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6 Things That Really Turn Women Off Page 3

Author: David DeAngelo

When guys act like this, they're getting in touch with their inner little girl (and she needs a spanking in the worst way).

And are you ready for the WORST, WORST part?

When you act like this around a woman (and ESPECIALLY a "goal oriented" woman who's probably smart and powerful) they CANNOT feel the emotion of ATTRACTION towards you.

Women aren't attracted to Wussies.

This is a UNIVERSAL truth.

And, by the way that you describe your relationship with this woman, SHE REALLY WANTS TO BE ATTRACTED TO YOU!

She's trying, man.

And she probably KNOWS that you'd be a great guy to be in a relationship with... but she just doesn't FEEL IT... so she holds back. I'm sure she WISHES that she could be attracted to you. I'll bet you money.

Look, you need to STOP acting like a nice, friend guy Wuss IMMEDIATELY if you want this to turn into something.

You're probably beyond help with this particular woman, but I'm going to give you a few ideas JUST IN CASE...

1) Stop calling her all the time (if you do), and stop spending so much time with her.

2) Start dating other women IMMEDIATELY, and make sure she knows about it.

3) Stop being all lovey with her, and don't tell her how you "feel about her" anymore. Stop it.

4) Accept that you will probably be friends with her forever, and start acting that way.

5) Don't try to kiss her or be physical with her at ALL anymore until you understand what you're doing.

Remember, what you're doing ISN'T WORKING.

If you do these things that I've described, you will probably have the best chance of turning this around.

You need a new perspective on this entire situation. And you need a new perspective on women.

You're obviously a smart guy, and once you begin to understand how ATTRACTION works for women, you'll change how you behave COMPLETELY.

Total transformation.

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