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Page 3 Approaching Women A Great Techique

Author: David DeAngelo

I know, I know. She's extra good-looking, and she's funny, and blah blah blah.

Look, just be her friend, and keep teasing her. She's great target practice.

But do yourself a major favor, and go find a girl who doesn't have a truck-owning boyfriend, and who doesn't work with you.

Then, if the stars align in the future, she won't have Truck Man anymore, and you won't work at the same place, and she'll be so attracted to you from all of the teasing that she'll follow you around like a puppy.

Stop wasting your mental energy trying to get something that has a high risk of turning out very bad, and focus on finding opportunities that make more sense.
Hi David,

What are your thoughts on approaching groups?  And what's the best way to approach a group of girls? I just moved to Vegas, and I've found that beautiful girls will frequently travel in groups of up to 8 girls or more.  What have you found works best for approaching groups?




The only reasons I can see for approaching a "Group" of 8 or more girls are:

1) You have a bunch of friends, and you're trying to hook them all up.

2) You really like challenges and entertaining people.

I know someone who loves to approach groups of people, and he's great at it. He uses a combination of magic, humor, and other great techniques to charm everyone, then leaves with the girl of his choice.

But as far as I'm concerned, it's not the group you're after most of the time... it's one woman in the group... so stop with the "GROUP-THINK".

OK, 8 women walk into a club together (sounds like the beginning of a good joke). What happens over the next 2 hours?

Well, some of them peel off and dance, some go to the bar for a drink, some go to the lady's room to powder their noses...

There are all kinds of opportunities to meet women when they're not in the group of 8. And I'll tell you what, if she is standing at the bar with her 7 friends and you start talking to her, the other 7 will go about their business and not care.

Just go get her email address. That's all you need.

Or learn magic. Really.

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