, so this gets me to be more playful, and gets the women to react more playfully, and before you know it we're all having a good time.

So it all comes down to plugging yourself into as many groups as you can no matter how you feel, and learning to give out the perception that you're a fun person to be around. This way sets will open much easier and "being in state" becomes obsolete.

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